30 Seconds After – Baton Rouge, LA

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  • Sandi~MMslob

    Didn’t hear the fans like in Fresno, woot! But you survived the protesters and continued to share and spread God’s word through song…be blessed!

  • Jerry

    I just got home from the concert in Baton Rouge … all I can really says is …. AMAZING …. Thanks so much for feeing my spirit guys ….. Jesus was in the presence !

    Your Friend

  • Lora

    Thank you so much for blessing us with such a wonderful evening. Awesome talent, awesome worship!

  • Josh Wax

    Thanks for coming tonight. I was told we had the lowest attendance so far. Hated to hear that, but I had an awesome time. I was a runner for the day, so I saw you guys a good bit, but didn’t want to bother you, so the only time I said anything was when I think Bart first got there. I was the big guy who said something like “i’m really trying to not go crazy right now.”

    And also I asked Barry where the restroom was. And as I asked, I thought “I know him from somewhere” but after he said “all the public restrooms are on the upper level” I thought “oh, he must work here???” and then as soon as I walked away I thought “…I know him ’cause he’s in MercyMe.”

    Anyway, I held back this time, but next time I get the chance to volunteer for a MercyMe concert, I’m totally taking the opportunities to talk to y’all and stuff.

  • mymayhem

    I truly choked with laughter when Barts twitters came through my phone last night! I swear they were the funniest he has sent yet! Just picturing the protesters with Bart thinking it is so cool to be thought of as rock stars was just way to funny! Thanks for the twitters, it reminds me when u go live and who doesnt love you live?? (ok maybe the protesters?)

  • Julie Lafosse

    Oh, wow!!!
    What an awesome concert. I’m a youth leader and had 25 kids there. Thanks for the message, made me cry :), but encouragement was definitely something that God knew we needed. Worship was amazing!!!

    Protestors, well, it was awesome to see my kids so from scared going in to the concert and witnessing to them coming out. They so wanted to share Jesus’ LOVE with them. The entire evening made me remember why I do what I do.
    Thanks so much for your ministry!!!!

  • Nita Wiley

    Hey! Just wanted to say how amazing the night was in Baton Rouge. True worship and the spirit of the Lord were so present in the place. It was my first time to see MercyMe, but it will not be my last time. Our group had a “greatamous” time! Thanks for your wonderful ministry! Keep that candle burning!

  • Timothy Shields

    “Phoenix,” oops!Lol, I thought that was pretty funny and imagine that happens quite often due to all the traveling and high intensity of the shows.

  • Andrew Blackwell

    Man, that was a great night in baton rouge. I almost enjoyed speaking with the protesters more, LOL not really. On the way home to lake Charles my buddies car broke down I. Lafayette so we had to stay at a hotel and add more awesome pics to our wonderful adventure. I also want to give props to the band members for sticking it out this whole ten years. I’m sure it has been rough at times. Well God Bless, keep praising

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