Casting Pounds

Where’s my “Team Bart”?

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  • Evan

    Go Bart!

  • Rebekah Mongold

    You better win bart! Don’t eat too many Christmas cookies.

  • Lisa (SunnySide)

    I’m signing up for “team Bart”! I need to lose many pounds by May for the Music Boat Cruise (did you think of that, Bart??) Tomorrow I actually have an appt. at a gym that I might join. So, can I be on your team Bart?

  • Robbie Paisley

    I agree with Lisa in that I am signing up for Team Bart.

    Last March, I signed up for a 12 week Weight Watchers @ Work program and I lost 27 pounds. I’ve been thinking about going back to Weight Watchers since I have put 8 pounds back on. This may be the motivation I need to get back on track.

    Go Bart!

  • The HoneyHead Family

    Bart, you were way to kind…you’re gonna tear him up!

    We’re going to order the Hybernation Diet book this week and send it to you via MMmike. How’s the Tubby Club Honey holding out? Notify a qualified Tubby Club Counselor if you need more. MMmike knows the secret address. We also need to be thinking about how to get you credit for some of if not all of the 42 pounds you already lost. If you check out Mark’s blog, he made his informal challenge back on October 25th. So you may be able to get him to go back to that date.

    Remember: you will feel so much better if you can lose another 40-50 pounds. You can do it Bart. No refined foods (That’s what MarkH eats – Naomi said that) like white flour, white sugar, etc. Smaller portions, fully masticate your food, lots and lots of water, exercise, and of course, Tubby Club Honey before bed.

    Looking forward to your victory!

    The honeyheadfamily

  • Pokinatcha

    Team Bart for me and I’m gonna join in on the weight loss challenge! I just took pictures at The Ray of Light Concert and el chubbo is my name! I’ll weigh myself as soon as I finish my food from the Cheesecake Factory in Waikiki! The only problem is I’m a procrastinator!

  • Tina (Tweena)

    I want to be on Team Bart & My sister Jen would like to be on Casting Pounds. We live together and plan to make this a real family challenge. It would be great if you would take the people who have lost the most from both teams and fly them to the GMA’s to hang with you guys!

    Whatcha think???

  • JanetRN

    OMG you guys are way too funny!! I want to join team Team Bart! (cuz I like you guys better)

  • Robin (PENSIEVE)

    The difference between y’all and two women throwing down a weight loss challenge–the girls would NEVER admit their weight on youtube.

    Funny boys, you are…this is a win-win proposition!


  • helen

    I am sooo on Team Bart!!!!
    Go Bart Go!!!

  • Kelly

    Well Bart, if you hadn’t completely thrown us SLOBs under the bus and blamed us for this, I would’ve considered joining your team….

    *runs off to join Team Mark*

    Oh who’m I kidding? GO TEAM BART!!!!!! 🙂

  • Rose

    I believe in both of you! You can do it! I’m gonna try to continue too Bart! Only I’m counting my 12 lbs, I don’t care what Mark says. It counts!!! LOL

  • Aaron Conrad

    Just posted the challenge on my blog to give it more legs and extend the offer to anyone that reads it. I added an “exit poll” so we can pulse the community on who they think will win. If it means anything…I voted team Bart!

    By the way, the “Casting Pounds” line was hilarious!

  • Stacey

    Go team Bart! I am with you on not exercising because i don’t do that either. Well, anys go for your goal weight and beat Mark. LOL

  • Corrine aka Mama Gomer

    I think bringing back the NASCAR suit is an awesome idea! Are you going to post updates from time to time? Go team Bart!

  • kelli

    Team Bart all the way.

    I’ve lost 90# already, with 40 more to go, so I’m in 110%.

    I have total faith in you. Totally.

