“Hold Fast” – “10”

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  • Kelly (Race_12_1)

    When we are in that season, the moment where we feel so undeserving as the song states, we need that reminder that our hope and our help is in the one that is faithful and everlasting. This song captures the essence of that reminder. When we know in our mind that season will not last, but our heart simply cannot feel it, there is only one who can bring us back to the place where we can feel that hope, and we can only get that when we hold fast to the promises He gave us. Thank you for sharing with us the heart behind the words.

  • Greg F

    Like I wrote on another reply, you guys are simply amazing. Your songs touch hearts more than you know. Keep up the great work. God has truly blessed all of you, to write such songs like you were reading not only my mind and heart, but I am sure plenty of others as well.

  • Lisa (Sunny Side)

    “Hold Fast” is one of my favorite MM songs. Various reasons, but one moment sticks out to me. Our family was on our way to the girls Upward basketball games, and everyone in the car was just belting out “Hold Fast.” In that moment to hear my kids singing that song, and believing what it was saying, brought tears to my eyes.
    btw- Did you get your hair cut? It looks a bit shorter. Or maybe you just used Amanda’s straight iron on it.

  • Paisley

    Thanks Nathan, for sharing with us. “Hold fast” is a wonderful song with some powerful lyrics. Looking forward to the cd.

  • mymayhem

    One of my favorites!! I will never forget bart talking right b/4 u guys sang this song in concert and looking over at my sister (new to Christ) bawling her eyes out! U gave me something I will never forget! Thank you!
    BTW: I got an email from CC asking 2 vote 4 them 4 the dove awards and I went to the web site 2 vote 4 MM (of course) only 2 find that U were not nominated 4 artist of the year? What is up w/ that? Did they not listen to “all that is within me”? Reeeaallllllly?? It makes me question the voting process of even Christian music! Sorry but it must be said!!

  • Pokinatcha

    Hey Nathan, I have more than 1 favorite song too!

  • Vi

    Hold Fast. Is and always will be ONE of my favorites, there are more but let me tell you I am a recovering alcoholic, April 1st will be my year of sobriety, but one of my many reasons for keeping up that disease was the loss of my father, he committed suicide many years ago and he was my hero, well is my hero, and everything. But every december 7th i got drunk. I returned my heart back to God, and crawled a long ways, december came along and i was like “Oh No” i called KLove, and asked for prayer, it was a long haul, and i became very depressed, John and Sherry, played Hold Fast for I believe me, and here I am March 19th and still kicking it. YAY! I went to the rock and worship show in Billings,Montana. And It was great. YAY!!!

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