2010 Roadshow Announcement!

For more information on The Rock & Worship Roadshow 2010, visit www.therockandworshiproadshow.com or Follow on Twitter @theroadshow.

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  • Chadryan44

    A little less rock this year… It’s all good. You guys should put the big “Billy Graham” screens outside the AAC in Dallas this year. Or maybe do something cool in Victory Plaza for the folks that don’t get in before it’s full.

    From the square in Greenville and Dawson McCalister/Mark Matlock to ROCK STARS…. **tear** So proud…

  • bre

    Family force 5 is so rocking that they couldn’t put another rock band up! They will rock your face off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tracy Edwards

    I would love a NC stop next year. . . or somewhere nearby!!!

  • Sandi ~ MMslob

    haha Bre…Family Force 5 rocked my ears deaf the one and only time I saw them…a bit too much for me (not much into screamer bands and well…), but my friend loves them…she’s excited. The only group I look forward to seeing next year, is the most awesomeness band…MercyMe 😉

  • Mom S

    It’s all good

  • Paisley

    Love it, now all I need is for you to come to a city near me. I am having some serious MercyMe withdrawals.

  • jorge2010

    uh….wat about tenth avenue?…i hope they can make it..but sounds great

  • Cassandra, SLOB

    Boohoo… they do not have the dates for 2010 up yet…. You all need to come to Des Moines. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!! =D

  • adriana

    I’m praying for you all. I love you all. what a blessing you are!

  • Ryan


  • Brenda E (wonbyone)

    Can’t wait for it!

    Well done. Oh, and Brody should get a raise!

  • Kelly (Race_12_1)

    SO please tell me you are gonna come to Salt Lake so I only have to drive 210 miles round trip this year instead of 612? Though the drive was totally worth it =) But by the time I managed to know I could go (that day!) I couldn’t get a donor pass =((

  • T.J.Essig T-Jay

    Please come back to Minnesota!!!! you guys were aewsome at Joyful Noise familyfest!

  • T.J.Essig T-Jay

    Please come back to Minnesota!!!! you guys were aewsome at Joyful Noise familyfest!

  • Joe

    Sounds great! Can’t wait!

  • mary

    the video blog was to cool. you crack me up.. you just have to have a sense of humor… i would like to say im your biggest fan but i know there are others out there too. i luv the line up for the roadshow.. its gonna be great. we need you back in missouri… soon.. our prayers are always with you. Happy Trials!!!

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