Spirit West Coast


The Spirit West Coast crowd was amazing tonight!!! Thank you guys so much for coming out and worshiping in the middle of a racetrack with us!!! As always the northern california crowd was a true blessing… Thanks everybody… Now for some in n out!!!!


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  • buzz

    hopefully you’ll come a lil’ north to so. oregon again sometime soon? 🙂 love ya mike!!

  • DaveM

    My wife and I were THIRSTY for some Good Worship, at SWC on Friday night, we were jamin in to get close to the stage, and we got BLESSED with VIP passes at the last min. THANK YOU for the GREAT WORSIP!

  • Sandi ~ MMslob

    It was one of my favorite MercyMe shows! Welcome back to SWC…hopefully you’ll be back at SWC Monterey next year! It was awesome to finally meet you guys! Thank you for taking the time to come say hi and take a pic (missed ya Mike!). It really meant alot

  • JJ

    SWC worship was amazing all night long, and MM finished with a great set. SWC Del Mar was good too (although we missed you after the show), but much fewer sound and equipment issues at Monterey. Great Job guys, and we will be looking forward to seeing you again during west coast R&WRS – hopefully in Vegas! BTW, when is the next album coming out?

  • Tanya P

    I hope you will see this even though I am late in commenting.

    We brought 11 kids from a tiny town in southern Oregon to SWC. The worship time you led started a change in the kids like I can’t describe. 3 kids found God’s forgiving love for the first time that weekend. The time worshipping together with you – wow – something we went back to camp and back home unable to fully describe.

    Did you see the hole in the fog above the stage and crowd as the service was ending revealing beautiful stars? The fog didn’t clear like that any other night! We were simultaneously privately and corporately worshipping and came away knowing we were God’s presence together. Some might explain the hole in the fog as a scientific phenomenon. Scientific explaination or not, it spoke God’s presence to us and was even more meaningful after worshipping.

    Thank you so much for leading us to God’s throne that night. This was a new experience for the kids we took and it changed all of us.

    The kids are telling others and we had more new kids at youth group and church that last couple weeks – all curious about the change in the kids we took to SWC. Thank you for being a part of something that we pray will continue to change the people in the town of Powers, Oregon.

    We are praying for you guys.

    BTW, the guys later noticed who quietly you left the stage leaving us to continue worshipping and praying together – thank you!

  • Sandi ~ MMslob

    Tanya…you’re totally right about the fog, I noticed that too. It was amazing to see the hole in the fog right above MercyMe and the audience…even more so when “God With Us” came on and the heart beat at the end…that’s my favorite part of the song…and with the hole in the fog, it was almost symbolic of God’s heart opening to us. It was amazing, immediately after the concert, all the fog left. I worked overnight security at SWC and that was my one full night on the job. My friends worked the whole night before and it was sooo foggy and cold when they worked. That night nighy, although very cold, the fog came and left all night…and it always seemed to clear first around the main stage.

  • jessica

    That was so awesome. It was pretty cool when the camera operator gave up his gloves XD awesome night =)

  • David

    I just wanna say thank you. One of the best nights of my life. The time was so worshipful and I felt so blessed.

    Thank you so much.

    I hope some time I get to meet you all.

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