Mad Skills (Part 2)

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  • Paisley

    Love it! I think we’ll see Levi in the pro’s one day. You picked a good song too.

    Now you need to post a video of Stella too.

  • Ally

    Wow. Can you say child prodigy…Heehee.

  • Sheryl

    If you were in Boston, the wall in your backyard would be painted green. Isn’t it amazing how much energy they have?!

  • Michael Levitt

    Mad skills is an understatement. Hand/eye coordination is better than most adults.

    Cherish your children!

    Blessings on your day!

  • Cassandra, SLOBer

    Age again? He hits them almost everytime. Good stuffs!! =D Thanks for sharing.

  • mmBart

    my first thought was “4 minutes of Levi hitting a ball?” then I watched every second of it with a grin on my face. Since he’s a MercyMe kid, don’t we split his earnings?

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