Faith Day



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  • Scott T

    I came to watch the Rox increase their gap on SF and catch the Dodgers. Instead I was blindsided by the wonderful presence of God. Bart said he was breathless and baked by the sun. Apparently that has nothing to do with your anointing. Amazing time. Thanks.

  • Brenda

    Thank you for a great concert. It was great to worship with Mercy Me and about 25,000 other believers. I was so glad you came back with your encore of God With Us. That is my favorite song of yours. In fact my husband is a manager of a Christian radio station and got a CD of at least 7 different mixes of that song. I like just listening to that.

  • Laura Bebo

    Thank you for a wonderful concert. I was completely blown away by the greatness of Christ and beauty of God. I found myself on holy ground in desperate need of Christ and found more then I could ever possibly imagine. Thank you for everything!

  • Anthony

    Thank you guys so much for coming out it was truly amazing!!! It was really cool to listen everyone sing Amazing Grace, and at that time the sun came out

  • liz somers

    Hi Bart,
    It was so good to see you at Coors Field. Here’s the link to the Higher Note blog on The Denver Post website. Thanks so much.

    There’s a story on Seth Smith and his faith, and a story on MercyMe and Faith Day. Also if you scroll down, there’s the story that I wrote about you guys when you played here earlier this year.

    thanks liz

  • Yvette

    It’s been a few weeks since your performance at faith day in Denver but let me tell you I still tear up. My husband and I brought our daughters, 10 and 7. They are faithful KLOVE listeners and you are truly their favorite. After I went to your $10 concert earlier in the year in Denver I brought home your cd and dvd for my oldest daughter, Maddie. I knew they were excited but didn’t know what to expect since they are both different girls. Maddie was on her feet with her praising hands in the air the whole concert and couldn’t understand why everyone wasn’t doing the same. Nina, my youngest, needed to borrow my sunglasses because she weeped the whole time. She said, I don’t know why Mama, I just know He is here and I don’t know what to say. How precious and awesome is that? Thank you for your commitment to worshipping where God leads you. You are truly being His hands and feet. 🙂

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