  • Sandi-MMslob

    haha, that’s awesome! Lemme see 1 Casting Crowns cd that I rarely listen to vs I own All of the MM albums available, which I listen to regularly……yeah, it’s GO TEAM BART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    btw, I have a friend who was struggling and I told her to watch one of your concerts online. She had never heard of you but she did anyway. She sent me an e-mail that night saying thank you as you really spoke to her. Fast Forward a couple of months, and she tells me again last night, thank you for having her listen to MM. She said that now, she can’t stop listening to you guys and how her mom asked her why she’s all of a sudden listening to music (as she rarely ever did). Another person touched by God through MM! 🙂

  • camille

    Go Team Bart!! I think that you should get Michael English in the competition too. He is a hot chunky man as well 😉

  • mymayhem

    No thought here… GO TEAM BART!! I agree with Robin on the difference between men and woman. lolol You guys are just way to funny. Really, the pride your wives must feel? lol

  • Kim Wright

    Hey Bart,
    I can’t chose sides since I really like both you Bart and Mark of Casting Crowns. I am on both of your sides. You guys are both great! I am praying for you both. I have struggled with my weight with health issues for many years. It’s been like a yo-yo up and down. Well, this time I believe that it will stay off since I have horrible IBS. I have had to change my whole way of eating. I started at 215 earlier this year and I have lost 60 pounds so far and have about 15-20 more to go.

    Good luck Bart!

    In HIS Steps,

  • Betty

    This is just the encouragement I need! I have lost over 40 pounds so far and have about 50 to go. I joined a gym and have been spinning…. okay eating chocolate and thinking about spinning but I did join!!!! Bart you are looking so great. I have been watching you thinking, “is he shrinking”. Good for you honey! Keep up the good work.

    Question… is a MM CD out there that has the song “Tremble” on it? I saw the performance on YouTube and was moved beyond tears… can you really get beyond tears? Anyway, I LOVE that song so very very much and want to be able to listen to it. Where can I find this song?????

    If you haven’t recorded it for an album, would you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (did I say Please?) record it? Seriously, love the song. Love it. Love your version. Need to listen to it…..

    I am joining TeamBART today! We should like get Tshirts or something!!!

    Thanks, blessings and best to you and Mark!!!


  • Haley

    Love ya both, but living in Greenville, I gotta go with Team Bart!!! Good Luck!

  • Ben

    GO TEAM BART!! Yeah i think there are a few of us that need to lose a few pounds! I’m in with Team Bart!!

  • Brenda

    GO BART !!!! GO MARK!!!! Though i’m a MM SLOB i’m rooting for both of you guys ….

  • Sandi-MMslob

    Hey Betty! “Tremble” is an Audio Adrenaline song that MercyMe covered as a tribute to them as they toured together on Audio A’s last tour before they retired. MercyMe did a great job on the song…I’m a huge Audio A fan, but MercyMe did a fantastic job on the song. I would love for them to do “Tremble” and “Won’t BAck Down” on a cd.

  • Betty

    Hey Sandi!

    OMG! I LOVED their version of “Tremble”!!! (can you tell). Thanks for getting back to me I have been looking everywhere. Do you think we could get them to record it for us 🙂 That would just rock my world!

    I haven’t heard “Won’t Back Down” yet, is it on Youtube?

    Have a glorious day!!!

  • Bari

    I want to be on Team Bart! I am excited! Do we need to weigh in weekly with how much we have lost? What is the day we need to have it done by? This is just the push I needed! Going to get my GMA ticket and wear a team Bart shirt to the awards!

  • Sandi ~ MMslob

    Hey Betty, You should be able to find “Won’t Back Down” on YouTube. I would love for them to record those songs. In the mean time, if you want “Tremble” on cd, you can get Audio Adrenaline’s “Lift” cd, and “Tremble” is on that album.

  • buzz

    team Bart, and team Mark? thats a win-win! i had started team buzz a mo before thanksgiving and lost 16 lbs, from 278 to 262!! well, then thanksgiving happened! had a two week lay-off and football to watch,,,,going back to work tomorrow and onto team….BART!!!!! gooooooo team 🙂


  • Bari

    ……and I forgot to say LET’S GO KICK SOME CASTING CROWNS, …………….. BOTTOM!

  • Michelle

    I hate to say it, but I’m a tad partial to the crowns. (just because I’ve talked with them quite a bit)

    Nevertheless I love both bands so best of luck!!

    You can do it, Bart!!!

  • everheart

    Go Bart! It is hard to pick between the two of you but I’m for team Bart.

