Phoenix, AZ


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  • Bryan Deakin

    I wanted a small poster at the show and they had none. It was a huge night for me and my wife and I wanted it to frame and remember. God is moving and its not for a minute its forever

    Please help me out thanks

  • Joe

    Cool picture.

  • Scooter

    WOW! What an amazing night here in Phoenix. I have been to a lot of concerts in my life none like this one. I felt very spiritually connected. Thank you for putting this show together and may God bless you all for always.

  • Amanda

    Last night was amazing! the last song “I Love you Lord” has meant so much to me during my walk with Christ. I cannot express how amazing it was to hear all those people singing that song! Thank you guys for such an awesome show!

  • Cindy

    Bart and Awesome Mercy Me Band,
    I brought my youth group from Tucson to see the show I was stressed all day with 4 kids of my own, homework that is due, kids practices, running here and there and I just want you to know that in midst of 12k people you spoke to my heart when you praised youth pastors. As tears stream down my face I feel like there are so many yet to be saved much less mending, mentoring, building up, repairing, loving, and just standing in the gap of our kids that are already saved. I was wonderful to take the time and just sit at the feet of the Throne and be mended and ministered to myself through worship. Thank you for a wonderful night and for speaking into my heart.

    Youth Pastor
    Tucson, AZ

  • Papa Ron

    was this taken when the Leprecauns took over?

  • Laurel Kruser

    I got home from the concert and told my mom ( who couldnt go because of work sadly) about Imagine a cure and your son, she wants to talk now:-Laurel Kruser Litchfield Park az

    We too have type 1 diabetes in our family (my two youngest sons) their pediatrition recently told me there was a scientist ( I dont remember his name) who is very good at his job, he quit his job to go work at howard hughes research center to find his 12 year old daughter a cure, Our doctor said if anyone can do it then hes the guy (Well Jesus is THE Guy). I will find out more info for you if you need any. I would also like to know if there is a way for me to order the imagine a cure bracelets for myself and my sons. Thank you and I hope you do this concert next year because I will call out of work if I have to to go!
    -Michele Kruser Litchfield park Az

  • Caroline J. Kennard

    Hi Mercy Me!


    I’ve been to this blog before, but, had no idea how to deal with this blog? It was confusing to me before, so, I left. I know was reminded of you guys at, when I was at Gavin DeGraw’s page there, and they had Mercy Me in a little box to the right, so, I saw about your blog again and came here, and this time, I was able to at least get to the part where people can leave you comments :)!


    I hope I see blog all the time, as you post…this is a “different” blog, was and still is a little confusing for me so far?

    I have never before been to a Mercy Me concert, but, if you come to my neck of the woods, I will surely want to go see you guys perform! Especially, you know, my fav song, “I Can Only Imagine.” 🙂


    I’m glad that you are encouraging all these people! The crowds at the concerts of all you guys, Christian named and even non-Christian, is just amazing to me. I remember when I was much younger, I would go to some concerts myself, but for years, I haven’t been doing that. Don’t feel the need to go anymore? But, I know you bring all these folks great inspiration, and you mean so much to them, that is so, so great!

    I’m very proud of you guys! For all you do for My Lord. 🙂


    I haven’t been purchasing CD’s for a long while, but, I know I’ll be wanting to purchase your CD’s and listen to them in full, see what “more” you guys have to tell us!

    I pray you win a “Dove” award, you all deserve it…:)


    Need a female singer in your group?


    Love always,


  • Brian & Lisa

    What an awesome experience last night at your concert!

    Bart, when you were talking about your child and how the doctors told you there was no cure, we could totally feel your pain.

    At only two months old our daughter, Ashley, started having seizures and was diagnosed with an incurable genetic disorder called Tuberous Sclerosis that has affected only 50K in the US. We have prayed every day since then for God to somehow someway take away those horrible seizures (sometimes dozens of them in a single day).

    Exactly one year ago she went through major brain surgery (at only four years old) to try and help relieve them, maybe by 50%, but no one could know for sure. God brought together an amazing team of doctors and surgeons, and since the day of the surgery she has not had a single seizure!! Her brain activity is now normal for her age, and the doctors all say they have never seen in their careers seen such a dramatic turnaround in only a year. They have all said she is truly a miracle. We still have a long road ahead, but through the Grace of God we will make it.

    The day before the Phoenix concert she had the metal plates removed from her head and is being weened off all the horrible seizure medications she’s had to take since she was an infant.

    We came to the concert in a spirit of true praise and worship for our awesome God who granted our little girl an amazing miracle and testimony in a way that no one but He could foresee. You and the whole group delivered.

    And to top it off, our daughter sings herself to sleep at night to the tune of “I Can Only Imagine”. She loves the new version of the song with the London Symphony (and so does our older son)! She came running from across the house when she heard it. 🙂

    Please keep up the great work & promoting the Kingdom of God!

  • Phyllis, Nicolette, Melissa

    Thank you so much for the fabulous concert last night in Phoenix. What a blessing!! This was a great opportunity for our family and all the others in attendance. We will be praying for all of you and your families as you travel around sharing the Word of God. Also, thanks for the Awesome CD’s we purchased at the concert!
    God bless!

  • Rob Bernhardi

    Just got home to Utah (2.5 hours away from Vegas), from “The Rock and Worship Roadshow” I haven’t been that blessed at a concert before.

    Thank you for hearing from God on this ministry mission. I love to see people moving in their gifting. God has gifted Mercy Me and Jeremy Camp enough for you to see His desire fulfilled. Music is wonderful. Ministry is great. I appreciate both groups’ heart for worship and ministry. True worship. What a blessing.

    Thank you. Hope to see you in Springfield, Mo in April.

    Be Blessed,

    Pastor Rob

  • Lisa (Sunny Side)

    I love this shot! Did Brody take this one?

  • Heather

    Hello, I went to the Phoenix Concert with our youth group, and it was BOMB DIGITY! I wanted to win something so I could go tell Bart that he is my secret boyfriend. :o) My husband knows, and it is all fun and games, but I thought I should tell you Bart, so you would know too. :o) Anyway….. my youth group thought it was funny! lol
    Keep on Keepin’ on! You have a GREAT message! My friend that sat next to me… hasn’t been in her “Southern Baptist” church in years, was bawling after your message! She said she really wants to go back to church. Not be a “Cop Out!” That was the Lord!
    In Christ

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