Along with many of you, we have learned of the passing of the driver of the car from the accident on Saturday. Our hearts continue to break for these families and all those who knew them. We continue to pray and ask your prayers for everyone affected by this accident, that God would bring healing, comfort, peace and understanding at a time when they are desperately needed.


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  • Lyvonne in tucson

    Our hearts and prayers are with the families and with the band. Our God is faithful! We pray for His comfort and tender loving kindness to each of you as you minister to the many who have been touched by this tragic accident and to each other. May God bless you each for your faithfulness in your ministry.

  • Brittany Thompson

    My family and I will lift them all up in prayer tonight.

  • carrie

    I am so sorry for the hurt & despair that the family’s & all of you that were involved in this accident. We cannot comprehend why these things happen but please try to find peace in the fact that God is in control & he doesn’t make mistakes. Also know that this person is in Heaven know where there is no sorrow or pain. The most valuable gift we can receive is prayer so let’s all lift up the family’s that were impacted by this.
    My prayers are going up for all of you

  • Rene'e Kirkpatrick

    Our Hearts and Prayers are with the Families and also the Band during this trying time. May God Bless You All!!

  • Rita Shurino

    I am praying for you all in this time of uncertainty. God works in mysterious ways and only the ‘Test’ of time will tell.
    God Bless

  • Laura Brown

    I will be praying for this family and you guys as well. Keep up the good news and music…we love YOU!

  • Nicole Hahn

    I am a producer for Indiana’s NewsCenter. I have been covering this tragic story since it happened. I wanted to let everyone know that there is a candlelight vigil set for this Saturday at 1:00am…one week from the accident…at the site the crash occurred. Family and friends of the victims are inviting everyone to take part. I thought I would pass it along to the band and all who are praying for everyone involved.

    Thanks and God Bless you all!

  • Melissa

    I pray that the peace that passes all understanding will pour all over these families and that the strength that only God can provide will guide them through the days ahead. God bless you all!

  • Paisley

    I had read about Kara’s passing earlier today. I will be lifting up her family in prayer. I will also continue to lift up in prayer all of the MM guys, your crew, your families and your bus driver. God is always in control, find comfort in Him.

  • Michelle

    Just my own expression of empathy and concern from my heart, placing it alongside that of so many others. I was not blessed to know those whose lives ended in this accident, but none the less, my spirit feels grieved at this turn of events. I pray for the inexpressable peace that is beyond comprehension, the comfort from a God who knows what it’s like to grieve, and the physical touch of His children upon the lives of those precious families and the band/crew and their families. In a moment in time, so much can come our way. Most of all praying that each person who encounters this event and are touched by it are also touched by the love, mercy, and grace that make life worth facing through it all. And I ask all this through the precious name of Jesus Christ, who loves us all enough.
    Michelle Frazier, Caddo Mills, TX

  • Chris Markezich

    Thinking of all of you at this time. Our hearts & prayers are with you & the families also. Remember you have many people who love all of you. God will get you through this. Remember you have to go through a storm to see the beautiful rainbow.

  • Lisa Wilson

    Kara is a friend of mine and her other friends and her family appreciate the prayers. This is so tragic and sudden that it is hard to comprehend. I know that we will all stand strong, and someday, we will see our loved ones again. I am hurt that I lost a friend, but thankful that she did not suffer for a long time. We love you and miss you Barbara, Dario, and Kara. You were all young, and the youngest did not get a chance to ever enjoy life. On a lighter note, for us, your stories are ending, and for you, they have just began. Life after death is an amazing thing, and we will be with you again.

  • SueEllen

    I have been praying since I heard of the accident. I continue to pray for the families involved and for you, the band. As I grow older it becomes more apparent that we can be called from this earth in the blink of an eye. Be right with God and tell all you love, just how much you do!

  • Jimbo and Teresa Rosendale

    If there is anyway, please let the family know that we will continue to be in prayer. I will post the update on my fb page.


    It’s been a little over a year since we lost one of our own loved ones due to a driving accident, she was also only 18. In our hearts and minds we can not begin to fathom sometimes the plans that You have in for us though we do claim the promise that You know (Jeremiah 29:11). I continue to pray for this family as they now have to say a final good-bye. Give them a special measure of peace Lord as they will never know why this occured or why she made the choice she did. May the family rest in Your comforting arms just as the mother hen gathers her chicks under her wings.


