It’s Officially Too Hot When…


A plastic cup sits in your car for a day and melts….literally MELTS!!!! God Bless Texas!

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  • Janet Planet

    That is flipping crazy!!!!


    its so hot here in kansas im beginning to look like that cup.

    mercy me played on kbcu 88.1 saturday nights ROCKINRON

  • angelpoo12

    Rhina said it was Hot Down there. Ouch.

  • claudie brown

    it’s been a little cooler the past two days in franklin,tn. it was killer monday morning when it was 82 degrees @ 5 am.

  • David Cowan

    Man… and I thought ARIZONA was hot? Who knew? 🙂

  • Jen B

    Now, that’s wild, and freaky!!

  • Natalie Jansen

    And isn’t it great…. the hot weather in TX is not even here yet!
    God Bless Texas! 😉

  • fred


  • Don

    Hard to capture in a still, but finding a crayon in the back seat which looks (thanks to surface tension) solid and melts when disturbed…

  • cj

    NO WAY! @ least it’s not cold!

  • Cheri

    My hubby left a credit card in my console and it was hot enough to melt it and now it’s bend on one corner. Gotta love summer in Oklahoma (:

  • kelly

    Love you man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa

    I wouldn’t be leaving things in my car!

  • Kimberly


  • Jasmine

    Gotta love those 100 plus temps!

  • Paisley

    That happened to a coworker of mine only it was a six pack of cokes. The bottles swelled up and got all distorted. They were weird to look at.

  • Mom S

    Taking our house off the market has nothing to do with TX heat – Fl humidity beats TX heat everytime…

  • Papa Ron

    98 degree Fl heat bad enough. A/C went out! Now it’s time to move to the mall!!

  • Brenda

    Down here in Florida last week…it got as hot as 104 … thats even too hot to go to the beach… this week thank goodness it cooled down to 90ish LOL— its not even August yet!!

  • Reba

    All this heat has made me reconsider the decision to replace Ford plastic with billet aluminum – especially the shifter, the e-brake handle and the pedals… 105+ temps outside and my flesh looked like that cup when I tried to drive my car!! I know there’s a lesson in there! Thank you God!

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