Waffle House Note


We were eating at Waffle House after the show in Greenville, TN tonight and we were given a note from a lady…. it read…

Dear MM-
You are sitting where I last talked to my son who loved your music.  He was killed in Iraq in 11/04.  Just wanted to say thanks and God Bless -Nanna.

Please remember to pray for our troops and their families.

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  • Sandi ~ MMslob

    That made me cry. wow, that’s amazing how God works, having you in the same seats. I bet that was both very difficult and yet a miracle for that lady. Thank you for sharing that Mike!

    btw, I went to waffle house for the first time when I visited TN earlier this year…oh man, is that good stuff!!!!!

  • Jen B

    I have chills up and down my arms now. That was wild.

  • melanie martin


  • Lisa Genakos

    God is so amazing! My friend calls these encounters “God Winks”. My 8 yr old son, Alex, and I will be at the show at Busch Gardens tonight. I am praying it will touch his heart to see that being Christ-centered can be very cool. I’m really looking forward to seeing you and worshiping with you. God bless, Lisa

  • Paisley

    That gave me chills! I instantly thought of the song “Always” by Building 429 not sure why but it just instantly came to mind.

  • Lisa (Sunny Side)

    That’s pretty neat. God does the coolest things. I hope that woman felt hope in that moment. To know that God orchestrated all of that as a reminder that she is not forgotten, and neither will her son be! Thanks for sharing. I’ve missed you guys!

  • BC

    Wish I would have stopped at Waffle House after the show………we were staying in a hotel across the street. Saw the band in Greeneville. It was an AMAZING worship experience for my wife and I. Very small venue, about 1000 people but the show was top notch……the guys sounded great and Bart’s voice is UNBELIEVEABLE. Got a t-shirt and 2 CD’s. The highlight of the show for me was “Word of God Speak” which lasted about 12 minutes with testimony and all. VERY MOVING!! I think I cried about 5 times during the evening and am still knocking down the goose bumps………..May God continue to bless you all and give you safe travel on the road. Hope to see you again soon!!!!

  • Heidi Reed

    Lost my cousin in ’05 on Mother’s Day. He was in Iraq too. Road side bomb. He was 2 weeks away from turning 20. Boo war!!

  • Charyan44

    You guys have been bringing people directly to the throne of worship since I used to go see you guys at the square in Greenville every Wednesday. Usually standing room only and hot. Can’t believe it has been that long ago.

    Thanks for not letting fame change who you guys are, and more importantly what you do.

    God Bless.

  • Karen (MMKaren)

    Wow. Just…wow.

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