Pullman, WA


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  • Lisa (Sunny Side)

    Great show last night, guys! See you online again tonight.

  • Josh Wax

    Thanks for chattin with us last night. Hopefully we’ll get to do that again soon… although I have a book review due tomorrow and I haven’t read the book yet, so I probably shouldn’t be on tonight… but who knows.

    And I’m sorry about the loss yesterday. I’ll be sure to keep the family in my prayers.

  • Colton Nowak

    Hey guys, great concert last night! Easily takes the cake of the best concert I’ve been to-only $10 too 🙂 Anyway, good luck on the rest of your tours, you should come to Spokane some time.


  • Joe

    You guys were amazing last night! Thanks for putting it online.

  • Gregg Marco

    WOW! what a blessing to see such a great show for such a nice price. I just love the song Here with Me and do it at church for worship but when you guys opened with it and I didn’t have a guitar in my hands and was able to just lift my hands to the Lord in high praise I was flyin! Thanks 🙂

  • buzz

    well now that the economy has hit me too (laid off), i finally got to see a show online, and try to talk to you also. awesome stuff, really enjoyed it. although, talking to you was a bit rough, with so many at once, LOL. i got in a “hi bart” once. it was fun tho, thanx to you and the band!!!! love ya’ll

  • Paisley

    Awesome show last night actually all of them have been awesome. I’ve been watching online and will be on again tonight. Brody has been doing a superb job. Iwish you guys were coming closer to me so that I could go to a show. I so miss you guys and hope you will make it back to the Memphis area again soon.

    Tell Shannon I am so sorry for the loss of her grandmother and to find peace in knowing she is with God now. God bless!

  • Dion Smith

    Great show, was so wonderful to see a personal side of Camp and Mercyme, other than an interveiw, it was them speaking normal and from the heart, leading us in worship.

    Only disappointment was i didnt get to hear “Hold Fast” but was ok since they started out with “here with me” my absolute favorite song in the world

    Head off to the cabin in the woods and touching God, giving us annointed songs to praise and worship the one on high too,

    Godbless you brethren

  • Daniel Crowe

    I love gear pics 😛

  • John Ryan

    Hey guys. Your concert in Pullman last night was amazing. It really helped me in my walk with the LORD, especially the worship aspect. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.
    John 3:16

  • George A. Crowe

    I went to your concert last Saturday and thought that since it was Spring Break that there would not be many people there. I pulled into the parking lot around 5PM and was blown away at the number of cars there. Luckily I have a handicapped sticker and only had to park 300 yards away (last spot). I was again blown away by the number of people inside the event center. Being a successful musician with several years and
    Cd’s under my belt, I have toured with or produced concerts for many of the biggest bands in the world.

    This was my first Christian band concert and I was very impressed with not only the number of people there, but was happy to see so many young people in attendance. I have seen most of the major bands in concert, or have played the shows and it takes a lot to impress me anymore. However the whole show was one of the most well produced shows I have ever seen. The sound and lights were superb and I was fortunate enough to make friends with the techs and sat with the crew and watched the show from front of house. I was also smart enough to get the name of the sound company and lighting engineer for future reference as i am going out on tour later this year with my band to support our new Cd release.

    I bought your new Cd 10 and have nearly worn it out already. I am super into production and would like to compliment you on your musicianship and your live and recording skills. Being together for 15 years shows in all that you do. Being able to bring people to Jesus through your music and get to play like you do I can see is very fulfilling to you. When we play I get to make people dance. My life as a Christian musician gives me the opportunity to tell young people how Christ changed my life.

    Thanks for a great show and some great music.

    George A. Crowe
    Sonic Evolution

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