James Christopher Needs Prayer

Most of you may remember a few months back us asking for you guys to pray and help out our friend James Christopher, well, we need you again.

Today James Christopher is in NYC having yet another VERY painful bone marrow biopsy done. Pray that this procedure is as painless as possible and he’s back on his feet in no time. More than that, pray that it comes back with a PERFECT report of God’s healing on his body.

Ultimately, we and James Christopher would all want you to pray that God’s will be done in and through him in this struggle he faces on a daily basis. This kid would blow everyone f you away if you knew him….his faith and even his knowledge of the Word at the age of 12 is astounding. i know God has prepared James Christopher for great things and we all get the privilege of praying for him now!!!

Thanks MM S.L.O.B.s!!!!


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  • bob gordon

    praying for James

  • Ivy

    You got it!!!!

  • Terry (apostlethatroks)

    o/ Lifting you all up to our Lord, in Jesus precious mighty name…AMEN o/

  • antoinette

    Wow that so amazing that he has such a strong knowledge of God. I pray for healing for james that you heal his body from the top of his had to the solls of his feet. God I come before you asking for a devine healing in his body that you use his wisdom and knowledge for your mighty kingdom. Lord I pray gor a fast and painless surgery LORD let your will be done in jesus name amen!


  • claudie brown

    Praying for James Christopher and that God’s will be done. He is lucky to have the MM family in his life.

  • Linda Mayer

    Praying.. bone marrow biopsy is tough.

  • Brian Lilley

    I just sent a prayer up for James…I hope there are many others doing the same. May God’s glory be shown through the miraculous healing of James’s body.

  • Paisley

    Lifting James Christopher up in prayer and asking that God makes this as painless as possible for him and to bring healing to his body.

  • kelly (race_12_1)

    Lord you are such a mighty and powerful God we cannot comprehend the things you are capable of. Today as Christopher has this biopsy done we ask that you would intervene on his behalf and that you would make this something that he would find the least pain from because you comfort him and give him a strength that only can come from you. Lord give Christopher a peace regarding the outcome of this biopsy that whatever it is we know that you will be with Him because you have promised us that and that amazes us. Lord we know that Christopher is ultimately in your hands regardless of what happens with his body, but we ask that you would give him the ability to remain healthy so that he can use the gifts you have given him for your glory. Lord thank you for all that you do for us, thank you that you even allow us to ask. AMEN

  • Michelle

    Lifting up prayers for this courageous child.

  • Debi Wehmeier

    Praying from Austin, Tx. for James Christopher…for God’s Healing touch! May the God of the Universe Heal James Christopher!! PRAYING!!

  • Anderson

    Hi Guys,

    I’m brazilian and like very much your songs. My apologize because my english it’s no good. I have read about Cristopher, you asking for prayers… Please, let me know what happened to him so I can pray with more purpose. Anyway, whatever happened with him I’m sure that our Lord will not abandon him and you guys can count with my prayers anytime.

    God Bless You.
    Paz do Senhor (Brazil)

  • Julie

    Lifting up Christopher to the healing hands of God.

  • Bev Stambaugh

    I lif up my voice to heaven on behalf of this 12 year old boy, James Christopher. Jesus please touch this young man, and help him to live a long and properous lise.
    Gog bless you.

  • Genevon Hinseth

    Praying for James Christopher. That’s a tough thing to go through.


  • Trish

    Praying for him now…My husband is fighting Colorectal cancer, yes it is tough, but God is in complete control of all of this. We praise Him for today and thank Him for all of our tomorrows. Praise His Name, He still deserves our praise no matter what we go through in this life. James will be on our pray list..

  • Cheryl

    A Prayer for Healing and Hope

    Almighty God, we give You thanks,
    for You are the Creator
    of all life and goodness.
    We praise You for the world
    You have made for us
    to build up and enjoy.

    Loving God, help us to be
    faithful heralds of Healing and Hope.
    Grant us the awareness of the healing
    needs of those around us, particularly for James Christopher,
    and the compassion to respond
    willingly to those needs.
    We ask this through Christ,
    our healer and Source of all Hope.


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