iPhone Portrait

This portrait was taken from my Twitter picture and done by finger painting on Josh Cassidy’s iPhone.  Finger Painting.  On an iPhone!  Is there a greater media devise?  I vote no.

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  • Paisley

    That is awesome!

  • Lily

    Wow, this is really amazing.

  • Evan


  • DeeDee

    I have that app…it’s pretty cool.

  • Drew Mitchell

    wow – that is the coolest thing ever!

  • MMmike

    That was cool… iPhones rule!!!!! As does his ability to fingerpaint

  • Cindy VanHoesen

    Wow! The app on iPhone is cool … but the artist is really talented! Josh Cassidy… you are awesome!

  • Pokinatcha

    Wow! My finger painting never looks that good.

  • bryan

    Very Cool. I want one…..

  • Joe

    That just blew my mind.

  • Cassandra

    Yes, the app is cool, but Josh Cassidy is even more cool. Whoa, what he can do with finger painting! =) Thanks for sharing

  • Shellie (baylormum)

    I can’t believe I actually watched Bart come to life in 2:40! That’s minutes, not hours, Bart. Josh Cassidy is absolutely an artist. Every little detail. Down to the buttons on the shoulder of Bart’s jacket. 🙂



  • Sheryl

    way too kewl!!!!!!

  • MMmike

    have you gone to his BLOG???? the guy is ridiculously talented!!! it’s a must see!!!


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