Cover Tune Grab Bag – “Shout”

Hello S.L.O.B.’s
Today is a very special day. Well, tomorrow is a very special day but we wanted to celebrate it today. Tomorrow, January 10th, marks the One Year Anniversary of the Spectacular League Of Bloggers. That’s right. This blog turns one tomorrow. And in honor of this special occasion, and to celebrate this awesome community you have all created over the past year, we wanted to offer a very special Cover Tune Grab Bag.

Happy S.L.O.B. Day everyone. Β What are some of your favorite S.L.O.B. memories?

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  • Shellie (baylormum)

    My favorite memory. The patience I learned through all of the streaming concerts. After you were in Amarillo on Nov 5th, I nearly forgot the next night to check out Sat night online. There were some trying moments with feed & sound, etc and there was this guy named Brody that kept apologizing. I guess I let him worry & I just remained patient. What an awesome experience. I now see how you do it over & over each night. It was different each night. Oh, and remaining patient AFTER the concerts was really tough sometimes. Especially the last night, when some baseball player trumped those of us waiting for the newest CTGB. Can hardly wait for 2009 activities. Thanks, guys. Oh, & Nathan, after this CTGB, I don’t think you should quit your day job! (just kidding).

  • Chuck in McKinney

    i’m just glad ya’ll didn’t trash the McPherson. i might have cried. as a singer of cover songs, you’ve inspired me to put some of mine on my blog. and it was great! especially the piano solo. BTW Mike, I met you when you were playing the Kay guitar through the Carr amp at Anderson’s about two months ago. hope all of your babies and kiddos are healthy. Blessings for 2009!!

  • Dan Gross

    Dig it!

    The build up to the end of the song was the cake. The coda was the icing.

    Haven’t been around for the full year but highlights for me would be the CTGB’s and the first broadcast show/pre-show/post-show. Sure, there were hiccups but it was MM blazing trails…trails of what I won’t say. πŸ˜‰ J/K guys, keep it up!

  • Brian Pauley

    Ok this was great!!! What I needed to jumpstart the morning with laughter. Loved the solo!

  • Mishel

    Happy Anniversary S.L.O.B.!!!!

    Love the “jig” in this latest creation, you need to do a dance lesson video next! πŸ™‚ Thanks for making me laugh.

    God bless all of you,

  • 1oldfart

    Y’all get to have too much fun. I love these vids. Thanks guys.

  • Ally

    That just made my Day!!! Happy 1 year!!!

  • Sandi~MMslob

    haha, that was awesome! And Barry….the guitar!!!!! I would’ve gladly taken it, lol. We lost Jim and Robby again though. Happy Anniversary SLOB’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have alot of favorite memories. Definately the online chat and concerts. Got to know alot of people and it was exciting to talk to ya’ll too before and after the concert. The CTGB….everyone a hoot, a belly roll of laughter. I’m not really sure how it can get better then that….but you guys always never cease to amaze me, when you come up with something else. I look forward to another year…years

  • Carl

    HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ect.)

  • Randy

    Best memories: Mike and Barry answering guitar questions was the BEST!! Barry on the escalator is good too!

    Thanks for the memories!

  • cathy davis

    Any post that has Bart dancing is my favorite post. I’m trying so hard to stay composed at my desk but I really wanna just bust out laughing. HEElarreeeous!

  • Sylvia

    I am so glad I decided to wait till after my Chemistry class to watch this. I have never laughed so hard in my life. Thank you for the wake-up. Your better than coffee. It is 8:30 here and I started watching the video at 7:30 but had to stop. Love it. I can’t wait till you come to Ontario, Ca. I will be there with my S.L.O.B. shirt on.

  • Mom S

    Best memories – chat room of course and I LOVE watching other people’s reactons when I share the CTGBs with them. You guys are the bestest – Only 5 more days and Love Field here we come!!

  • Beth/Mom2TwoVikings

    The best CTGB yet! LOL

    Fave memory? Hmmm…all the new friends I made on the concert chat and having SunnySide from the chat actually at the concert and getting to see/hear her online!

