Bossier City, LA


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  • Eric Middleton

    Tonight was absolutley awesom! The Holy Spirit was at work through you guys and lives were touched. An incredible night of praise and worship!

    Thank you for your message and ministry.

  • Al Q

    Tremendous show. I saw Mercy Me at the NRB in February in Nashville and had to take my kids to see them tonight. Bart, thank you (and Mercy Me) for your vision. Praying to Lord will continue to use you. Your comments on the need for lives wholly dedicated to the Lord were right on; The Church in America needs to put on Christ like never before! Enough of the gimmicks and tricks which are so tired and failed – and more of the boldness we saw in you tonight. Men, especially, need to stand up and be Godly men and be leaders of faith in their own homes. Just hope some folks heard – because we know that “faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”
    Can’t wait to see you again!
    Fight the good fight!
    Your fellow slave in Christ,
    Al Q.

  • Josh Wax

    I was watching online and Charlie really rocked the place.

  • mistermike

    The RWRS in Bossier City was, to put it simply: awesome! The Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit were moving and most important of all, God was glorified! As Bart put it at the end, He had to have a ten-mile-wide grin on His face!!!

  • lisa

    Hello guys! We love you all very big fan of mercyme. Going to the springfield mo rock and worship concert. Cant wait. God Bless You mercyme. Lisa

  • Erin

    Last night in shreveport was AWESOME! Yall always put on my favorite concerts. Thanks for coming to our area so frequently! I live in Monroe, so i’ve seen yall around here like 4 time! Thanks so much!!

  • tbmorris

    Awesome nite in Bossier City!!! Thank and God Bless you all!

  • Shellie (baylormum)

    Charlie is his Dad’s something. What a ham! All 4 kids were fun to see. Sophie is getting so big. Enjoy your days off.

  • Mom S

    THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE B-DAY SHOUT OUT!! Papa Ron was very touched!

  • Lesha Pace

    I just want to thank ya’ll for such an AWESOME show last night! I haven’t had such a great worship experience in a long time. I , too, hope that one day this show will be free to all who want to experience God the way I did last night. Keep it going! OH! I LOVED CHARLIE! I only wish he would have sang “Eye of the Tiger”. We LSU fans LOVE that song!

  • Nana, Dell

    Charlie, way to good, wish we had had some sound, with you singing. Like father like son. Nana is reliving Bart has a child you are so much like your Daddy!!! Keep it up Charlie, Nana’s hoping she will see on that stage one day, & I bet you will have that guitar with you. Nana will have two grandson’s playing guitar’s and singing. What a blessing you are and always so loveable. Of course all four you so much.

  • Carlotta

    I just wanted to let you know that all of you guys did an awesome job. I was at the show in Bossier City and it was truely amazing. It was apparant that the Holy Spirit was among us. I will keep all of yall in my prayers and the work you guys do. Thanks so much for everything that you do.

  • Jason

    Amazing job. My very first Christian concert. I was blown away in Bossier last night. Thank you

  • Angie Dendy

    I was there at Shreveport Concert and It was sssoooooooooooooooooooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!!!! We enjoyed it so much!!!!! Thank You so much, the presence of the Holy Spirit filled that place and it was great!!!

  • Tiffani

    This concert was absolutly amazing.I was so happy i was able to go. You really brought the lord to me in a new way andim so thankful for that. everyone was amazing and i cant wait to go again! =)

  • Brittany

    Last night was amazing!! My boyfriend and I got the Donor Pass and we were able to meet Mercy Me backstage. You guys were awesome and so down to earth. The whole concert was awesome including Tenth Avenue North, Hawk Nelson, and Jeremy Camp…i would love to come see any of these bands again. Thanks for the amazing concerts and for doing what God has called you to do!!

  • Lisa (Sunny Side)

    Charlie is awesome! I really enjoyed the way you included us behind the scenes and onstage last night. The kids were great! It’s so fun to see that you are a “real” parent with “real” kids just like the rest of us. Have a restful and fun few days off.

