“Finally Home”


Hello everyone.  We’ve got a project for you.  You like projects don’t you?  Currently “Finally Home” is number 21 on iTunes (Christian & Gospel), but we’d love to see it get into the top ten.  And you can make that happen.  You knew where this project was going didn’t you?

You might say, “But MercyMe, I already bought “Finally Home” on iTunes and am listening to it and loving it as I read this”.

And to that we say, “No problem, just buy a copy for every last one of your friends”.  See, I’ve already bought my 8 copies and sent them to all 8 of my friends.  It’s simple.

There it is.  The gauntlet has been tossed.  Let’s see if we can get “Finally Home” into the top ten.

Go here to accept the challenge.

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  • Sandi~MMslob

    I love “Finally Home”. I bought the cd a long time ago, and listen to it all the time. I’ve never really ever been to I-tunes, but I suppose I can try to figure it out…must not be that difficult. 🙂

  • Toby

    I’m there, my Mom, sister, brother, wife and a few friends are there too :-).
    Gonna see if I can’t get a couple hundred twitterers there too.

  • Evan

    “Finally home” is at #32 now.. What happened? o_o

  • Lori

    Bart! 🙂 You guys ROCK and you crack me up with your cover tune grab bags! You were AWESOME at Night Of Joy ’08! XD Like you, I was (and still am) a Christian music fanatic! I have always been “obsessed” with listening to Seattles’ SPIRIT 105.3 and buying Christian music whenever I could, and if I could sing I would love to be in the worship band at my church, to! I also loved Petra, Wayne Watson and Steven Curtis Chapman, and now Mercy Me, among many others! 😉 Gotta pic of you guys on my blog, come visit! In Christ, I love you guys! ~Lori~

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