“Bring The Rain” – “10”

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  • Jen B

    Robbie, did you draw the short straw, and have to do this in the rain? 🙂

  • Paisley

    Thank Robby, very appropriate of you to stand in the *rain* and tell us about the song Bring the Rain. I could see Levi’s playset in the back and it looks really nice.

  • Josh Wax

    “Bring the Rain” is such an awesome song. I sang that last Saturday actually at two Upward Basketball Half-Times at my church. I actually didn’t pick out the song until that morning because I had another one in mind, but that morning it just seemed wrong not to do “Bring the Rain” for some reason. It is so powerful, and I especially love the ending, singing “Holy Holy Holy”

    Anyway, I just finished watching “Faith and Fame” with you guys on it. I planned on going to sleep early until I saw that come on and it was well worth it too. Your testimonies are so inspiring.

  • Dawn

    It is very difficult to ask God to bring on the rain, when you have seen the suffering I have seen my daughter and “son” go through over the past 15 months. THey have experienced two horrendous pregnancies with many complications. THeir precious son was born prematurely and died in December of 2007, and their beautiful daughter was born prematurely and died in January this year. And my daughter is still experiencing health problems from this. They are isolated as their friends don’t know what to do — they feel “uncomfortable.” My daughter is a NICU nurse, and now returns to work with little preemies like her precious babies. So, can we really say, Bring on the Rain? I do love the song, but it is too easy to say that, if you don’t know realy Job-like suffering! Any answers for this?

  • Suzanne

    Two weeks ago I started singing and playing “Bring the Rain” on the piano. I was having a rough week and the lyrics really hit home. It makes you think about the kind of person you are and what (or Who) sustains you. I like to think in any event, my love for Christ will shine right through, even through the rain. Thanks for the beautiful song.

  • Sheryl

    For the times that we do face those “rainy days”, I am so grateful that God is there to help me pick up the pieces. Although I can never explain how he guides me through those times, I know that he does. I am so glad that all of my questions will be answered someday when I meet him face-to-face!

  • Kelly (Race_12_1)

    Trials that tests you to the point where you realize the Lord bears the trial with you, bring new meaning to this song. When you face that kind of trial it no longer matters what the trail might be, you know that the glory will be Gods because He is bearing the trial for you, holding you up, strengthening you, and teaching you something about who He is. The trial I went through taught me that it mattered not, because God was going to be faithful to all of the promises He has made. In the end I would not give back what I went through, because regardless of the trial, the darkness, and the pain, I learned so much about my Savior and Lord I would never want to give back.

  • Joe

    Beautiful song.

  • Laurie Diane White

    “Bring The Rain” sustained me through 3 severe illnesses all at once hitting hard w/ severe relentless pain. Although there is no cure for me it helped me renew my faith in Christ even stronger and I am grateful for for this experience. it has helped me become more compassionate, given me a greater understanding of how much others can suffer and compelled me to do more volunteer work with the elderly, veterans and step up my lectures on chronic pain to the medical community who often don’t understand how deeply over 76million Americans suffer w/ chronic pain. Now I will and step up my activity on the National Pain Care Act, currently in the House. Read about it on pain.com and join me by contacting your state representatives to help get this bill passed. Currently only 2% of the National Health Institute budget is spent on pain illnessesand only 3% of medical schools are educating on pain issues Yours in Christ Laurie in IL[in the bottom 5 states on pain education]

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