  • Paisley

    Charlie is quite a performer and is taken after his daddy. I look forward to one day seeing him follow in the family business and on stage with you singing. I love getting to see the kids last night and some of the wives.

    I miss you guys and cannot wait till you come close enough for me to attend a concert again. Its been awesome watching every show online but I’m ready to see you guys live and in person again.

  • Pokinatcha

    Of course this would be the show that I miss online!

  • melanie martin

    once again i say thank you so much for the wonderful evening of worship! i am blessed beyond measure!

  • Debra

    Hey guys, wanted to say thank you for an AWSOME show Sunday nite. It was our first time to see you live. We could feel God’s prescence there in the arena.. You are welcome back anytime. You had us crying with the worship and with the prescence of Our Lord & Savior!! Thank you again & God Bless you guys!!!

  • maranda schoenberger

    The Bossier City show was to say the least amazing!!! I brought our youth group that night, and as a youth leader while you were speaking to us i could not hold back the emotion. you truly spoke words that meant so much- these young people are our families and we love them so much! i thank you for speaking the truth and giving your all! cant wait till next time! amazed in bernice louisiana

  • Kayla

    Thanks for the awesome show it was so amazing. Me and my church went together and we all so much fun. And will all bought 1 of urnew cds 2. We hope you come back soon. Love yall

  • Terri D

    Guys, you were great Sunday night. My 15 y/o daughter & I were at the concert and enjoyed it so much. As a mom, I appreciate all you guys (and the other bands) are doing to spread the Gospel. I think the best part of the whole night was looking around and seeing the young people worshipping God. It just doesn’t get any better than that. That has to be so precious to our Father God — talk about some sweet incense!!! I’m already looking forward to next year’s Rock & Worship Road Show. Bart, Charlie was so wonderful. Guys, I just cannot say enough about how good the show was.

    I do want to thank you for keeping the cost down. I am a divorced mom of 3, with one left at home, so that was the only way I could afford for my daughter and I to go to the concert. AND WE HAD FLOOR SEATS AS WELL!!!! Because of the cost of the concert, I was able to purchase a t-shirt and some cd’s for my daughter.

    Thank you sooooo very much. We love all of you who performed that night and will be praying for all of you and your families.

  • Craig W.

    Truly amazing show guys!

    Sidewalk Prophets – I didn’t know what to expect. They came on the stage and grabbed the audience and didn’t let go until the A cappella of Amazing Grace.

    Tenth Ave. North – Great!

    Hawk Nelson – Awesome!

    Jeremy Camp – He is truly blessed!

    MercyMe – Thank You for putting this tour together!

    HE was in that place!

  • Deena S.

    The show was incredible and I can’t wait for you to come back! LOVED IT! I have a Cover Tune Grab Bag Suggestion/Request….you should do Pretty in Pink by The Psychedelic Furs….it is one of my favorites plus it would make a great birthday present for me this week (April 9) Just a thought. You guys are amazing come back to Bossier soon!!!

  • joshd

    i have to say that Jeremy Camps part of the RAWRS was the most scriptural and spirit filled part of the show…he brought out our bible more than the rest of the artists and actually preached and brought scriptures to go with his music. go J. thanks to MM for bringing it to the bossier/shreve area



  • Joe S.

    I brought my 12-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son to the concert in Bossier City, LA. I am one of the ones who could not have afforded to go except for the low ticket price. Thank you so much for your giving! Your music has captured the attention of my wonderful children, and your message of loving Jesus and giving back to your audience and the world was an incredible example to them. I really had to stretch to make it to the concert, but hearing the performers — whom my children admire so much — reinforce the message of the gospel and of God’s love for them made it so very worth it. And by the way, I’m in awe of your music, too. God bless you all and your ministry!

  • Cheri

    Best. Ever.

    Charlie rocks!

  • Trinity Edwards

    The show was so great…. yall did so good

  • Jen

    Like daddy like son! 🙂

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