“I Can Only Imagine” – “10”

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  • Nathan

    Bart, Bart, Bart….You are one crazy guy! LOL! Just to let yall know I pre-ordered the MM10 Fan Pack…When are those suppose be sent out? Does anyone know?

    Love you guys,

  • pokinatcha

    I have a lot of favorite songs and this is one that’s right up @ the top of my list! I love thinking about the words that are being sung. Congratulations on 10 years and I pray God continues to richly bless your ministry & families!

  • Sheryl

    Were you in a room far off from the kids, b/c there aren’t too many whispering blankets in the world! I always liked to play hide-n-seek when my kids were little by trying to make them think if I was taking a nap they couldn’t see me – it worked for a while and then as they got older, they caught on that mommy just wanted to lay down! Thanks for giving me a chuckle today!

  • Lisa (Sunny Side)

    So who won the game of hide and seek?

  • Stacey

    My goodness you are so silly! Anyways that song ( i can only imagine) is one of my favorites. I would also like to know who won the hide and seek game?

  • Paisley

    “I Can Only Imagine” is a great song and I am so glad that you did finish writing it. Looking forward to receiving the 10 fan pack. Now go have some fun with your kids.

  • mymayhem

    Its really awesome that the song was inspired by your Dad and you always wished he could be here to see your success. So, it seems to me that even without him here, he was a part of it all? I am sure although he is not looking down (better things to do, in yr words) he is really proud of you!
    Its 40 degrees here today so April must be coming soon?

  • Shellie (baylormum)

    Your life under a blanket. Not what I expected from Bart! Usually he’s the loud one up front, telling everyone he sees about Jesus! (Ha). You’ve shown a side of yourself we don’t get to see very often. Quiet Bart. Can hardly wait for the R&WRS to roll. 🙂

  • Paula Friedrichsen

    Hey Bart,
    Thanks for sharing the story behind the song… I haved loved that song for years, and like many I sing it at the top of my lungs when I’m alone. Thanks for being available for God to use you!

  • Janice

    Bart, you are the coolest guy ever. I love everyone of your videos. You don’t realize what laughter you bring me and it blesses my day. I personally am a huge fan of “I Can Only Imagine”. It was played at a family member’s funeral and every time I here the song I remember that person. Thanks so much Bart for your beautiful music and wonderful personality. God bless you dearly my friend.

  • Jen B

    Bart, you’re such a nut. 🙂 That is a wonderful song. I love to hear my 7 and 8 yr olds walk through the house singing it for no reason. It blesses my heart, and makes me tear up everytime I hear them. They also love to watch the video, and then ask a ton of questions about heaven. It’s wild. I hope the next 10 years are even better for ya guys than the last 10.

  • Lori

    Bart! I’m so glad to find out that you are coming to Seattle! 🙂 My dad and I are going to try our best to get out there. I would LOVE to see you guys again! Hoping to make it! God bless, ~Lori~

  • helen83

    “I can only Imagine” was the very first christan song I every heard and Mercy Me’s CD Almost There was my very first CD.
    So thank you Mercy Me for 10 awesome years…here is to many many more!

  • Marcia

    “I Can Only Imagine” is one of the best songs ever written… I also love “Bring the Rain.” “I Can Only Imagine” has touched Nancy’s and my hearts so many times. Bart and MercyMe, thank you so much for blessing us with such beautiful and meaningful music.

  • MMbiggestfans

    Thank you for the blessing and promise of “I Can Only Imagine”

  • Joe

    I guess they found you. Fantastic song!

  • Josh Wax

    It is crazy how many people have been touched by that song. I remember when I first realized how big the song was. My friend was getting married in New Orleans and I was the best man, and I got a hotel room for the guys to stay in during the wedding. We were walking down the street that night and were passing a bar that had “I Can Only Imagine” blaring for the whole city to hear.
    Every now and then at church we do an arrangement of that song in the choir (I actually do the solo for it) and I think all of us (especially in the choir) are to the point of trembling at the end of the song because of it’s power. Most songs we do in the choir, we maybe do three times tops before we decide to retire it. Within like a two year period I want to say we did that song about ten times because so many people kept asking us too. And then a few years ago we made a cd through Prizm music company (not them wanting us to do a cd for them, but they have a thing where you can pay them to to let you perform their songs and have them on a cd) and because the arrangement we used wasn’t from them, we weren’t able to have it. But because so many people bothered our music minister about it, he kept bothering Prizm about it until they let us put it on there. I don’t think many songs out there are worth that much trouble to so many people, but that song is one where if you have a soul it will be moved.

    Anyway, I know this comment is already really long, but I just wanted to say that I’m looking forward to April 2nd with you guys at the River Center in Baton Rouge. I saw y’all a couple years ago with Aaron Shust and Monk & Neagle and I can’t wait to see ya again. I think before that concert, the last time I saw you guys was before “Almost There” came out. I remember buying your second Traces of Rain cd at that event. I’m guessing y’all may have already decided your line-up, but if there’s anyway I can persuade you guys to bring in “Beautiful” off of “The Worship Project” album, then that would be amazing. I think that’s still my favorite praise song.

  • Greg F

    All your songs are so amazing. I am really looking forward to purchasing “10”. I listen to your guys in the Tampa Bay area on the joyfm, 91.5
    I don’t know who exactly wrote the blessed words to your Godly songs(Word Of God Speak, I Can Only Imagine, Spoken For, Here With Me, etc…) but it isn’t just the words, but how you put them together with the music. Truly blessed. I don’t know if you guys know it or not, but you bring me to tears, the songs hit me that much, they have that much meaning, tears of joy, I can truly relate. God has truly touched you and your band, for that I am thankfull. I am just in awe, because never has music effected me like this and I am 53 years old.

