Continuing To Pray

MercyMe would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support and prayers that have been said not only for them, but for the families affected by this tragic accident. We have been in continued communication with the chaplaincy program at the Ft. Wayne Police Department, and our thoughts and prayers continue to be with everyone affected by this situation.

Every night on stage when we introduce our song, “Bring the Rain”, we talk about God being in control. If we believe what we say, then we must continue to look at how He will get the glory through this, and bring healing to so many.

We resumed our touring schedule in Milwaukee Monday evening. Before beginning the concert Bart addressed the crowd for all of us, expressing our heartbreak for the families in Ft. Wayne and our desire to pray for the families and for the young lady who still remains hospitalized. The crowd joined us in prayer specifically praying for healing, comfort, peace and understanding. We thank all of you for continuing to pray.

Bart, Mike, Jim, Nathan, Barry & Robby

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  • Teri

    Praying as well…

  • Loni

    Thank you for sharing – I’ve been following this thru Twitter as well. Your tenderness and compassion is so appreciated and sharing that with others. You see, almost 5 years ago I lost a 16 year old son, and “I Can Only Imagine” was so real to us. A few lines are on his gravestone (which can be seen on his webpage listed with my name). God will use what you have gone through to be able to reach out even more. It’s already showing.

    And I am thankful Milwaukee was part of your healing. It’s where I grew up!

    Loni (now in Michigan)

  • Sandi ~ MMslob

    Amen to the the prelude speech to “Bring the Rain”. Thank you guys for sharing your hearts. I have been in constant prayer for you guys and everyone involved and their families. Keep believing, keep trusting, and never forget that He will never leave you nor forsake you! Be blessed, even in this time of tragedy!

  • Todd

    This was posted on SOS Radio’s Facebook page on Aug. 8, 2009. I hope and pray that it helps the band members as well as the people who read it. May God Bless:

    I am not sure why things happen, but they do and for reasons beyond our rationale. Mercy Me is one of my favorite bands to listen to. They are a great inspiration to me and a lot of other people. This is my take on the whole thing:
    We travel through life on paths that we can choose. That is one of the Glories given to us by God. But we travel with faith and true belief that God will be with us through it all. Our strength in our faith for Him is what keeps us going.
    Here is the kicker: We wonder how we can bear testimony of our walk with Christ. Well here it is. No matter what happens to us; Good, Bad or indifferent, we carry the faith in the Lord with us. By overcoming all of our obstacles and accepting the outcomes shows that we believe in God and will follow him with blind faith, courage and the strength to accept what he has given us.
    No, I am far from a righteous person, but this belief I carry with me where ever I go or what ever I do. It gives me peace of mind and removes the devil from my life.
    This is my prayer for all of you:
    I pray that God gives you all the Grace to carry on through this tragic occurrence and to walk through the valley with him carrying and leading all that are with you. I pray that no matter what the final outcome may be, that God gives you the understanding to accept what has happened. And lastly, that the journey that you are taking may bear testimony to all that faith in the Lord can and will carry us through everything that happens in out life’s; Good, Bad or indifferent, we keep the Lord first and trust in Him without question. God will never take you where His grace can’t protect you. May God bless you and keep you all. Call on me for anything. That is my commitment to God as his follower.
    I His Grip I Pray….Amen

  • Judy Marquette

    Praying for you and the families from central Pennsylvania. God bless

  • Barb

    I have been praying for all involved since I heard about the accident; by the grace of God (tickets gifted to us) I will be front row at your concert tonight at the Fair. I already know God is going to do great things through you tonight; as you walk through this pain and as you reach out to your fans and to the young mother in so much grief today. I was listening to “Homesick” yesterday and thought how powerful that message is and will continue to be…and certainly bring more hearts close to Him. None of us have a faith so deep that it doesn’t need strengthening….and the pain in my life just pulls me closer to Him for His comfort. I am grateful for the fellowship of all believers on this journey. Bless you as you follow His will for your lives………

  • Chris Johnson

    We here at Christian Retailing magazine are with you in prayer. We pray for God’s goodness and love to show through you during this time and that you will know peace through the Spirit who comforts us.

  • Noel Ingram

    I live in Fort Wayne, IN and had the pleasure of being at the concert Friday night. I was very saddened to hear what happened as you were leaving our town. I am sorry to report that the driver has now passed away as well. Very comforting to hear that you and the entire crowd in Wisconsin prayed for the families back here in Fort Wayne. God Bless You!

