Royals For A Day


What a great day!!!! We had the pleasure of performing after the Royals swept the Reds on Sunday. Baseball + worship=awesomeness!

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  • Sandi~MMslob

    that’s awesome! I wish the Oakland A’s would have you guys come play. It’d make the games more exciting…since they lose every game, at least we’d have the excitment of watching and worshiping with MM afterwards! 🙂 I’m glad you guys had a great time!

  • Michael

    You guys were awesome! I enjoyed getting to hear Hillman and Bannister speak too! Good to know they still have their priorities straight! I had them play “I Can Only Imagine” at my grandfather’s funeral a couple weeks ago, I was very moved getting to hear it live at the park. Thank you for making a difference for so many people with your music!

  • WallyfromMichigan

    Bart and Boys…You can’t beat baseball and worship! What could be better? This Tiger fan spent the weekend in Pittsburgh watching the Pirates whoop the Tigers Sat and Sun…after the Penguins took care of business Friday night for the Stanley Cup. The Penguins and the Stanley cup were paraded onto the field at yesterday’s game…ouch. It was a fun weekend in Pittsburg but the outcomes were not as I wrote the script.

    Count me in for the next Baseball & Worship concert.

  • Lisa (Sunny Side)

    That is awesome! I’m not a sports fan, but I know how much you guys like your baseball. I’m glad you get to do the things you love, while “working”. Bonus!

  • MsKaren2009

    Love the shirts! I was wondering what you did with them after the concert? Posted my pics at It was a great day at the ballpark! (except for the sunburn)

  • Sheryl

    Although I live in the area that I should be classified as a diehard Reds fan, I really do not follow baseball all that much. I do however manage to get tickets when my favorite band (you know who you are) comes to town for Faith Day b/c there really isn’t anything better than worshipping with other fellow believers outdoors. Glad you guys got to a see a good game and got to worship too.

  • Stacey

    I saw the game on tv live and from what i saw the Royals were winning. It was must have been an exciting game. You guys get to see the game and perform, pretty sweet.

  • RG

    It was great meeting you guys on Sunday at the game. I aprreciate you letting me hang.

  • Kristen

    Boo Royals! I am a Reds fan, and it certainly wasn’t their best series of the season!

    That being said, I’ll miss seeing you guys perform this summer at the Reds Faith & Family Day. We’ve really enjoyed the concerts the past couple of years!

  • Kourtney

    Hi,I love your music.I listen to the radio station KLove. I was actually there at the royals game with my family and some of our friends.I think it was a really good game.I did not now that they had a sweep because I don’t watch it that much on TV.But good thing I was there because they did win the game.I also think that it was good because mercy me was there.That was my first actually christian concert.Thank you mercy me for coming out to the Royals game.I got the new Mercy Me CD.

  • Dano

    I was there! It was awesome (My Team) the Royals won and then the concert. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. I felt the presents of God there. Keep doing what your doing guys for the Glory of God. I hope to see your there again next year.

  • Michael

    Hey, guys! Thanks for the great concert following a great game for the Royals! I thought it was awesome the way the sun shone through the clouds as you played ‘I Can Only Imagine.’ My wife and I have been to several of your concerts in Council Bluffs and Omaha, and brought our son to the game specifically for the post-game concert. Seth is 10 and it was his first mercyme concert. He had a great time! Thanks again.

  • Daniel Crowe

    Mike’s last name on that jersey reminds me of Henry Roengardner stretching across the jersey…. 😛

  • Brenda

    How completley (sp?) awesome was that??!! Come on down to the Tampa Rays anytime!!!! Baseball And MercyMe wow!!!

  • Heather

    Thanks for the great concert after the Royals game! We had a great time at the game (especially since they won!).. and the concert was a extra blessing from God! I’m thrilled that my teenage daughter and my son both love Christian music. Thanks for sharing your gifts from God with all of us!

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