Press Conference

Each year we play the Texas Rangers game, Nathan and I take pictures of ourselves in the press room as if we’re on the chopping block answering questions after our show.

This year, our drama didn’t end so pretty. Make up your own scenario.


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  • david e.

    Top picture of Barry: That’s the shirt I’ve been looking for….that shirt right there.

    Top picture of Nathan: I want pickles, mustard, no onions…..

    Bottom picture of Nathan: No, I never said I listened to Milli Vanilli.

    Bottom picture of Barry: I’ve tried Sears, Wal-Mart, Kmart even TJ maxx and I can’t find that shirt

  • Lisa


  • WallyfromMichigan

    Barry: We are here to make a brief statement and then field your questions. ‘Regarding tonight’s performance…we left it all out on the field. We have a few of our guys who are dinged up a bit. But our guys reached deep and performed like the pros they are. We are still in the mix…this is a pennant race and this is where the men are separated from the boys. We will take this one game at a time.’
    Nathan: What he said (gesturing over to Barry).
    Barry: We will now field questions…
    Reporter: This is a question for Barry…Do you feel you guys dug deep and delivered the performance you are capable of delivering?
    Barry: Absolutely! Tonight was a tough perfromance…there were highs and lows but we capitalized on them and our timing was spot on?
    Nathan: Yeah…
    Reporter: Barry and Nathan…Do you feel you have settled in at your respective positions on this team?
    Barry: Yeah, we are comfortable with how the team has settled in. Nathan, Bart, and I are please with the progress.
    Nathan: Yeah…
    Reporter: Speaking of Bart…Is it true that in his early years that Bart was known as a ‘base stealing specialist’? He would come off the bench in late innings and just to pinch run? And was it true that the ‘base stealing specialist’ concept ended when Bart was caught stealing 32 of 33 times? (and the one steal was the motivation to adopt the ‘defensive indifference’ rule for base stealing).
    Barry: We are not here to field questions on our leader!
    Reporter: Isn’t it true that it takes most of you nearly 10 seconds to run to first…and that truly was the driver for your last album title?
    Barry: Out!
    Nathan: What he said…
    Reporter: You guys don’t even look like a baseball team…What kind of team has only six players. You guys are more like a band than a baseball team.
    Barry: I have to confess; Nathan here is not really a ball player…he plays bass in a band!
    Nathan: Traitor…wait until I get my hands on you!
    MLB Official: That concludes today’s press conference. MLB thanks your for attending today…Don’t forget tomorrow’s press conference on the number and meaning of Josh Hamilton’s tattoos.

  • Natalie Long

    Hey guys. My brother, Blake, and I had a great time at the pre-game concert and Rangers game yesterday (Sept 19th). Beautiful job on the National Anthem. Special thanks to I Am Second. I had never heard of the organization before yesterday but love the idea and hope it does well.

    My husband, son and I are currently living at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey. My son and I came back to Texas after being gone for over a year to visit family and friends. We’re headed back first part of October to continue living in Turkey for another 9 months then we’ll see where the Lord will have us placed next.

    We’d love for you to come out and minister to the troops and their families in Turkey. (We’re near Adana Turkey in the south central area close to the Mediteranian Sea.) You would have the opportunity to go downrange to troops in Afghanistan and Iraq as well in one trip.

    Thank you for all that you are doing to use your talents for the glory of the Lord!

  • Jill Newsom

    Love it!! You guys were great Saturday night!!! My son and I enjoyed the concert so much!!! My oldest son Kyle had just reached Afghanistan with the NAVY Seabees about the time your concert started that night …and as I stood there in the front row of the concert you guys really blessed me with your humble spirits and great music! We are your biggest fans! Please keep our family in prayer! Love you guys!


  • Jill Newsom

    top left….”I said sit down…I got this covered”
    top right…”Number one…I’m the best looking… that’s why!”
    middle left…”No hotdogs?? ran out of hotdogs?!?”
    middle right…”I promise…that fish was THIS big!”
    bottom…”I clearly said SHOTGUN before we got on the bus!”

  • david e.

    Bottom picture: Barry says, Why did you get the onions.

  • Dylan

    Sorry I won’t be out with you guys for this upcoming tour. But I’ll always be with you in spirit. God bless and be safe.

    Your friend on the highway

    “Stylin Dylan” 🙂

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