  • Katie

    Dig the Cover Tune Grab Bags so much!!! Especially this one…poor Takamini…..I think a CTGB u should do is a Casting Crowns song since you guys like to aggrevate each other all the time and have fun with it! I haven’t been around a total year on here but I certainly love reading the blogs you guys post, your twitters, and the many videos you put up. It lets people get to know the band which in turn makes your songs come alive much more! Thanks for all you do!

  • Ivy Six-Pack

    My fav memory is the first day I found your blog (about six months ago+) and sat for several hours I’m sure going over past posts. Having grown up in a very conservative Christian home, I loved that you love God soooo much and that is so evident. However, you have FUN!!! You encompass what I have learned about God – you are true men of God.

    Okay – enough seriousness. I also love how my kids crowd around the screen to watch the latest CTGB…over and over…laughing hilariously each time. And how I laugh at them because they are too young to really know the songs!

    Thank you for being real and fun! Happy Anniversary!

  • Kelly (race_12_1)

    Excellent CTGB as always!

    To choose a favorite memory. Wow that would be hard. I think for me it would have to be seeing how God bonded people from across hundreds of miles through your ministry online. I think it amazing to see God at work, and to see Him use whatever He chooses to accomplish what He wants. He has taken His people and bonded them together because you created a means for them to come together in one place. That is now becoming a very powerful force for Him because we are supporting each other as believers.

    Thank you again for saying “Yes Lord I will do what you are asking of me”.

  • Sylvia

    Sorry forgot to add my favorite moment. I think it was the first time I watched you in concert on the web. I have been to other concerts, but you have made each performance memorable. Thank you.

  • Brenda E

    I have loved every bit of it! But I think my favorite was seeing Sam’s coloring come alive on the race car. That was cool. Thanks MercyMe for making us all feel like family.

    Barry, I don’t think I can show this to my son after you chucked that guitar. He’ll gasp since he’s been trying them out every time we go to guitar center.
    Happy New Year and God’s blessings to you all!!!!

  • Brenda E

    oh yeah, I loved the Bart & Mark Hall interview and the stuff you did on godtube. That was reallllly funny!

  • Pokinatcha

    I have enjoyed getting know more of your ministry via the online concerts & a bit of your personalities from the blog! It’s great that you took the time to chat with us M.M.O.B. after the concerts! That is what really drew me in. I want to commend you guys for blogging well!

  • Mymayhem

    You guys just get weirder and weirder with each CTGB! lol
    Note to self: dont watch CTGB when trying to conduct business on the phone!
    I can no more pick a favorite time in the past year then I can pick a favorite grandson. The live concerts were awesome, the chats were fantastic. (finally finding out why Barts teeth were so white was very funny) and of course the blogs are just a fun entertaining part of my free time. Thank you all, for everything!! HAPPY “US” DAY!!!

  • Evan

    My favorite S.L.O.B. memory was the Churro Song! πŸ˜€

  • Dee

    Loved it! I don’t have one favorite memory – love all the CTGB, especially those featuring choreography! πŸ™‚ Not just saying this, but Sam winning the race car drawing contest was fantastic. Thanks for sharing with us – makes you seem like “real” (notice I didn’t say normal) people. Happy Anniversary!

  • Blair (in Terrell)

    Your “Cover Tune Grab Bags” are great!
    You really reminded me of Dwight on this one. Thanks for continuing to remind me what a crazy family we come from.

    Happy New Year!!!

  • Lisa (Sunny Side)

    So many good memories! I think it’s awesome that as you celebrate one year with SkorInc tomorrow, my daughter will be celebrating her 10th birthday.
    My favorite part of this past year, was getting to know the guys from MM (and Brody from SkorInc) through the internet, and the highlight of course was getting to meet them at the show in Naperville. Making some new friends was a great plus as well. I can’t wait to see the things you guys have planned for this next year!
    Thanks for the CTGB.

  • Bonnie Irving

    I Loved that! Being a Child from the 80’s i really got a HUGE kick out of that! too FUN!