  • Beth Larson

    My heart aches for the familes and for you, MM. I first heard of this tragedy at your concert in Milwaukee at the State Fair. The Spirit of the Lord shined that night! There is no other way you could have performed and led us in such amazing praises and worship in your own (pained) flesh.
    You guys are a vessel of God’s love, grace and MERCY and your music continues to carry that message–in the good times and the “rain”.
    “Faith is being certain of what we cannot see.”

    God Bless you and keep you.

  • Lisa

    I live in Fort Wayne and have been following this story ever since it happened. Its such a sad story and I wish I knew what made her make that unfortunate turn that night. Was it just as simple as her looking up and seeing the green light going straight and her thinking that the light was green for her also?? We’ve all done that! The only person that will ever know what really happened inside that car that evening is God and I’m sure he’s watching over all of them right now as I write. My thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone of their families and with all of the members of MercyMe during this difficult time. I’m sure that all of you are having a very hard time with this. Just know that God is watching over all of us and will help ease the pain in his own way. God Bless!!

  • Fonda

    Sitting here listening to your music and thinking what a comfort you have been to me and my family in our times of trouble and heartache and praying that God finds a way to send someone or something like yourselves to you so you too can find the comfort, peace and love you need at this dark time! Thanks for all you guys do and may God bless you!

  • Ashley Christy

    I just heard about this accident today on KLOVE. It breaks my heart to hear this news. I know the sudden loss of a loved one and it is an ache that no human can begin to heal for you. My father just suddenly passed 2 months to the day before my wedding day. It is a sorrow that overwhelms you. My prayers and heart are with the families effected. May they know that the Almighty God has fulfilled his promises and called their loved ones home to Him. May the peace of Christ fill and sustain them as only He can. John 14:27 God bless you MM as you grieve with them…may He give you rest and peace.

  • Angie

    Oh, I haven’t heard that until now. I am so sorry is all I can say. If any of Kara’s family or friends are reading these posts, please know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

  • Mary Schnebly

    I saw the posts shortly after the accident and it’s been on my mind and heart every since. I feel so bad for the families of the victims. I just keep thinking what an opportunity to show the love of Jesus to all those involved. If even one person can come to know Christ through this, what a blessing that would be. That is highest good that can come out of anything, is it not?

    My Mom passed away in March. One of the songs I picked out to play at her memorial service was I Can Only Imagine. Thank you, MercyMe, for being such a testimony of our Savior through your music and for showing Christ’s love to all those affected by this tragic accident. I will continue to pray for all of them and all of you.


  • Randy Rogers

    I attended the concert last night in Indy at the State Fair. I have been a Christian for many years but for several years have been less then even luke warm in my walk… Your songs and lead singers words to us, knowing what you all are going thru, really encouraged me to get my Bible back out and start reading it, praying more, and getting my focus back on God and not just training for triathlons…. The night before your concert I went to Verizon and saw Jimmy Buffet, its amazing the difference in crowds, and the difference in the way my heart felt when I left the two venues…. Thanks again and I too like others that have posted am praying for you, and the families and friends of all involved in the accident.

  • Keith

    I comforted to know all the prayers going out to the families in this accident. We were also at the Pulse Fest and hearts were sad to hear the news. I was struck with chills knowing how close you were to all of us in Indiana and how I just drove three hours to see the festival. The unexplained will still go unexplained but peace knowing God is working.

  • William

    Our hearts continue to go out in prayer for those who have passed through the veil, those who remain, and the entire MM family. Your ministry remains strong, and will provide solace and peace in the days ahead. Your Father loves you and will express through your spirit, words, and music.

    Peace be

  • Mandy

    I am just heartbroken to hear about the passing of Kara. I had been praying for her since I heard about the accident. I will continue praying for the comfort of all of those involved.

  • Lisa Laurro

    Tragic accidents happen to people, our lives are changed forever and connected forever. May God give you strength and peace to get through this horrific tragedy.
    May God comfort the families involved and may they come to know the Lord in a personal way.
    May God use this for good and His purpose.. We may not know why now however it will be revealed on the other side of heaven.

    In our thoughts and prayers.
    By God’s grace you were spared.