  • Linda Weiner

    My husband and I are going to donate $1/pound lost by the two competitors to the charity of the winner’s choice

  • mymayhem

    Betty/Sandi~ U can get “wont back down” from itunes its on their orig. recordings for itunes! 🙂

  • Sandi ~ MMslob

    Hey Mymayhem! I don’t have or understand itunes…I usually just buy cds

  • Lisa (SunnySide)

    Ok, I joined a gym today! Tomorrow I begin “casting pounds.” Aren’t you glad I joined your team, Bart?

  • Cassandra, a S.L.O.B

    Casting Pounds! Go Bart!!

  • mymayhem

    Sandi~ yr 2 funny!! lolol

  • Z...

    I never would have guessed you weigh 287 pounds. You look like a deuce and a half at most.

    I weigh 300 lbs. I would take the challenge with you, but I don’t like dieting. I keep thinking that if I just get right with God somehow, the pounds will melt off because I will be living as I should.

    I’m going to go weigh myself right now…


  • Z...

    Drat… 306…

  • Eric

    I’m on your team bart

  • Susie

    I need to lose weight. I’ll go on team Bart. Can I finish my eggnog first?

  • Betty

    Hey Sandi!

    Thanks for the tip on Audio’s Tremble… I heard it and its lovely, truly. MM’s just brought me to tears… I don’t get Itunes either 🙂

    There are lots of bands out there that sing for the Lord that I love and respect, there’s just something really special about the way MM sings. Their music is such pure devotion that it moves me in ways I cannot express. I saw them for the first time in concert not too long ago and what really got me was that there was NO ego. They took a back seat and let the other band perform a lot. I think they really get that “it’s not about me” and that transfers through their music.

    I remember where I was the first time I heard “I can only Imagine”. I was really messed up at that time (drugs, etc) and was struggling to find my way back to the Lord… then I heard that song on the way to work one day and I just came undone! I began to realize that no matter what goes on here on earth, seeing and being with Jesus forever is what we are living for and loving and serving Him is a privilege!

    Thanks for all your imput. Be blessed indeed!


  • Tammy Frazier

    Hey Bart, I knew you had lost a bunch of weight this year! Good for you! I am torn between you and Mark cause you both are my favorite!
    I am jumping on the band wagon with you and Mark!I have lost 17 lbs and I have a bunch more to go.We gotta pray for willpower!

    Its gonna be fun!
    I am rootin for ya!

  • Steve

    i resolve to absorb the pounds you both shed!

  • Janice from Joplin

    This is a great idea! Although I love both groups, I’m partial to Mercy Me! I live in Joplin, MO and go to the church where Jim Bryson’s dad was pastoring when Jim was born. That was before I moved to Joplin, but I still feel a little bit of a connection. I’ve been on a weight loss journey myself. Since mid-December 2007, I’ve lost almost 60 lbs! I still have a long way to go and this challenge will be fun.

    Good luck to both guys and good for you! We want both of you around a long time!

  • Bob

    Ok, I am on Team Bart because he and I are closest in line of weight… 272 for me…

    I am going to do it…lol

  • Rosa

    You go BART!!! GO BART GO BART!

  • Tiffany Manley

    GO BART! I will be on your team:) MArk is going down to CHINA TOWN!

    I will be praying for you. 🙂


  • Rhonda (mimi)

    I want to join your casting crowns weight loss team. I need to shed some unwanted pounds.

  • Rebecca T :P

    I would join you in losing weight, but well, I don’t have anything TO lose. (being a small person and all)

    Sandi- i love AudioA too… in fact the reason why i am now a SLOB is because i fell in love with MM while at the MM/AudioA concert

  • Rebecca T :P

    I would join you in losing weight, but well, I don’t have anything TO lose. (being a small person and all)

    Sandi- i love AudioA too… in fact the reason why i am now a SLOB is because i fell in love with MM while at the MM/AudioA concert

  • Rebecca T :P

    I would join you in losing weight, but well, I don’t have anything TO lose. (being a small person and all)

    Sandi- i love AudioA too… in fact the reason why i am now a SLOB is because i fell in love with MM while at the MM/AudioA concert

  • Rebecca T :P

    I would join you in losing weight, but well, I don’t have anything TO lose. (being a small person and all)

    Sandi- i love AudioA too… in fact the reason why i am now a SLOB is because i fell in love with MM while at the MM/AudioA concert

  • Tracey A.

