The Roadshow Haircut

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  • Josh Wax

    So who’s head we shaving next year? Or are we just gonna do something different to Brody?

  • Mom S

    Kinda reminds me of BRAVEHEART…Thanks again Brody!

  • Paisley

    Brody is such a good sport! Loved the mohawk. Mike you’re a pretty good barber.

  • Pokinatcha

    If the band thing doesn’t work out I see the possibilities you have in cosmetology!

  • Christopher

    That was great. Glad to see Brody was a good sport.

    Bigger and better next year for the RWRS. Start planning the milestones now.

    How did this whole contest start anyway?

  • Shellie (baylormum)

    Brody, you rock! Sorry I ever doubted that it happened. Mike, between mixing each night’s performance for the dropcard, you do make an excellent barber. All those scissors & clippers! Need to get you a barber holster to wear & keep your clippers at an arm’s length.

    How did this start? Who’s bright idea was this. At first I think Brody dared us to get as many peeps as we could. Then it snowballed into the I’ll shave my head thing. Not quite a Christopher, Barry, or Los look, but more a Mike-like trim!

  • Ashley

    you are a cool sport!


  • buzz

    gotta say that brody did an awesome job!!!!! thank you sir!

  • Lisa (Sunny Side)

    You are so brave Brody! All those clippers and scissors hacking off your hair. Although, at the end there, Mike did a great job. He must be moonlighting at Great Clips when you guys aren’t on the road.

  • Michael Levitt

    Thanks for posting the video, and for an incredible Road show. Cannot wait until 2010, but going to do all in my power to see the band before then. You guys are the best! God Bless all of you!

  • Sandi ~ MMslob

    You’ve got mad skills Mike!!!
    Brody, you’re awesome man! Thank you for all you did….I have enjoyed watching MM online since day 1 last fall and all of the Roadshow, minus Fresno when I was at the show. You rock!!!!!!

  • Julie Smithey aka phil13 aka savedbygrace

    Brody, I was cheering on the 500 online anticipating this “cut”, but after watching it, I kinda feel bad. You look like this was the worst day ever. But – you were a good sport and kept your word. As part of Blog Nation (or as Bart said when I met him – Imagine Nation), I appreciate everything you and Kyle did. We love you guys. See you next year!

  • helen83


  • Jodie R (rexette98)

    Thanks to Brody for being true to his word! Great Job on the cut Mike. It was a blast and can’t wait to see what the throw down challenge will be for next year!

  • Janet Planet

    Brody is such a trooper. Yay for hitting 500.

  • Cassandra, a SLOB

    Good sport, Brody! I thought he looked good with the Robby styling fro though. ;-D

  • Sheryl

    Wow, guys can get away with so much more when they have their cut. Also..Mike that shirt you had on was cute with the little kitty and Barry..I guess before each concert you could always do a magic trick like the paper towel one…

  • Katherine

    Thanks for being a good sport, Brody and for all you did to let us in on the R&WRS-it was a blessing-especially to be there in person! 🙂 I thought you should’ve left the mohawk and been like Robby…and dang, you have (ok, well had) a lot of hair!

    Looking forward to next year!

  • MMsbiggestfans

    Thanks for all your hard work on the RWRS Brody!!! You are a great sport too.
    Have an awesome summer everyone and cannot wait for the next online concerts so we can all chat again.
    God Bless!!!

  • MsKaren

    Way to go, Brody!! Great job on the cut, Mike! I thought you should have kept the mohawk. Maybe that can be the pay-off for next year’s RAWRS challenge. We should shoot for 750 next year. Thanks for all you and Kyle did! Can’t wait ’til next year!!

  • PastorTJ

    Heh, Brody … truly a good sport and man of his word. Thanks for everything guys and for the opportunity to worship corporately during the RAWRS. Looking forward to seeing ya’ll again in Alabama.

  • Kelly

    Wow, that was amazing! Thanks for sharing Mike. Brody, mine…great job sitting through it all! It was great to be part of the Roadshow!!

  • Jim

    i dug the mohawk..

  • PaPa Ron

    And to think I let your Mom cut my hair all those years! You never cease to amaze me!

  • MommaD

    Brody, you were looking good at the Doves! Only perfect heads can pull off the “Baldy” – or is it the “Brody” – & you worked it!!! Check out pics on MrD’s facebook (Dan Donehey)!

    Love ya!!!


  • BigSkinny

    Well it’s almost summer anyways so you needed a summer do…right?

  • Kelly (Race_12_1)

    So it just dawned me today-you should have saved some of that hair for your scrap book! =) like when a kid gets their haircut for the first time =) You could have titled the page “Whats left after they reached 500”

  • Mercy Me

    Hey hey hey! yet again, your hair is freaking awesome, Mike should do this again.

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