Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic




We are here with Compassion International today.  

Stay tuned all week.   Lots more to come….

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  • Sandi ~ MMslob

    wow, look at those conditions. It’s hard to believe that people do actually live in places like that, while even those that struggle here in the States, live so much better. It’s a blessing, but in many ways it also puts a real truth to the fact that we need to be helping others…the poor. Are you guys going to play a little music for them too?

  • Gette

    Wow. What Sandi said and more. The city water main broke today and I was grousing about hauling water from the cistern in our basement up the stairs to flush my toilet. I think I’ll shut up now.

  • Paisley

    We just don’t realize how blessed we are to have things like clean water, food, clothes and a home until you see the people who have none of these. It breaks my heart to see people living in those conditions.

    The last pic where you are praying, is that your sponsored child?

  • Lindsey


    My compassion child lives in the dominican republic. I wish more than anything that I could be there with y’all. I’ll be praying as you continue your week there.


  • Pokinatcha

    It’s heartbreaking that people have to live in these conditions in this day and age! Makes the frivolous things I spend Gods money on shameful.

  • MMmike

    the lady we’re praying for has 2 of her 4 children in the compassion program, but they are not our sponsored child. She was a sweet lady who loves Jesus. Sadly she recently found out that she has HIV…probably given to her by her husband who is addicted to drugs. We will meet Jose today….he is the little boy who MercyMe is sponsoring. We all individually sponsor as well, but wanted to do more. Jose also has HIV…please pray for Jennifer (the lady in the prayer pic) and for Jose!!!


  • Paisley

    Thanks for the update Mike. I will be praying for Jennifer and Jose, their children and all the other families there. I will keep you and the rest of the MM guys in prayer as well.

  • Lisa (Sunny Side)

    I can’t wait to hear about your experiences there.

  • Kelly (Race_12_1)

    My husband grew up as an MK in Guatemala, and seeing these pics reminds me of the stories he tells me about what life is like for many there. So many people have no idea how many people in the world live. We try so hard to impart to our son that we live blessed by our Lord. Thank you for the impact you are making by listening to what the Lord is asking you to do, and for sharing that with us. I pray that it will not only make a difference for the people you are sponsoring, but that others will be effected in an eternal way because they see you are doing it for the Lord.

  • Amber

    Hey guys! If you run into a little 8 year old girl named Raphaeli (Alburez), please tell her that her sponser, Amber, says “hi” and “I love you” and give her a hug. I had hoped to go on a tour soon, but not able to yet. Thanks for being there and doing all you do!

  • Jami

    Oh it is my second favorite place on earth, the Dominican Republic!!! (First would be my home state, the beautiful North Carolina- ya’ll should come to Boone, NC-home to 3 time football national champions the APpalachian State Mountaineers!!)

    I went on a college mission trip last year to San Pedro de Macoris (about 45 min away from Santo Domingo) and actually went to a Compassion INternational afterschool site. I now co-sponsor a child (his name is Jose as well 🙂 ) there with a friend of mine and volunteer at Compassion events when I can. Compassion does an incredible thing- will be praying for Jose and Jennifer!! I fell in love with the people in the Dominican- the music, the beautiful area, the joy the people have even when they have nothing…if you ever go back and want to take anyone let me know HA. I say HA but Im serious:). I have been looking for a way to go back and visit my friends!! 🙂 Not a day goes by that I dont think about the people and especially the children I met when I was there- such poverty- broke my heart- but God is doing great things through people like you!! Praying for you and your great ministry, MercyMe…have been for years, since I first saw you in high school with Mark Matlock in CHarlotte year after year. Wow. Time flies.

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