30 Seconds After – OKC

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  • Valerie Burns

    I love that y’all post these after the concerts. I’m jealous I wasn’t in Dallas since that’s my hometown! My son was there in OKC tonight since he goes to OU!! He loved it! Thanks for all you do for God!

  • Josh Wax

    I got on just in time to catch flyleaf, and yeah, they were awesome. and i missed having Jenny come back for “What Do I Know of Holy” but at the same time, i’ve been wishing Tenth Avenue North would do “Hallelujah” throughout the whole tour.

  • Nathan Brown

    Parking Tonight….$6 …. Show Tonight ….$10 …. MercyMe’s totally awesome, most rad, extremely exciting, most thrilling, with some FlyLeaf, Hawk Nelson, thrown in….Priceless!

    Thanks for the great show!!!

    You guys are truly blessed!

  • James Prater

    The OKC show was awesome, Flyleaf did great and so did Tenth Avenue North. I was really wanting to see Jeremy Camp, but Flyleaf was a great band to fill in. Thanx Everyone for an awsome show.

  • christina

    Hey guys, I just got home from the concert in okc and I had a blast!! Loved the whole show, rocked ou so much I don’t have much of a voice, God bless you all and I so cannot wait till next year!!!

  • Craig

    When you’re praising the Lord. What difference does it make if you go over on time? The manager should apologize to them!

  • Pokinatcha

    Hi Nathan!

  • Tony

    First off….what a great concert!! I do have a question. Bart mentioned the concert was streaming online. Where do you go to see the concert online. I would love to see shows throughout the country.

  • Kyle Ray


    The shows are being streamed at…


    Hope to see you there.

  • MMMike

    This is Mike from MM….i didn’t mean to imply that we shouldn’t be led by the spirit, however…since we are in bigger arenas on this tour, we are sometimes held to a strict schedule and are fined some pretty hefty fees if we don’t adhere to these rules. That said…I was also exaggerating for the sake of comedy…no one really got yelled at, it was strictly a suggestion that they watch the clock.


  • mymayhem

    Dont worry Mike we all cant really see Joel yelling at anyone and it did make for great comedy! I guess you should have had bart tell it, as no one takes him seriously anyways? lol

  • Joe Sanders

    I thought for being the new guys on the block that the Sidewalk Prophets were great. I found myself wanting to hear more! I look forward to the release of their CD later this year.

  • David

    Missed the concert, but wife and daughter made it! They picked up a drop card for me but I didn’t see OKC concert on the list. When will it be ready to download?

  • "Buffy"

    Hey the show was absolutely amazing!! I am so stoked you were back in OKC!! So which one of you was wearing the Red pants!?! I think he was pretty dern cute!! lol…Anyways, my favorite part was when you guys did “word of god speak” and you did the break with the prayer!

  • Jess

    Hi, I was at the Dallas concert and i bought the card where you can download the whole show… is the dallas show not up yet? This is the 1st time i have one of these cards so and dont really know..

  • Tammy

    Hi I was at the show last night. This was my first time to see ya’ll. Ya’ll did awesome. I would love to go again. However, I really didn’t care for FlyLeaf and I walked out while they were on and came back when you were on.

  • Clayton

    My wife, daughter and I were at the show Sat. night. The Lord is doing a great work through you guys and all the bands there. It was such a spiritual blessing for us and we want to thank you all for being the tools of our gracious savior.
    I was afraid you were not going to play “God with us” which I really wanted to hear. It was a great ending song and really capped the whole thing off very well. May the Lord continue to bless your band and families, you are in our prayers as is the other Christian bands out there helping us all in praising him. We love ya!

  • Matt

    What a great show in Oklahoma City! Took the whole family, all 5 of us for a great night of fun and worship. Thank you so much for making such a fun and worshipful night so inexpensive. The only drag is I bought the new album 10, and the DVD is awesome but the cd won’t play songs 1, 2,4,5,6. Oh well it was a great family night out. Thanks again.

  • Vickie

    Went to the OKC show. It was awesome. Mercy Me, you are the greatest. The Lord’s presence was truly felt in this place. May God continue to bless you always. Looking forward to next year. Love ya

  • Donna

    Loved the show…took my two children to their very first concert and they loved it!!! They knew all your songs and sang right along with ya. I will upload my pictures this evening and can hopefully figure out how to share them with ya. My lil man caught one of the download cards and I was curious when it would be available.

    God Bless each one of you on the rest of your tour and thru your lives, you have inspired me and I am so grateful to serve a Lord that is above all!!! Your songs encourage me.

    God is Good ALL of the Time!!!

  • Craig W.

    Thanks Mike, for clearing that up.

    Now I understand why the crew starts breaking down the stage at the last note.

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