  • April Sexton

    As someone who suffered a similar loss in 2006 with the loss of my 9 year old son in a car accident, I will definitely be praying. I’m absolutely sure that all involved are devastated but our loving Father does give daily, sometimes hourly, strength and comfort when we ask. I know that He has used, and will continue to use, this incident to change lives, also as He did with my own accident. The words to many of your songs, including “Bring the Rain” has reminded me that our God is in control and He knows what is best for each and everyone of us.
    Prayerfully lifting up all involved,
    ~April Sexton

  • Melessa Segel

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this time. Praying for the families as well that the Lord will be with you all. God Bless.

  • Cynthia

    I am continually lifting everyone up in prayer that has been effected. But I am praying especially for your driver. And for Freeman who has vocalized his anguish over losing his sister. And now Kara’s mom who is dealing with the loss of Kara. A friend, Janet, had posted on here, that she felt “Life has been quite cruel to her lately.” That concerns me about Kara’s mom. (((((((((((((Kara’s mom)))))))))))))) But, I am concerned about all of you. I know prayer is needed more than ever now.

  • Fan

    For those who may not be aware, the final victim in the crash has passed away. We will continue to pray for the families of all that were involved.

  • Natalie Fort Wayne

    Hello all!!! I wanted to give a brief update on the status of Kara Klinker. Unfortunatly she has succombed to her injuries and passed away last night. Our prayers are with the family and friends and we hope and pray they find peace in the days to come. This tragedy has affected our city and the country in different ways but with gods help we will find a way to heal!!
    Keep all of the families deep in your thoughts.

  • Brad Lyons

    I’m here in Fort Wayne where the event has happened, in fact you guys have recorded at the studio facility where I am employed (Sweetwater Sound). I don’t know if you’re aware, but the driver of the vehicle who was the lone survivor, passed away yesterday afternoon (August 11th). Many thoughts and prayers are certainly needed for these family members.

    Brad Lyons

  • Ward

    Ward from Ft. Wayne here… your show last Friday was amazing.

    They just made an announcement on the news here that the lone survivor of the crash just passed away. This is all very sad and unfortunate, but God has a plan for all of us. Jesus bring the rain!

  • Monte Middleton

    Just dont have the words to say, but I have thought and prayed everyday for y’all and the families involved. my family will continue to do so. God has a plan…we just might not know what it is yet. Your music is so wonderful, and it helps bring people to Christ, so I thank you for your service to God. i’m praying for ya…

  • WendyJoy

    My prayers are with each of you (Mercy Me) and all of the families of the crash victims. We don’t understand now….but God is in Control. We sing it, we say it…..we MUST believe it when the tough times come. God WILL see each of you through this terrible event. I’m praying for each of you with HOPE.

    Remembering that God is STILL God,

  • Jill Clem

    you have likely heard that the young women driving the car passed away yesterday. 8-11

    Believe me, the Christians in Fort Wayne have been praying for her, her family, the families of her passengers and for you.

    Thank you Mercy Me.
    Fort Wayne loves you.

  • J Cox

    This accident is such a tragedy, but God can use you guys through it all. Be strong and continue to heed His Guidance. “Bring the Rain” has special meaning to me in my life and that season has now passed, Praise God for being Faithful.

  • Kathy Heitz

    I just want you all to know that you are in my prayers for continuing in your Faith. I continue to pray for the other families that have been affected and for you as I am sure you have been impacted by this tragedy. God Bless you all for your faith and sharing the worship with so many others.

  • Shellie (baylormum)

    I can’t get the goosebumps to go away as I read the comments. We prayed thru Sophie being sick. We prayed when Jim & his wife were in limbo on blood tests. We prayed during the RAWRS. I know some people don’t get the message of “Bring the Rain”. I pray more peeps will understand now. “Life is too short” for anything but love & praise & living your life as if each day was the last. Being in recovery, I have learned to just take it 1 day at a time. Thanks for your ministry & may God’s grace help you through this season. Love you, guys! 🙂

  • Cheryl Daugherty

    My prayers are with the families of all of the victims of this horrible tragedy. My heart breaks for the members of Mercy Me. I pray the words they sing will not only touch those who hear it, but that they will minister to each person performing with them. God WILL give them gladness for mourning. I encourage you to read this scripture.

    Psalm 126:6 (New International Version)

    6 He who goes out weeping,
    carrying seed to sow,
    will return with songs of joy,
    carrying sheaves with him.

    God WILL bear your burdens and HE ALONE will lift you up in this time of great heartache. What the devil intended for your distruction, God intended for your good.

