Barry And His DR Buddy…


Hey all…I was just going through some old pics in my iPhoto and I came across our trip to the Dominican Republic, and this picture. I think that maybe he was Barry’s long lost uncle, or maybe this is just two guys chillin’ on a park bench, either way….thought you’d all enjoy it. If you felt like adding a caption as to what these two could be talking about, feel free.

I like to think they were talking about the current economic climate…. or sharing recipes for making the best homemade granola… or maybe this guy is just staring Barry down and wishing he had a cool black t-shirt instead of having put on a pink shirt this morning.

What do you think?


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  • Matthew Lynch

    Looks like he’s thinking….Man….I wish I was that skinny again.

  • Mark

    We see through a glass darkly, but then we shall sit on a park bench.

  • Papa Ron

    If I don’t keep running, I’m gonna look like that in 5-10 years


    I’ve seen this guy before…….Bruce Willis… wait…..Van Diesel… that’s not it…..oh…Michael Chiklis….no…..Ben Kingsley….no……..

  • Ty B

    NO I’m NOT Mr Clean and NO I’m NOT sharing my cookies =)

  • Tif

    “You talkin to Me?” “Yea, I’m talkin to you, you got a problem with that?”

  • Toby

    If this dude finds out that I have lingerie in my bag, he’s gonna attack me!

  • Chadryan44

    Barry…I AM your father….


  • Paisley

    “Life is like a box of chocolates”

  • George

    The reflections on their shiny heads is creating that mirror reflected in another mirror effect. Mesmerizing,

  • JJ

    Nice Mullet
    – or –
    Sooooooo… you wanna know what’s in da bag?

  • Culmer

    That is one of the coolest pic’s I’ve seen… It doesn’t even need caption, seriously bro good pic!

  • Brenda E (wonbyone)

    New Pink Shirt…. $40
    Fancy Black and Red Shoes…. $60
    Man Purse…. $75
    Letting the breeze blow on your new haircuts… PRICELESS!!!

  • Chadryan44

    Do I LOOK like I’m in Casting Crowns?!?!?

    And No,I don’t know them…

  • Bev Brandon

    Did you ever think you might be invited into a Radiation Room for cancer patients, sealed by a 2-foot thick door. You were there with me for my first radiation treatment this a.m. “Bring The Rain” – you will never know how much God gave me freedom to face my fears and made me more concerned about my unholiness than any of the multiple traumas that have happened to me in my lifetime—abuse, rape, attempted murder, betrayal. God used your song to get me through my first radiation treatment over 7 weeks and I just wanted you to know. Hope to hear you sing it in person someday.

  • Lisa

    Great pic! I loved reading all the comments. Hilarious.

  • Mercy Me

    “We seriously are the same age?!”

  • Brenda

    DR buddy is saying… “What are you lookin at”– Barry says… ” yea we got the same hair style”…

  • Tim

    Barry Graul and Kojak: The Movie

    “Hey, I didn’t know he was related to Telly Savalas!?”


  • Christopher

    “Hmmm, are you the guy from Blue Man Group”

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