  • Marie

    A local newscaster pointed out that in the picture published in the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette the morning after the crash, the broken headlight on the bus is illuminating the form of an angel onto the pavement!

  • Bob Borchers

    Mercy Me and the families involved-

    May God bring you the peace that we felt at Parkview Field in Ft Wayne Indiana 6 days ago. Mercy Me, we cannot deliver it to you as you did us so you know what, we leave it up to God to do it for us. He can do it better than any of us anyways.

    God Bless All
    Psalm 84:9-12

  • Schell Strother

    Praying for both MM and the families involved. We know God can use anything, even the harshest tragidies for good. Greif is the appropriate response here, but not despaire. As others have said, “God is in control.” Our humanness prevents us from seeing what the big picture really is. I could guess why many times and never be right, but its possible that this happened not for or not just for MM and the accident victims, but countless others who are far removed from this scene but still touched by the hand of God through this event.
    Reguardless we keep going forth doing what the Lord bids us to do. May God give the victims famalies and MM the strength and desire to do the work we were created for. Schell

  • Lori Hill in Waco, TX

    All of yall are in our thoughts and prayers. Mercy ME has really helped me in the sudden loss of my mother 2 months ago. i’m so homesick for her. i pray for all the families and loved ones that were involved in this tragedy. you guys in the band and the bus driver hang in there and always remember that God is in control. i love you all!

  • Katie G.

    Thank you for the update. I am very sorry to hear this. I will be praying for the families of all who were involved – from those in the car, to MercyMe singers and band members, to MercyMe’s bus driver, to anyone else I am forgetting who were on the bus, and especially for those who have died: the boy, 2 girls and her unborn baby. As many people have been affected or somehow touched by this, let us pray for everyone somehow involved in this fatal accident. I cannot imagine the grief, sorrow, questioning, and uncertainty this is causing for the driver and passenger’s families and friends. I pray that this will bring glory to God in some way.

    I pray for the families that they would be able to work through “Why would God allow this to happen?” At the time of death, for me and for many others I’m sure, there are so many questions. Please pray that they would be willing to look toward God, instead of pushing themselves away from Him.

    It is SO hard to see how Romans 8:28 applies in situations like these. Thank you MercyMe for your ministry and for encouraging all those involved to look for their answers by way of Jesus.

    It is such a huge blessing to know that your song “I Can Only Imagine” is available for people to turn to. I remember when it first came out. It helped me a lot to be able to really catch the words and apply them to my life, especially as I was dealing with the death of my mom’s mom, the grandparent I was the closest to.

    Only by His grace,
    Sioux Falls SD

  • jkw63

    The vigil that was held tonight in remembrance of the victims of the crash was a huge success. There had to of been close to 100-125 people shoe up. I thank everybody that showed up! There was a lady that came to it that didn’t even know any of the victims but god told her to go to it so she did. This really meant alot to the families and even the friends. The first 2 cops that was at the scene of the accident even showed up tonight. They were alot of help b/c they explain to us what all they saw and how everything went. They told us the two of the victims had seat belts on and the other didn’t. They said the car rolled twice and landed on the passengers side. Dario and Barbara both passed way on impact. Kara’s family was saying when she was in the hospital she was fighting to get better, but god just decided it was all of there times to go. Please keep praying for the families. We know there all 4 in a better place!

  • Brenda E (wonbyone)

    To the families if you come here and read this:
    We are so sorry to hear of your incredible loss of your loved ones as well as the little life of the baby and what could have been. God knows we have questions. He can handle them and is most certainly watching over your families. Please know we are praying for you to be filled with His peace that passes all understanding and that you’ll feel His Spirit holding you.
    We know that in Christ we will be joined again with no more sorrow, death or heartache. I pray you feel the prayers of everyone and God walking with you through this and staying with you until He comes again.
    In Christ’s love,
    your brothers and sisters in Him.


    As followers of Christ our prayer many times is.
    “God take control.”
    “Be the Lord of my life.”
    “Help me to do the things you would do.”
    ” I trust you lord!”
    “Lead me where I should go and I will follow you”.
    “I am weak lord show me the way.”Sound familar?

    These are the prayers of the Saints. I know you were where God allowed you to be for a spacific reaon. What are the chances these young people.. out of that whole state… would run into Mervy Me?