  • Melissa Ashton

    I am so sorry to hear about the accident. Our hearts and prayers goes out to all of you. And always remember that God has the master plan and everything goes according to God’s Will and purpose for His glory. We don’t always understand it, but know that God is with you and the friends and families of the other car involved. We will continue to pray that God keeps His angles around you. Take Care, and May God Bless You. Melissa Ashton from Highland, California

  • Tracee Wallace

    I learned of the accident on Saturday night at Rock the River Tour in Quad Cities. The lead singer of the Afters was introducing “God of this City”, and talking about how much the band has gone through, and his good friends “Mercy Me” had just recently gone through. He said life happens, and that God has it all in control, but God is still God of our lives, our cities, our nation. Seems weird someone we can’t see, that we give our whole lives too, can take such good care of us. And to know that He knows exactly what we’re going through. It’s such an awesome thing to know that God came here as a man, to know what pain we feel.
    I listening to “Bring the Rain” on Sunday night, and instantly thought of your situation. I thought ” Wow, God I guess you really are bringing the rain”, but how great is He that is going to lift you up and support you. Praying for you, Tracee

  • Brandy

    Thank you for the prayers, as others have already said Kara is now in God’s hands. Her boyfriend was my brother and it has been a very long week for the families involved in this. It’s so hard to make sense of this, but I know that her and my niece are now safe and no longer in pain. Please continue to pray for the families during this difficult time. Thank you again. God bless.

  • Little K

    I was at the WI State Fair for your concert Monday evening. (Praise God for giving us such great weather!) Thanks for starting it with prayer. Your music is such a blessing to me, as for many others. I was with a friend & her husband. She told me the next day that the concert really ministered to her husband. I am really glad you all were OK & able to continue touring with only 1 show postponed. Will continue to lift up each of you and the families affected in the days & weeks ahead. Looking to see God at work through this unfortunate incident. He is always calling us – may we become increasingly obedient!

  • Dawn B

    Please know that you are also in my prayers as everyone involved is. There will be a prayer vigil held Saturday in Fort Wayne, IN at the intersection of Lima & Coliseum at 1:00 a.m. If possible, lift up these families at that time. Thanks!



  • Debbie

    Words cannot express the heartache over the loss of such precious lives during the crash in Ft. Wayne. The driver was a relative of my daughter in law. My heart goes out to the families of all those involved and thank you to the Mercy Me group who helped, opened to the world to ask for the much needed prayers, lent your support, and so much more. We are glad the group are all ok physically. Please do keep these families in prayer as they go through such grief. As they cling to the coming of Jesus when as the bible states….”the dead in Christ shall rise first and they which are alive and remain shall be caught up together to be forever with the Lord”. May God bring peace to all and please continue to pray.

  • Becky

    It’s nearly 11pm here in Massachusetts… I am not sure if there is a time zone shift and so I want to pray “with” the scheduled vigil right now.

    Josh, I cannot imagine your pain. I pray that you know Jesus is carrying your daughter, and holding Kara’s hand. No matter what we’ve done in our earthly time, Jesus the Christ offers us another chance to meet him where he is – and that is where ever we are.

    For all the family members of Kara, and Barbara and Dario, too, I pray that you are soothed by the healing presence of God’s Grace.

    I just only heard about this tragedy yesterday, and since it has crossed my mind often. When I look at my little boy(he’s 2), I don’t only see Alanna, I see your son, your daughters, and it feels like someone pulling my heart out.

    God bless you. Remember his name.

    With Prayer,
    Becky O
    Fall River, MA

  • Marcia

    Dear MercyMe,

    I was so sorry to hear of the tragic accident that happened recently. Even though I have not responded in writing to you until now, I have been praying for those injured and the families involved and for all of you also.

    Today while I was listening to the radio I heard one of my favorite MercyMe songs, “Bring the Rain.” It is hard to comprehend sometimes why things happen as they do. “Bring the Rain” gives much comfort though.

    Please know the prayers continue….

  • josh busche

    This is Josh Busche the father of Alanna Lynn Klinker/Busche and Kara Klinker I have been having some problems don’t know who to ask so……………… I haven’t been able to sleep, eat much, I just cant turn off my mind off anyone have any tips on what helps to get over this I was so use to sleeping next to her in the bed and now I just cant sleep with out her my mom want me to see a consular but I really don’t want to and I don’t have insurance so I can go to the doctor it just feels like here lately now that ive been out of the hospital, been to all 4 funerals and now it just kind feels like a its just now hitting hard for me almost to the point of nervous break down (never had one but I get short if breath and really shaky and like I said I just cant stop thinking about them but I just need to be able to relax e idk any help or any thoughts would be nice

    if anyone would like to email me on myspace its or

  • Marie

    I’m writing from New Zealand. I just heard yesterday on the radio as I was driving home about the accident. Hard to comprehend sometimes when tragedy happens but we know that God’s arms are always open wide to embrace us, to comfort us and to assure us that He will walk with us through the hard times. God will lead us to victory. He will turn our sorrow into joy. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Will continue to pray also for the families of those in the other car. May God bring comfort and peace to you guys and to all the families and friends who were affected by this tragedy.

    Praying for you,

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