30 Seconds After – Fresno, CA

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  • Melondy

    This was the very first time I had ever seen MercyMe live or heard the music except of course I Can Only Imagine.. which I didn’t know was your song!! MercyMe was awesome here tonight in FRESNO!!! MercyMe ROCKS!!!

  • Kathy

    Just got back from the show in Fresno – awesome job! I went for two reasons – one I love the Lord, and two I am the mother of a child with type 1 diabetes (also diagnosed at the age of 2). Thanks for giving money towards a cure. Hang in there Bart, life does get easier (my son has had diabetes for 12 years now).

  • Daniel Hedgecock

    You guys rocked the house! Thanks for stop in the ‘no and putting on a great show.

  • Ruth

    Just got in from the concert in FResno….Awesome job…it was a blessing….i loved the whole concert….you’ll be in our prayers …God Bless

  • Sandi~MMslob

    I’ve got sooo much to say!!!! I got there at 7:30am this morning and was the first one in line on the south east entrance. This was my 10th MM concert, woot! Still haven’t met ya’ll, grrrr. But needless to say, I’ve watched almost every online streamed concert since it started in the fall and it is NOTHING in comparrision to being there live. MM hadn’t been in N. CA since Nov 07 (in Modesto…of course I was there)…I was have MM withdrawls, and didn’t disappoint. I was in the second row, right in front of Mike. Dude, we did the wave like 5 times before Addison Road came on. I told the MMOB’s that Fresno was going to top the crow #’s…..that’s because almost 2 years ago when MM was last in Fresno (with Audio A), they sold out so fast, they had to add a second concert which was also sold out. Fresno rocks!!!!!!!!! I made and held up my “MM-Slob and MMOB” sign….got a point from Bart and an attempt at getting one of those cards from Mike…he said that it was to go to the girl with the sign, but then it over shot me and other people got it….I was just excited to be pointed it. I sang every song, knew the order and people around me were staring at me when I started a song before it actually started (sorry neighbor peeps). My friend, a new Christian, cried during MM and said it was 10x better then she could’ve ever dreamed. And to add to all this, when Hawk Nelson was playing, Jason came into the audience, and tripped on the chair right in front of me, almost face planting right into me….but then recovered and stood right in front of me. If only the dumb security didn’t tell us no cameras and thus had to take mine back to my car, only to see everyone else with cameras, grrrr. Oh my goodness…..this was incredible…no words to describe it! MM concerts 11 (Spring Celebration in Santa Clara) and 12 (SWC Monterey, on my birthday) are solidified with tickets…….I cannot wait. Fresno rocks….but I missed chatting with everyone. It’s 2:11 am…just got back, and headed to bed for 6am wake up call. Thank you for the awesome concert MM

  • Josh Wax

    i was watchin it online. we could tell the crowd was pretty wild on there, it was awesome. and i am “un-stinking-believably” anxious for thursday to get here. i’ll finally get to go to that one

  • Jules

    Thanks for a rocking and totally uplifting show last night in Fres-yes!

    It was the first concert in Fresno that I have ever seen with so much participation and involvement by the audience.

    All the bands were terrific and we will be praying that all concerts will be that well attended and inspiring!

    Thanks Guys.

  • Mom S

    I remember you all talking about doing this back in the beginning (2004-05) To God be the Glory – He is doing a Great Thing!!

  • Shellie (baylormum)

    Last night there were more band parents in the chatroom than any previous night. To hear dif peoples stories & how they got to where they are today was amazing. It has been an amazing 9 nights so far! That crowd tonight was so LOUD on our end and I actually got tears just now at the beginning of your little video. What a way to worship. 🙂

  • buzz

    amen bro!!! toby mac-o? love it!!! keep rockin, Jesus is in the house!!!

  • chrystal

    Just wanted to tell you that god is doing great things through you and the band… I an the youth leader at TB NAZ… my teens love you…

  • Sandi~MMslob

    Baylormum….I’m curious to hear you’re guys’ perspective from watching online….it was incredible in Fresno…I kept thinking about what you all were thinking online. You’ll have catch me on myspace and give me the scoop!

  • Michael

    The March 29, 2009 concert in Fresno was fantastic!!!! It was a good blend between “rock concert” and worship. I did not get the attitude from any of the bands that they were “rock stars–” they came across as regular human Christians. The messages from Jeremy Camp and Mercy Me were very direct and profound. I have heard many of the songs on Christian radio stations, but did not know that Mercy Me and the others did them.