  • AcC3

    Im 18 yrs old and cum 4rm NZ … this jst shows how powerful God is working through your music ,which is so effective,reaches anyone worldwide. Just amazing ! This song is my favourate,grestest song I’ve eva heard. Inspirational !

  • Linda

    Like all the others, I LOVE THAT SONG… with all my heart! It always immediately puts me in worship with God… like a direct link!! I love that!!! I can only imagine…

  • Ray

    Hey Bart. I left you a message on your blog for myspace. Wow After listening to “I can only imagine” for the time that I have. Im suprised to find out that you wrote it after your Father passed away. Not even knowing you played this song for your Father, I did the same thing at my Fathers funreal service. We had a service then took time to play the whole song for him. I also wrote a poem for my father. So to hear you say that this was for your Father put a lump in my throat. Its truly a beautiful song. And its great to think that one day Ill be by my Fathers side with him again. and he wont be in a wheelchair or in any pain ot haven oxygen tubes around his face and in his nose. Most of all he wont be suffering anymore. He has to love it in heaven. untill I get there …. I can only imagine.

    here is a copy of my peom I wrote for my Dad just after he passed away. I did this at work to keep my mind busy so I wouldnt cry while at work. hope you like it. its called “No More Suffering, No More Pain”

    No More Suffering, No More Pain
    This is dedicated to you Dad. I love you

    The time had come for us to say

    it’s ok go to go your way

    We all know you’re the best Dad

    That anyone could ever had.

    For you to be here is what we wish

    But for you to be there is what is best

    No more suffering,No more pain

    A new life with God for you to gain

    Even though were apart

    We all hold you very near to our heart

    We all know you’ll watch us every day

    To see that we still do things your way

    No more suffering,No more pain

    A new life with God for you to gain

    We all know you’ll feel the love

    That we send to you up above

    As we feel the love that you send down

    Just like the love you gave when you were around

    We know we’ll be together again.

    There will never be no end.

    Copyright ©2009 BRM

    First poem I ever wrote in my life.

    Take care and God Bless all of you.

    Ray M

  • Beth


    Thank You for the gift of this song.

    I have always Loved this song but it took on a special meaning for us the past few years. My Mother-in-Law just passed away on Feb. 5th at the age of 54 from FTD (early onset dementia). I played this song for her while she was sick & she sang along to the words with a smile & we played this song at her funeral. We wanted songs that would help us be hopeful & Celebrate her life!

    Music is so helpful in expressing our feelings & so very healing! I am sorry for your loss. Just wanted you to know how healing your song has been for our family!


  • Robyn Wood

    This song is an awesome song! I cry every time I hear it! I have the CD, it was my nana’s favorite song we listened to it all the time! She passed away In January 2008. So, this is her song that we remember her by. Thank you for finishing this song… I’m sorry to hear about your father he would be very proud of you! Good luck in the future! I can’t wait to get your new CD!!!!!! 😉 🙂

  • Debbie

    I love this song…I hope to see you when come to six flags in St. Louis this year…

  • Beth

    So very beautiful ~ touched my heart the first time ~ brought tears to my eyes and continues to do so ~~ waiting for that day.
    Thank you and God Bless you and all those you hold dear always!

  • Alexandra

    would love to use the lyric for bring the rain for the book i am writing, title of book is The Angel on theRed scooter, a hurricane katrina survivor’s story of faith and hope.
    lyric i want to use is
    from bring the rain…is “Bring me anything that brings you glory”
    i have tried and tried to get permission but no luck
    thank you
    alexandra boza

  • Gayle Greeley

    I Can Only Imagine is one of my top five songs of all time. I faced the death of my father and my husband’s mother in a period of three months back in 2001. I cannot tell you how your song kept me focused on the fact that there IS something great ahead for us all. Thank you for all that you have given us with your incredible music. The value is greater than you know. I purchased the fan package and cannot wait for it to arrive. Here’s to the next 10 years! THANK YOU.

  • Sheryl

    My husband and I love this song! My husband use to make fun of me for playing Christian music all the time before he was saved. He listened to this song and started to cry. This song touched his heart and made him think. Not too long after that and seeing the change in me, he gave his life to Christ.

  • Rev. Dan Adamson

    God has, and will continue, to bless you for being obedient as to the completion of this song. The words of this song have spawned a number of sermon ideas, and makes a great lead-in song for a message. Great words of comfort and inspiration.

  • Gary

    I heard this song about 5 years or more ago on a country station up here in MA and it made me bawl like a baby every time I heard it. When I saw you guy up in Barre, VT last month it happened again when you shared with us how that song came about. I lost my dad a little over a year ago now and my mom over 6 years ago. I know one day I will see them again. I have missed them dearly but your songs have given me comfort and reassured me that I will see them again. I pray that God continues to bless you and the MM gang not just in your music but in your personal lives as well. Thank You!

  • Melisa

    So true, no matter how much time passes this song will inspire so many people. “I Can Only Imagine” has touched me, no words can explain!! It was just played at my 7 year old sons Memorial service last week. He is our courageous Little Hero who fought cancer for 3 1/2 years and lost his battle on Feb 1, 2010. THANK YOU for such a beautiful song.


  • Elena Parsons

    I just heard your song for the first time two weeks ago at a dear friend’s funeral who took his life. I just cried and cried when I heard your amazing words and music. It helped me to deal with my friend’s loss. God bless you!

  • Elena Parsons

    I just heard your song for the first time two weeks ago at a dear friend’s funeral who took his life. I just cried and cried when I heard your amazing words and music. It helped me to deal with my friend’s loss. God bless you!

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