Portland, OR


**Artist:  Robbi Firestone**

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  • Sandi~MMslob

    that’s an awesome painting! I missed watching you guys online today….I was at the Newsboys concert….well more like DC News…just weird (without Peter Furler), just weird. Anyway, I can’t wait to see you guys in Fresno next Sunday…I can’t wait! Have a blessed week and see ya online

  • Joe

    You guys were fantastic again last night! Nice painting.

  • Luke

    Man I miss Portland what a great city.
    Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the concert you guys were great.

    Thanks again,

  • David "Lefty" McColm

    Where do I redeem my download code from the Portland Rock and Worship Road Show?

  • Paisley

    Awesome show last night, I was watching online. Cool painting.

  • Nick

    I’m new to Christian music and I’ve actually never heard your music before last night. Have to say I’m a big MM fan now. Great show, lucky to have been able to get in.

  • Alissa

    YES! I was there last night. You guys were amazing. 🙂 You guys rocked! That is amazing that there was 11,000+ there! Praising the Lord with you guys, was great.
    Looking around the coliseum last night, while you were on stage..it was so amazing and touching to see so many people with their hands in the air, praising The Lord! God definitely showed up! What a beautiful night. I, myself am a changed person after last night.
    Bart, that was a great message, it touched me and I am sure many other people as well. And I just want to thank you all for coming to Portland OR. Please come back soon!
    Your music has touched my heart. And continues to do so. I just want to thank you so much. You’re my favorite band. Your music just gets me pumped for God and is so beautiful. Thank you so much. Keep rockin’ for Jesus!

    I wish I could have met you guys. Maybe next time! 🙂 Come back soon!
    Great painting, by the way. 🙂

    Much love,

  • Josh Wax

    Thanks to a book review, which I’m still working on right now, I couldn’t stay up to watch you guys last night. I’m sure it was awesome though.

    So what did the finished product look like? Did you keep it? Or is that still somewhere in Portland?

  • Angela

    Went to the Rock and Worship Road show last night. Can’t thank you enough. Had it not been for the $10 tickets, wouldn’t have been able to go. Instead, I was able to take my husband and my 3 biological children who desperatly needed a break out with just our family. (We foster.) I walked away refreshed and inspired. It was a needed break that helped me put my focus back where it needed to be on Jesus! There’s more to the story, but can’t get into it for all to see. Just wanted to let you know how much we were blessed, how much we appreciated the low cost, and how incredible it feels to feel like chains were broken last night! THANK YOU for being His hands and feet!

  • Scott

    Hi Guys, Thank you for the blessing in Portland last night. I have heard your music many times, I sing it on our worship team at church. But watching the way you sing with the passion of Christ and hearing you speak your heart, just brought it alive for me last night. You have always been a favorite of mine, but now you are the tops! Thank you God for these men and their ministry. Bless them and their families for the sacrifices they make while on the road spreading your gospel. Amen.

  • Jerry Blachly

    My wife wanted to see you because your hit, “I can only imagine” was out the same year her brother passed away. We have struggled with this loss. But this song brang hope when we were going through a difficult time. We were both saved over 35 years ago, went through some obscure times, but have remained together all of these years. Your show on 3/23/09 was inspirational, and we could feel God’s presents, and the conviction of the other believers in the audience. God bless your hearts, and those who performed last night for your servant hearts to bring 11,000 people to share a special devotion to our Lord! May God bless your crusade for Christ, and those that follow our dream.

  • Shellie

    Thank you guys so much for putting the Rock & Worship show together! It was really fun. I was amazed that so many people showed up, and my friends said the line outside was still miles long when the seats sold out! And here I thought there were no Christians in Oregon. Good to know I was wrong. ^_^ You guys put on the best shows! Oh! One last thing. Thanks so much for putting up the words to “All That Is Within Me”. My mom and I started jumping for joy (literally) when we saw “hinges straining from the weight”. We used to sit in the car and hit rewing over and over again trying to figure out what you said. XP LOVE YOU GUYS! God Bless, and I hope all the other concerts sell out!

  • Coretta

    I was at the concert last night in Portland and it still feels like I’m there. The Holy Spirit fell on the coliseum and consumed us all. Thank you for being obedient to God’s will and using your talents to bless His name.

  • Robbi Firestone

    Hey Bart & MM,

    Your music has inspired my heart for a decade
    and I feel profoundly blessed
    to have spent the evening ebbin’ and flowin’
    with your groove
    as I waited to paint Bart’s Portrait.

    Your concert split me wide open to God,
    as always.
    I cry in gratitude
    every time I see you guys play.

    I love your ministry,
    am continually grateful for your music
    and can’t wait to reveal
    your Spirit Capture oil Portrait, Bart.

    Sending BIG love to Karen Kingsbury, too.
    What a gift you are to the world…
    and to Jenny Simmons.
    I’m holding you to those books, BeautyMama!!!

    Love you All in Christ,
    Robbi Firestone

  • Christa

    Thank you soooo much for bringing the RoadShow to Portland! It was absolutely amazing getting to praise God with 11,000 brothers and sisters. Here’s a link to a bunch of photos I took during the concert.


  • Teresa

    I got to see you guys in Portland with my best friend. This was also my first concert. I am glad it was with you guys. I really loved it! I will be planning to see you guys again!!!

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