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  • SCG

    Mercy Me guys. I am sooooo glad I found this blog. There is something that I wanted to pass along. There will be a wonderfull mother who will be attending your show soon, that is going through a lot right. She had the joy of finding out she was having her second child, but found out into the pregnancy the baby who was destined to be her daughter had a nueral tube defect and would only spend maybe minutes on this earth. Sadly, 2 weeks ago, lil Carliegh McKenna was born still and Holly has gone through it with only the strength we know know the lord could be giving her. One of ya’lls song “Homesick” is helping her dealing with her loss. She will be at your show on Thursday April 16, 2009 in Columbus OH. Something she was looking foward so sharing with her daughter, but sadly she was born early. Could ya’ll maybe just say “hey” to her during the show, maybe before yall do Homesick, if yall do that song. It would mean a lot to Holly, and might even get a lil smile on her face. Here is her link to her blog, if you would like to see how wonderfull the lord is and where he truly gives us our stregnth when the trials are laid out before us. Her blog website that explains her story was included with my info. Thank You!

  • Jennifer Davis

    I want to say thanks for a totally awesome concert tonight in Springfield! It was so great to worship with you guys, the other bands, and everyone else in the building! My youth group loved all of you guys! God Bless! Happy Easter!

    Jennifer Davis
    Immanuel Baptist Church

  • Mom S

    Barry – A true Renisance Man (hope I spelled that right)

  • Jason

    Unbelievable show in Springfield. God is truly awesome. Will buy the show as soon as it’s available on your site!

  • Joe

    Barry has got tallent. That last sentence was a “well duh” statement. Hope you guys have a happy Easter

  • Teri

    Juggling in the bathroom, only seen a picture like this like a million times… ha ha!

    Great picture!

  • Jody

    Seen you guys last night in Springfield. The concert was great, also I’m glad to see Jeremy Camp there also. Hope you guys can come back to Springfield again. Happy Easter!

  • David

    Just wanted to say what at great time last night. So much time was put in and you all did a great job. My one question is, can I download of bye a copy of last nights performance somewhere.

  • Mary Ann

    What a great time last night! And what a totally awesome way to spend the evening before Easter! We could feel Christ’s presence in that place. You guys truly are servants of Christ. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see you when you return!

  • Janet Mendenall

    Last night’s show in Springfield was AWESOME! You could definitely feel God’s presence at JQH Arena. Thank you for all you’re doing, you have made our Easter weekend very special and definitely memorable!!!!! Hope to see you again next year!

  • Paisley

    Hope you guys are having a wonderful Easter. He is risen!

  • Lisa (Sunny Side)

    What unbelievable talent you guys have!

  • Mike McFall

    Ok a couple things:
    First, last night was absolutely the best concert I have ever been to…
    It’s a simple formula that works so well:
    Rock + God x the Joy of Grace= Amazing time of worship.

    Second, Donor Pass was well, well worth it!
    Lastly, juggling oranges is great but what about chain saws?
    Thanks…seems too little but Thanks anyway.

  • Christine Cordova

    WOW! I have never had the privilege of seeing you guys live and I was totally blown away! It takes some real prayer, fasting, and studying of the Word to bring the presence of God to such a multitude of people in one place. I gotta tell you I truely enojoyed the preaching that you put on. Frankly, it’s nice to have confirmation (my husband is a youth pastor) that is coming from such an influential Christian artist that it is NOT the church’s job to be the parents. So many times,(within the church,) we can be criticized by the parents because somehow it’s our fault that their kid isn’t influenced like they should be by us. Thank you for being men of God that I’m sure have their priorities straight. BTW, thank you for giving us the opportunity to sow seed into your Roadshow ministry. It is obvious that it is “fertile ground” that the book of Matthew talks about. God Bless.

    Christine Cordova
    Freedom Christian Center Aurora, MO 417.678.6909

  • Sharon

    Just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciated the opportunity to be able to attend the concert last night in Springfield, MO. Having a ticket price of $10.00 says alot about your group. You are willing to trust in God for your finances. Some many more people were able to attend due to the price. Everyone deserves the opportunity to attend a Christian concert. Jesus Christ came to earth to free us from our sins. He didn’t charge a big ticket price to attend the times he spoke to the great crowds he drew. He gave to give life to those who would receive him. I understand it costs alot of money to put a show on so thank you for putting your trust in God and not the almighty dollar! God bless each and everyone that performed last night. Jeremy Camp was awesome….didn’t know he lost his wife to cancer. Bad things happen to good people so we must not give up the faith when things get tough!

  • Pam

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the opportunity to attend such an AWESOME concert in Springfield, MO. I have claimed to be a Christian for many years now, but have recently lost touch. I wasn’t listening to Christian music, praying, or anything to keep in touch. My Mom’s birthday was April 12, and she wanted my sister and I to take her to this concert for her birthday. I agreed and looked forward to the time to spend with my Mom. What I didn’t expect was to be brought back to God! My family has been struggling with many things such as custody battles and the stress in my life was unbelievable! After attending the concert, I left with a new frame of mind! I was able to let God take my stress, and everything has went Great since then!! I now also find myself not wanting to listen to anything but your CD I purchased! Btw, Thanks for the awesome price of only $5! That CD means more to me than any amount of money, but money has been tight trying to feed 3 kids! The song “So long Self” has so much meaning to me! I really hope you make it back to Springfield, MO next year! My mom, sister and I already have plans to attend!! THANKS AGAIN!

  • Overboard1413

    Please come to Springfield, MO again.  Your music touches me on a deep level.  I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit when I listen to it.  God bless you.

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