    I think the $10 price made this concert accessible to everyone; making it a true ministry. Also, the discounted CDs that everyone was offering allowed many to take some of the music (message) home for further contemplation.

    Two small points of criticism. From where I was sitting, at times the mix was adjusted too heavy on bass; and sometimes the bass drowned out the guitars and even the voice. My other “wish” was that the concert would start a bit earlier and get out earlier. Some of us had to drive for awhile to get there and home. I would suggest 4:00 to 7:30 (or even 5:00 to 8:30).

    All in all, this was an EXCELLENT event!!!! I really hope you return in 2010!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sherry


  • BoClark

    Our God is awesome! The worship last night at Fresno was so pure that God was in our midst and smiling down on his children who opened their hearts in pure worship of the Lord. He is well pleased with this ministry and I know that many lives were changed in Fresno and at every event throughout this RoadShow. A special thank you to Mercy Me for their obedience to the Lord and know that the blessings will be pouring out and the bills will be paid.

    God Bless each and every one of the members who are part of the roadshow.

  • Lisa (Sunny Side)

    Toby Maco…that’s you, Bart! You guys definitely deserve a few days rest after last night’s show.

  • Rich Hartenberg

    You guys stinkin rocked
    it was off the hook!
    thanks for your mission and what you believe
    our kids were blessed
    keep it up blessings!

  • Illiana

    AWESOME!!!!! God Rocks. It was my second time seeing Mercy Me and I loved it so much. I like their song “Finally Home”.

  • Donna

    I managed a third row seat last night, hands down best concert I’ve ever been to. I barely have a voice today. I knew there were alot of Christians around here but it was completely awesome to worship with so many of them. I hope Mercy Me will return to Fresno, we are fanatic about you all. It would be nice to have more Christian Concerts here. Also loved Addison Road, Jeremy Camp, Tony Hawk, and 10th Avenue North.
    If this concert is in your area, you are most definitely in for a treat.
    Thank You, rock and Worship Road Show!
    Praise God.

  • Tina (tnabitt)

    I am so glad that you guys are showing this every night online, it has been an AWESOME experience!!!!!! I have seen guys many of times. I live in Leonard Tx, i have been to your coming home Christmas tour in Your home town of Greenville Tx since you guys started it 3 years ago which is also for juvenile diabetes we are always the first ones in line, or almost anyways. We always get at least second row. You guys rock the house every night. God Bless you guys!!!!!

  • Jim

    my 14 year old son was greatly impacted by your testimony in PDX 2 weeks ago.

  • Suzanne

    I love your love for the Lord. May all of this bring Him glory!

  • Rev Kris

    Sup, Tob-o & crew –
    Thanks for putting on a great show, and for your dedication to making that free gospel accessible. When I told my clergy pals about this concert, they couldn’t believe so many great bands would come together for such a low price – and we want to affirm your message and your witness! My nearly 60 year old mom was there with me and our youth group, and she was rockin’ out, too, with tears in our eyes! Come back anytime – you have blessed us. Now, to be a blessing for others!
    Grace and peace ~

  • Harry Sager III

    Guys, I took my unsaved, ‘Rock and Roll’ friend and he has been touched by you guys, and seeing the fans, and The Spirit’s work in Fresno. The messages he heard from you guys confirmed the music you play as well. My friend left a different kind of person with something going on in him! I was praying about him the whole time as well!
    Thanks for sharing your hearts making your music believable! Jeremy as well!

    Singing with you guys forevermore,
    Harry Sager

    Bart, my pal said he thought you were a bouncer at an Irish Pub! But he (and myself) thought your voice was magnificent!

  • Tammy

    Oh WOW!! I was at that concert and I just want to tell you that ever artist that got on that stage was such a blessing!!! I was in Awwww…. To see THOUSANDS of believers all together WORSHIPPING our Lord and savior!!! I can only begin to imagine what heaven will be like!
    Thank You SO MUCH Mercy Me for your ministry of music! You are such a blessing!


  • Samantha

    You guys were TOTALLY AWESOME!!! You will never know until we get to heaven what you did for the Christians of Fresno!!!

  • Kelly

    I was blessed to go with a group from our church, but even more blessed to see my teenage son and daughter worship the Lord IN PUBLIC!!!! My son rarely ever wants to go to a concert, now he wants to be in a band singing for JESUS. Thanks for keeping it affordable for this single mom. God Bless

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