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  • Steve G

    Thank you gentlemen for hosting and performing AN AWESOME SHOW. And I do not use that term lightly. I attended the show with my 16, 14 and 12 year old (his 1st concert). All the bands were excellent. My favorite was Jeremy Camp-very worshipful, with Hawk Nelson a very close 2nd.

    To be honest I only saw about 1/2 of the MercyMe segment-the kids and I decided to get into line for the Hawk Nelson meet and greet. And I had purchased the download card and your “10” CD/DVD, so I figured I had you covered (we were able to hear some of your set from our place in line).

    Thanks again and I pray that the remainder of the tour continues to honor the LORD the way it did tonight. May you and all your families have a blessed Easter!

    Sola Deo Gloria,

    Steve G
    Arvada (near Golden) CO.

  • ccmlover

    great shot!

  • Joe

    Jim looks happy

  • Mom S

    Jim is either kicking the camera man or dancing – I choose dancing

  • Lisa (Sunny Side)

    So Jim dances when the camere’s not on him, huh? Nice.

  • Mom of 5

    Thanks for an affordable ticket price. I have never been able to attend a professional concert AND take three of my kids at the same time. The concert was truly a ministry in many ways.

  • Single Dad

    Thanks for making it possible to take my soon to be 11yr old daughter to her first live concert.

    It was a great experience for Father and daughter to bond. More importantly, it was AWESOME to see thousands of Christians coming together as one to lift up and worship God!

    I didn’t realize it at the time, but the show was made all the more impressive that it was right before Easter.

  • Heather

    What an AWESOME show! It was the first time that my husband and I have seen you in concert and will not be the last. Thank YOU!

  • Laurie

    This was the most fun my husband and I have had for a while. Thank you! We only wish we’d brought our 7 yr old daughter who loves rockin’ out to “Jesus music”. Please do the show again. I’m so thrilled to see the Light pushing back the darkness!!!

  • Paisley

    Great pic of Jim! I am loving the 10 cd and dvd.

  • Bari

    who took the picture? I LOVEIT!

  • estes park family

    Thank You so much for putting together such an incredible show. My wife and I were able to bring our 11 and 12 year old children to their first concert. That was possible only because of the sacrifices and willingness of you and the other groups to make this tour affordable for families. You all put on a great show and every group made it clear that you love our savior Jesus Christ. Our children will never forget your performances and we will never forget the look of joy and excitement on their faces. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.
    By the way, the concert continues. The venue has changed, its now in our home, and the singers are our children, singing along to all your CDs, that you so generously made available for only $5. We can’t wait until next year.

  • Misti

    Ok, this is Jim’s wife, Misti. I have to break my silence to apologize to my husband for packing the wrong jeans! Sorry, Babe, for the hole in your jeans! Opps! Maybe that’s still cool. ;0)

  • Anna

    Thank you so much for an incredible show. I’ve personally been slipping away from Christ and your show helped my find the way back and remember his sacrifice for us. Thank you so much and God bless you all!!

  • Jacquie

    I just loved the concert 4/9/09- you guys are the BEST! Thanks so much for your ministry- you are making a difference. You said you wanted the experience of the concert to change people forever- it left a permanent mark on me.

    Thank you!

  • Kailyn

    THANK YOU for one of the best concert experiences I have ever had! I took my 3 kids, ages 13, 11, and 10 and we had a blast!! No offense guys, but i LOVED Jeremy Camp!! Everyone was great, I have never heard The Afters live and they were wonderful!! Got lots of Mercy Me CD’s while there! Thanks for the $10 seats…my husband just left us and we would not have been able to go otherwise! What a BLESSING!!

  • Rob

    Hey guys loved the show so much that I bought one of the cards. I have been waiting though and the Denver show is still not available for download. Just wondering what was up. Thanks so much for your hard work and God Bless you on your Tour!

  • Freedom

    I want to thank you for providing a place to worship when I couldn’t find anyplace else. I used to love God with all that was in me and I have found that slipping away – it amazes me how hard it is outside of full time ministry. But I found it in the Denver Colliseum – Thank You all!!

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