  • Rowan

    Wow – I thought for a minute it was acutally Tears for Fears!
    You SLOB’s are truly awesome. It’s been a great year of blogging well! Congrats on the great community you have created! Well done, gents.

  • Rebekah Mongold

    That was funny, especially when you through the guitar. Wait did you really not like that guitar.

  • dispatcher

    Thanks for the new CTGB! They always make me laugh. I have to say my favorite one was with the Tiger suit. I just couldn’t stop laughing!! And of course getting to watch the on-line concerts and chat with other MM fans was awesome! And even better was getting to see you guys in Davneport and getting to meet everyone backstage. It’s been a great year and I am looking forward to the Rock and Worship Road Show!!!
    Perhaps another meet and greet backstage????

  • Kelly (race_12_1)

    So now that I thought about all the shows–trying to help Bart decide whether He should wear his hat or not–that was pretty funny. And having my internet question picked, that was pretty fantastic. Though I must admit Bart coining the phrase MMOB was great! So here we all are waiting for the next time we meet as the MMOB!

  • Trish


    I could not possibly pick a favorite moment of the past year, but if I had to pick it would probably be ALL of the CTGB’s, especially with Bart dancing or Nate’s antics.

    Are there any thoughts to doing a Backstreet Boys song (just so we can see the dancing/choreography) or even a Devo song (Whip it, whip it good)?

    You guys ROCK! God bless your ministry!

  • Trish


    I must have missed this one…

    why are Bart’s teeth sooooo white?


  • Brenda

    Gosh Fav. S.L.O.B. Memory… the dancing videos … The CTGB any and all of them … the CTGB’s are apparently (sp?) so popular, that the DJ’s on the JOY FM have metioned them before—- thats something!!! I just enjoy the Entire MM web site — twitter Bart , way too funny, you guys are too much fun!!I;m sure there is never a dull moment ……ps Bart i dont know how you do 4 kids wow!!! i have 2 girls 6,10 they are a handful….. Thanks for a fantasic S.L.O.B. year!!! :)l p.s.s love the “Shout” CTGB wow!! nice!! hilarious!!!!! LOLOL

  • Tina

    I digg it!

  • Kristi

    Seriously! You guys crack me up……and sort of remind me of my younger brother! πŸ™‚ Congrats on the year!

  • Robbie Paisley

    I think this is the best CTGB yet, as always you did an awesome job.

    Some of my favorite memories have been all of it. The Charlie videos, online chats, you guys dancing, CTGB’s, online concerts and the online chats. I’ve also enjoyed learning more about each of you outside of MercyMe as well as making new friend’s via the online chat and getting to know Brody. Another favorite aws when my question was chose for you guys to answer during the Q&A’s.

    The highlight for me was when Mike remembered and called me by my first name. Then to top that he gave me a shout out a couple of times after that during the online chat after one of the concerts.

    Looking forward to another great year!

  • joanne

    love the new instrument – a shoulder piano! very clever and funny as heck!! good start to the new year. made me laugh!! πŸ˜‰

  • Beck


    Happy Anniversary too!

  • Katherine

    Definitely dig it…as I do all of them…and crack up every time!! Your CGTB’s would make me laugh so much over the past year when laughing was scarce (which is very rare for me-but it was a rough year)!

    It was a blessing and a blast to come home so many evenings and watch you online ministering through song, while we created another awesome community online that has now carried on through twitters, blogs, facebook, etc. It has been great to get such a unique window into your lives, chatting with you and Brody after the shows…I feel like I “know” you guys now-and every time your face pops up, or a song comes on the radio or TV-I smile, because it feels like we are all family, and…we are!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for allowing us this insight!

    Thanks for all you do, here is to more CGTB’s, another awesome year and many more to come in the SLOB/MMOB family!! πŸ™‚ Blessings~

  • Sheryl

    First, I must say that this really started the year off right. Second, Bart I thought you always said you can’t play an instrument – well I think you proved that to be false! When my son who is now 25 and happens to resemble Bart was about 3 years old, this was one of the songs that he sang all the time. Of course being 3, he only knew the chorus so for about a year that is all we heard. I guess from the background that those around you have now requested you do the CTGB out of doors. I am so looking forward to more this coming year. And Nathan, thanks for the backup high notes!

