Wichita, KS


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  • Rocio Bozarth

    Just one word guys. “Awesome” I loved every minute of it. All the bands were great! I can’t beleive it was sold out. I haven’t seen that many people in one place before. I think it’s great because it gives you the opportunity to reach and touch many many lives. Well done!!!

  • Daniel Arrington

    Very,Very, Very Spirit-Filling! I drive a semi-cross-country and sometimes hard to find doses of Holy Spirit we all need! I am home and on vacation for next week and could not in any way
    have started a Easter any better.
    I want to say each one of the bands really wears their faith on their sleeves,very inspiring!!!!

  • Paisley

    I was watching online and you guys rocked it!

  • Lisa (Sunny Side)

    Is it any wonder why Brody is nominated for an award for his amazing photographic skills?!?! Awesome!

  • Josh Wax

    I’ve been watching online (and I was there in Baton Rouge (no, not as a protestor) but I unfortunately had to miss last night. I’m sure it was amazing though. They all have been.

    And you keep saying “We’re constantly looking for the perfect audience.” I told them all a couple nights ago “the perfect audience is online.” It’s been awesome on there every night getting to worship along and chat with others who are doing the same. And I’m very thankful for Brody making that happen.

  • Ame

    You guys made one heck of a concert. I loved every minute of it. You guys are such a blessing. I came as a sponsor with my youth group and I know you changed some of those kids’ lives and the way they feel about Christ. I know you definitely helped restore mine. I love you guys and you have such an amazing talent, and I love that you love to share your awesome faith with us. Thank you for coming to Wichita! You made a huge impact!!

  • Lana

    I loved seeing you all play at the Road Show in Wichita, KS!!!
    I also loved the grab bag, too! I just emailed it to my brother who was with me at the show.

    Praise the Lord for you! Praise the Lord for your gifts, talents, and hearts!!!

    I hope to continue seeing new stuff from all of you and the other bands that performed that night!

    God Bless each and every one of you and your families!!


  • Teresa W.

    I Could believe it was sold out. How could it NOT be.
    God ran the show and he did an excellent job as always.
    How fantastic was the Holy Spirit that night on April 10th.
    I lost my mother one year ago on April 12. She was the best ever. She is dancing with the angels. I truely needed to hear this concert. It filled me up when I had been running on empty for several months. Jeremy Camps latest song makes me cry. My mom has been saying for years that she cant wait to be with Jesus. However, the rest of us were not ready for her to go yet. I still cry heavily at times. I try to smile thru the tears knowing how incredibly happy she is now. My dad seems bitter sometimes but he too loves the Lord.
    I thank you all for lifting me up when I was down. The Wichita concert was the best blessing for me. I also thank my husband for daily love and encouragement and quoting the Word to me.
    LOVE IS GOOD. Thank you God, love ya

  • Charity~

    There is only one man with that head and those ears…that has to be Barry. No offense =D

  • Debbie

    I was at your concert in Wichita. What an awesome, awesome concert. Probably the best I’ve ever been too. Thank you! And thank you for making it affordable for those out there who couldn’t have gone and heard your awesome witness for our Lord.

  • Shelby

    The show in Wichita was awesome!!!!

    You guys rocked….it amazed me that 11,000 people could go from a loud roar to complete slience when someone prayed..it was so moving…..

    Keep rockin God…….

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