Charlie And Gracie

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  • Suzanne

    Bart, you are having way too much fun with those kids. How sweet!

  • Ed

    So did Charlie say his favorite number was poofy with an f or poopy with a p?

  • Lisa (Sunny Side)

    Bart, your kids are just too much fun! Thanks for the laughs. I work with 4 and 5 year olds, and nothing makes me smile like the things they say. Yesterday one of them told me he couldn’t work because he “had a feeling in his head.” I asked him what kind of feeling, and he told me he had “a bad case of the stripes.” Too funny!

  • Paisley

    They are so precious! In all the videos I have seen of your kids I think that is the most I have heard Gracie talk. She appears to be the shy one. You and Shannon have some great kids.

  • Nana

    Yes, they are so precious and Charlie is so funny, and Gracie my little princess. I’m the luckiest Nana in the world. They are so much fun. Bart don’t forget the guitar and the beads. I bet they don’t forget. I loved it when Charlie said his favorite number was poofy. Bart I am living you over again in my life, Charlie is so much like you. You and Shannon are just great with them.

  • mymayhem

    I love the way charlie says his name! It makes me smile everytime! Thanks for sharing yr children. The are beautiful and so sweet!

  • Candy

    Way too funny! I have a little boy who will also be 3 next month (March 23), and and little girl who is 4…ain’t these the greatest times!

    (By the way, love the HC,jr as background music to this clip!)

  • Sandi~MMslob

    So precious! They look like you Bart!

    So, how was Hawaii? I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years, since I saw you in HI (with Audio A). Wow, time flew!
    I bet it was an incredible show last night though….can’t wait to see you in Fresno, CA (again, lol)! Were you tempted enough to Karoke “Imagine” at the hotel off key? That would’ve been amusing….a good blog video for us SLOB’s, lol.

  • Mercer

    They are truly a gift from God, like my two are.

  • Sheryl

    One of the greatesst things about kids this age is that they are so truthful about what they are thinking. My kids are much older than this now, but as they get older sometimes it is not so funny to hear exactly what they think:) It seems to me that Bart that you have just as much fun (if not more) making these videos with your kids and that someday they will look back at these and laugh (but probably mostly at you)!

  • Janice

    HA ha ha ha ha . That was funny. Those are the cutest kids ever. MY favorite number is poofy too.

  • cathy davis

    It’s a shame that Charlie is so camera shy…

    Didn’t you post a video of Gracie a few months ago where you snuck up on her while she was singing? How old was she then? She’s grown up so much!

    Thank you for sharing your family with us. (Is Nana your Mommy??)

  • Shellie (baylormum)

    Thanks for sharing a little piece of your life. It’s great to spend such time with your kids, teaching them about non-existent zoo animals and numbers and colors. You rock.

  • Gina Casteel

    How cute they are. My 2 kids watched and also enjoyed it!

  • Brenda

    That was too precious!! savor those moments… they grow up way to fast….. mine are now 10& 7 unbelievable !!! that was very cute thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  • Nana

    Just in case Bart doesn’t answer your question, yes Nana is his Mommy and a very proud Mommy of two wonderful sons, that have given me 7 wonderful grandchildren. I was lucky enough to be at his house when Bart was taping are whatever he does when he put the kids on where you can see then, it was so much fun and they are so funny, & Bart can be funny as well, of course if you know Bart you know what I’m talking about. He has so much fun with his kids they are so much fun to watch and all the little games he plays with them, when he gets home from a concert. I’ve a very lucky Nana and Mommy,
    Thank you Bart I’m so proud of you & what God is doing with your life.

  • Brenda~Nerk2006

    Ok, so it’s Grace, Bart, & MiniBart?

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