So we just spent the last hour or so with a sweet little girl named Kate Mcrae. Kate is 5 1/2 and is has just finished her 2nd roi d of Chemo to fight a brain tumor that she and her family were shocked to find out about in July. This little girl was smiling and telling us how to sing Pop it Lock it Poke a dot it, which is apparently a Hannah Montana ditty, even though she felt miserable.
We’re asking again for you guys to pray and pray hard for God to be shown off through Kate and her family. Her dad is a pastor here in Phoenix and both of her parents, Aaron and Holly have already been showing Jesus to those around them in the hospital. Pray for continued strength for them as they trust God in this trial.

You can learn more at

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  • Rita Shurino

    I will pray for little Kate,the good Lord watches over angels especially, she has so much to live for a whole life ahead of her to be fullfilled in Love.

  • Paisley

    I will be praying for Kate and ask God to wrap His loving arms around her and to heal her.

  • kristina

    Hi MercyMe!
    I have always loved you guys and your music, but now I love you all even more (didn’t think that was even possible, ha)! Thank you for visiting sweet Kate and for posting about her here on your blog. I am a SLOB and love the hearts for God you all have. Your music has touched my life in so many ways and to see how sweet you guys are just warms my heart. I have been praying for Kate and her family for awhile now.

    A couple friends and I organized a card drive called “Cards for Kate” that you can see more about here on my blog – and another friend of mine created and designed a beautiful digital scrapbooking kit called “A Kit for Kate” that you can see more about here – ALL donations from the sale of the kit go to the McRae family to help pay for medical expenses.

    Thank you for all that you do. May God continue to bless you and your families AND your music. Thank you for the prayers for Kate and her family.

    With love,
    Kristina Proffitt

  • Lisa

    I will continue to pray for Kate. I heard about her from another friend via twitter. She is adorable.

  • carmella

    I heard about Kate on I will be praying my heart out for this beautiful angel.I know that the Angels Of God are surrounding her and keeping her safe.
    Gods Blessing Always

  • Mom in TN

    How awesome that you spent time with this family. I have been following their story and praying from the beginning for sweet Kate. It is refreshing to see artists actively living out their faith. May God continue to bless you!! I will continue to pray for this dear family.

  • Ruth Albrant

    Thanks SO MUCH Guys! YOUR HEARTS are Made of GOLD! I will
    be Praying Fervently for little Kate. Also Please Pray for a Young Girl in My Church named Amy, She just turned 19 in August and She has been battling Austiosarcoma for 2 years
    now and she dosn’t have much longer left. She has tumors
    that are continually growing in her lungs now and a growth in
    her throat that wants to shut her air off. She is now at home
    and on Oxygen. She also has to have shots for Terrible head-
    aches caused by tumors growing in her brain. Guys, Even with
    the terrible pain this young girl has to be in, She has been Such an Inspiration to our church and community and surrounding communities. She has led MANY Young people to Christ through her witnessing. Young People like her and Kate
    are ANGELS in Disguise! I don’t know what else to say!

  • Joanne

    Yes this little girl and her family need a lot of prayers. I heard about her health challenges a few months ago and keep up to date on their website. Thank you for spending some time with them and helping to spread the word. They will continue to be in my prayers. Blessings, Joanne

  • Sandra M.

    You met an amazing family and little girl… God continues to show off for Kate. Your visit to her is just another example. Thank you for your heart in calling us to “pray hard for Kate”. Kate and her family need continued fervent prayer!!!
    MercyMe-your a huge blessing to the kingdom of God.
    May God keep His wonderful hand upon you all always.

  • Danielle Tipton

    I was so happy to see that you posted on your time with Kate! You could tell in the journal that her parents were so thrilled to have you visit them. I’m also so happy to see that so many know of her needs. She is slowly changing the world just by being her.
    Of course, I love your music!!! God has given you all some wonderful gifts. I’m so glad that He has chosen to use you all in the capacity. I appreciate it 😉 Thank you for sharing your gifts with the rest of us 🙂 Take care, and God bless you all!

  • Brian mallon

    I Just her about kate. She will be in my thoughts and prays.