    Hello Bart! 🙂 Good luck to you and Mark on the weight loss! I am sure you guys will do great! I love Mercy Me, and Casting Crowns,… you guys- by far- are my two favorite Christian bands!!! Did not know that you and Mark knew eachother, so it was exciting for me to see you two together on the weight loss video! 🙂 You may want to try the “Atkins Diet”, thats what I did, and I lost 30 lbs.- in a matter of a few months. my step-mom lost over 80 lbs. on that same diet. So it is a very successful diet. You take care Bart, and may the Lord always bless you, and Mercy Me!

    Sincerely, Tracey A.

  • Sheryl

    Thanks for showing us what a great example of Christian friendship is all about. Even though the topic is weight, you guys are handling it with such a flair of humor (which we would not expect anything less). Good luck with your challenge and thanks to you guys, I am really going to start taking my weight issues more seriously. I will be praying for your strength and I need to pray that I have the willpower to start. Good luck and I am looking forward to the Dove awards now for more than one reason.

  • Marie Parker

    Hi Guys,

    I am so proud of both of you! I’d like to share my story to lend hope and encouragement. I’m an over 50 yr old diabetic with severe allergies which trigger my asthma. I managed to diet my way up to 450lbs. I joined a Biggest Loser Contest and learned about Herbalife which I started that night. During the 12 week contest I lost 37 lbs and 34 inches and won 2 nd place for the cash prize!! The best part is that now I am off 2 of my 3 diabetic meds, all asthma/allergy meds and am down a total of 110lbs.

    I feel great because I am finally getting good nutrition, I’m not hungry and I have enery all day long while losing weight like crazy. I’d love to help you both from the inside out. Please check out my website and contact me for more info. Know that I will be praying for you as you grow in the Lord and shrink in the flesh!

    Every time I hear your music it will remind me to pray for my brothers.

    Marie Parker

  • Martin Njuguna

    Hi! am your biggest fan in this part of the world (Africa) i just hope you will avoid the tempetation of filling yourself this christmas!

    Otherwise Go Bart! i know u can and happy holidays!

  • Alyssa Presley

    I’d LOVE to join the Bart team!! But I’m kinda small and it won’t be a big number loss… probably like 10 ounces. 😛 Have a Merry Christmas! (Best not be sneaking for leftovers after the Christmas dinner)

  • Ryan Turner

    Team Bart all the way! Its gonna be hard for me to lose weight with ya because not only am I “spoken for” by God, but im also spoken for by Little Debbie!

  • Brother Ezekiel Johnathan Lopez

    I shall join Team Bart! Woo hoo! I just bought Wii Fit last week so I should be good. Oh no! Mercy Me, it’s coming toward us!!!

  • Sue

    Oh my gosh … I just heard on the radio about the weight loss battle … what a hoot!! I didn’t realize you had already been losing weight til I saw you on u-tube – you’re looking fanTAsTic already. I gotta tell you – I’ve been on some incredible products for over a year and I’d love to share them with you. Have your people contact me and we can chat. It’s NOT a diet — it’s a fabulous health & wellness program. I am NOT telling Mark about this … you can share it with him after YOU become ‘the biggest loser’. 😉

    I’m on TEAM BART all the way!

  • Stephanie Hayden

    Hey! I’ve been doing CrossFit for the past ALMOST year (minus 3 months for major surgery, NOT weight related). I’m back on track and hoping to lose at least 100 pounds. One of my workout partners HAS lost 100 pounds, and she is inspirational. I’m standing with ya, Bart! I’m standing with Mark too, but hey…I’m on HERE posting so I guess it’s TEAM BART ALL THE WAY BABY!

    Consequently, I’m leading worship at the Spirit Stage at SWC Monterey Thursday at 3. Come cheer us on! We’re cheering you on!

  • Kaamajakaaya

    Losing weight is definetly hard work.I use to overeat,but have found alot of strenght in keeping it under control.Since then, the feeling of success I felt by sticking to my plan to loose weight and stop over eating, has kept me motivated.

  • Michele Alt

    My two favorite artists together…..WOW!!!!!

  • Michele Alt

    My two favorite artists together…..WOW!!!!!

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