  • Gette

    The CTGB has been the most entertaining portion of the Blog by far, but I also enjoy all the photos and sneak peeks into your lives; knowing that your all travellers on this journey like we are, with the same trials and joys.

  • Pete from Washington State

    Pretty cool fellas!

    A great change from the the clincial white walls!

    You ought to try doing one of these in an inhabited public place like outside Safeco Field (I met you there a few years ago) and get the mainstream responses!

    God bless!

  • Cassandra, a SLOB

    ROFL! Very well done and the encore was the best!!

    Happy Anniversary fellow SLOBers =D

  • Bari

    This one is the best yet! I loved the online chats and the streamed concerts. Getting to see all of your personalities. Brody has done a great job with this the past year. He should get a raise! (You can pay me later Brody) Seriously, I have enjoyed every minute! Thank you!

  • Z

    Awesome, MercyMe! Just awesome! I love your Cover Tune Grab Bags!


  • Dave & Brenda

    Now we see where Charlie gets his dance moves!!! You guys rock!!!

  • Sara

    Happy Birthday SLOB!!!

  • Stacey

    Happy Anniversary SLOBS!!!! Well we all made it threw a year of laughing and coughing due to laughing too much. My favorite times this past year would be Charile videos, CTGB’s, Mike wishing me happy birthday, and getting to know you guys and your familys. May God continue to bless you and your familys. Oh, by the awesome CTGB, that made me laugh.


    I dig it. Could you do a cover of ” Somebodys watchin’ me.”

  • Kelly (race_12_1)

    I have read through the comments again, and I see everyone just loves all of the awesome dance moves and choreography. I have come up with the perfect CTGB idea. To put the dancing and singing together in just the right way, Pure NRG would be a great choice!!! =) =) =) Ok-so my husband said it first-but I concur.

  • Candice

    My favorite memories were the Hymned Again takeover and the kids edition Cover tune grab bag. Also my favorite cover tune grab bag is Stayin Alive. When are we going to see some Johny Cash??

  • Paul Cross

    Man…..I was typing a long thank you note to you guys for the ministry you are in,……& it all got eraced some how. Oh well I’ll send it to you some other time. You guys are hilarious…..& I probably misspelled alot of these words but what the heck. From Little Rock Arkasas……YOU GUYS ROCK!……right next in line behind Jesus.

  • Paul Cross

    Did anyone else catch on that the tiger in the eye of the tiger was holding up a tire…. I could see how someone might think that Rocky was dancing at the top of those really long stairs to eye of the tire… GO GIT EM’ TIRE! You guys are a Riot.

  • Marcia

    Happy 1st year! I love anytime you guys sing…

  • Brandy

    ROTFL!! Man, you guys got skillz! I too have a Takamine with tuning issues. =-( that was fabulous…can’t wait for the next one!

  • Joe

    Fantastic, the solo at the end is going down as one of the best CTGB moments ever!!!!!!

  • Jason

    WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!! Don’t you know there are starving children in Africa that could have used that guitar!!!! And here you are throwing it away. FOR SHAME FOR SHAME FOR SHAME!!!!!


  • SlobberKing

    Dudes, that is the best one yet….I would love to have that Takamine before you destroyed it…:o) but I must admit the little jig was almost worth it!!!LOL!!

  • CorinaMedina

    ok i have a request:) Veggie Tales “Oh where is my hairbrush” and R. Kelly ” I beleive I can fly” i can so see you guys fun with those ones:) well see yah at SWC Monterey. By the way loved you guys in Fresno. Thanks for letting be take a pic with you guys back stage:)

  • Anthony Russell

    Jesus is still more than alright. After all these years, his precious blood still has power, its powerful- Jesus is still saving lives! And when you are all alone, call on the name of Jesus, He is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother!

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