  • karrie

    my all are prayers surround you and god be with.with love

  • Dana

    I will pray for Kate and her family. I myself was diagnosed with Cancer in 2007, and was told I had a 50/50 chance of survival. With the love and prayers of my family and church family, by the grace of God, two years later, I am Cancer free. I thank God everyday for his saving grace. Because of my horrible disease I and my family have a great relationship with my Lord and Savior. I use my testimony every day. Kate will touch all of those who see her. God Bless and keep her!!! The Angels will surround her and protect her.

  • Gracie Berlin

    I learned of Kate this morning from my sister, Jeannie, who learned of Kate through our niece, Cheri in WY. I encourage you to read God’s Word to Kate besides using CD’s of His Word played even softly at her bedside to bring The Medicine From Above to her. God’s Word – The Scriptures of The Bible, are our Medicine. “Children and animals”, Pat Robertson said some years ago, “Respond easily to God’s Word.” Look at Prov 4:20-22 as an example of Scripture that proclaims His Word Provides Life, Healing and Health (the Amplified Bible). This passage also gives instruction in how to receive His Word. Ask the Lord how to do this with Kate. James 1:1-12 shares He will respond when we need His Wisdom From Above. Christmas is Jesus Birthday and He is Kate’s Great Physician, Isaiah 53:4-5, Matt 8:16-17, 1 Peter 2:24-25! I am believing with you for His Total Restoration – Glorious Victorious Miracles Unlimited in Kate in every area! HALLELUJAH!!!

  • Gracie Berlin

    Dear Kate’s Dad and Mom,
    As I rested today, our Lord brought you to my heart with more to share. He reminded me of PRAYING IN VICTORY, a small prayer book I was introduced to in 1994. By it I have been taught to pray The Word Of God. The entire book is composed of 9 Scripture prayers, including Praying for Our Government, The Nations, Jerusalem, Our Missionaries, Our Pastors, Pastor’s Family, The Church, Relationships and Our Children. Four pages, in the book, include Prayer Promises, Scriptures for Needs, Scriptures for Healing, Scriptures for Encouragement. Every line in the prayer book is referenced from God’s Word. The book may be seen and downloaded at praying by anyone who would like a copy. I discovered, in using this book, not only was I receiving healing but so were others. Consider His Promise in Psalm 107:19-20 along with testimonies in the Gospels where parents went to Jesus in the behalf of their children’s needs. Jesus tells us to bring our children to Him. We find Jesus is referred to as: The Word, John 1:1; The Word Of God, Rev 19:13. Our going to Him is through PRAYING/MEDITATING ON HIS WORD AND HE FAITHFULLY PERFORMS IT: Jer 1:12, 1 John 5:14-15. I have met several who had no hope who have been healed because they prayed The Word Of God! I know of children who have been healed through their parents praying The Word Of God! James 5:16 relates that we need to anoint the sick with oil. Many years ago I followed this instruction, using Crisco Oil, to anoint our two sick children, and our Lord healed them! Mark 16:15-20 states that we, as believers, shall lay hands on the sick and the Lord will restore them! I have learned to do this also and seen others healed. HALLELUJAH!!!

    I continue standing with you in Kate’s behalf! I see her Strong And Healthy with no difficulties: Ephesians 5:25-30…washed in the Water Of the Word with Jesus washing away all spots, blemishes and all disfigurements! Keep focused on God’s Word, Heb 12:2-3, 13:20-21, proclaiming His Promises to Kate, yourselves and others. The more you do this, the more you will KNOW KATE IS/WAS HEALED BY THE STRIPES OF JESUS, Isa 53:4-5, i Peter 2:24-25!!! Our Lord is never late in the Manifestation of His Promises! HALLELUJAH!!!

    This night we remember our Lord’s Birth! He came to save us and our household. In Greek, saved is “sozo” and means: safe, to save, i.e. deliver or protect (lit. or fig): heal, preserve, save (self), do well, be (make) whole. This definition comes from Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. Two Scriptures to see in this are Romans 10:13 and Acts 16:31 which declare individually saved as well as one’s own household saved through one family member believing!!! With two believing, we find more promises in Matthew 18:18-20!!! With The Word Of God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, IN JESUS NAME, WHO IS CALLED THE WORD OF GOD!!! HE IS THE MESSIAH – THE GREAT DELIVERER OF ISRAEL AND THE CHURCH, Rev. 22:17!!! HALLELUJAH!!!

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