    Leads me to believe that God in his infinate wisdom has an awesome plan, not only for the famliy and friends of these beautiful young people but for Mercy Me as his children seaking his holy will each and every day.

    My prayer is that it would become clear to everyone who seeks the lord about this matter. That everyone was where they were because God was in control,and trust him in his awesome plan.
    The things that bring us the most pain always end up being the start of something that could not of happened if this dident happen first…I can’t explaine it but I know it to be true in my life.
    Mercy Me, May God pour out his healing on you as only he can do. He is our refuge and our strenght.

    I pray your music will minister to these familys as they reach for ansures,and the same Almighty God that put those words on your lips would put his holy words deep into their hearts, So they too can rest in his comfort. Gods richest blessings to all of you. Terry

  • Barbara

    You are all in our prayers as are the families of those who died in the accident.

    You touched my life deeply as I spent my 60th birthday with you at the concert in Fresno. It was the best way to usher in a new decade, especially one as big as 60.

    In a country that is trying so hard to take God out of everything and with going into an age where health issues are knocking at the door, I found my time with you, that evening, to be just what was needed to the strength and conviction to move forward in life.

    God BLess you all!

  • Heather Montana

    Something odd… My shower radio (that has limited receiving ability) is set on a station. That station does not play Mercy Me songs (unfortunately for them). The other morning I went in to take a shower and turned it on. The radio came on tuned into a different station. The first thing that came on was an announcer telling about the wreck and to pray for the family members and band.

    Since Mercy Me has brought songs into my life that have drawn tears, smiles and laughs- I went to my knees and prayed for the family and band (and all involved). It is the least I could do considering what they have given me.

    My favorite song the band has ever done (so far) is Finally Home. It talks about leaving this world into Heaven. Those that died are “finally home”.

    To the band members- if we can do nothing else but tell you how much we love and support you- then I’m doing all I know. To the family and friends of those lost- focus on memories of joyous times, smile in remembrance of them and celebrate their lives. Use their memories to grow.

    Best to you all,

  • Liz

    I have known Barbara (the 1st girl to pass away from the accident) since my freshman year of high school. She was such a cheerful and amazing person. Also, my best friend is Dario’s ( the guy that passed away) cousin. They were a couple and every time someone mentioned one of them, they always had to say something about the other one because it just wasn’t about Dario or Barbara. It was always Barbara & Dario. I am glad everyone is praying for their families. Last night, me and my sister held a candlelight vigil for the four of them. I was shocked because people that didn’t even know them showed up. There was almost 150 people there. It was a great turn out. Also, today Dario’s cousin held a car wash to help pay for Barbara’s funeral because they are having a hard time paying for it. I just want to thank you and all your supporters for continuously thinking and praying for them & their families!

  • JP Williams

    Love you guys.

  • Dan Jensen

    Psalm 119: 147-149a
    147 I rise before dawn and cry for help; I have put my hope in your word. 148 My eyes stay open through the watches of the night, that I may meditate on your promises. 149a Hear my voice in accordance with your love

    Your ministry has helped me and my wife through extremely difficult times. Times where the ONLY true comfort could come from God. I will pray for the hearts of all those involved to be held in the ever loving hands of our Lord and Savior. May He embrace everyone.

    I Love You Guys.

  • Cathy

    Hey guys,
    We have been praying and wondering how all of you are doing. Could you post a blog and just give us an update as to how all of you are handling things. Obviously your faith in our ever faithful Lord is sustaining you and your families are helping. You guys have ministered to all of us in so many ways over the years, your christian brothers and sisters would love to now minister to you in your time of need. Please post how in any way that we can minister to you. How is your driver? We will remain in steadfast prayer for continual strength. Keep doing what you do, praise God!!

  • Yvonnie Samonte

    My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by this. I will keep everyone in my prayers. Our Heavenly Father is in control and will use this for His glory in ways that we do not yet understand. This is not something that I have any experience with, but I do know that if you continue to give Him praise and have thankful hearts He will will be faithful to grow you in ways you never imagined.
    In Christ Alone,

  • Cindy Emerson

    Our hearts just break to hear the news about this young girl. We were at your concert in Milwaukee and had tears in our eyes as we prayed along with you that night for this girl and the families involved. I can’t imagine how the families are struggling right now with this. Will add them to our ever growing list of families to pray for who have lost loved ones this summer.

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