Montgomery, AL

Thanks for a great tour.  We will see you again soon.

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  • Sandi-MMslob

    Thank you for letting us share in your tour. You never came to N. CA but I was always able to travel with your, sort of speak, through MMOB-MMtv. I enjoyed the chatting/fellowship with others and the untoppable entertainment from you guys every show. I can’t wait until we do it…hopefully! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  • Sarah (pokinatcha)

    Awe, so sad! A big Mahalo for the many concerts you guys provided online! That definitely made me a bigger fan! You guys rock! I pray God continues to richly bless your ministry, worship and families as you continue to serve our Almighty God! Enjoy the holiday season and all the new babies that are coming! Hope to see you in Hawaii soon!

  • Kelly

    Thank you guys for doing this! It was such a blessing! Not only being able to share in worship with the band, but the fellowship with other SLOBS, new friendships were formed, bonds were made, and all that just by chatting while enjoying a MercyMe show online! That’s just amazing to me 🙂 I watched 11 of them and I can almost recite the entire show word for word, but I could easily watch 11 more!

    A HUGE thank you to the behind-the-scenes crew, Brody, Joel, and everyone who made this possible night after night! You guys rock! 🙂

  • Dana D.

    I got to go to your concert at the last minute and it was sooo worth it. I knew it would because I had the pleasure of seeing you at the BJCC for your Christmas Concert about 3 or 4 years ago. Ya’ll bring so much to everyone. I left last night feeling tremendous. Keep it up. Looking forward to seeing you again.

  • Rebekah (Rflamedudet)

    I will really be boered on weekend nights. Thanks for doing the online show.

  • cathy davis

    Wahhhhhh I really wanted to come to the Montgomery concert, but well, obviously, if I’m wah’ing, I didn’t.

    Next tour – Birmingham??

    (I didn’t even get to watch the concert b/c my child was watching TV on my laptop! I did, however, watch the AMA, waiting to hear which of my 3 favorite bands won the award, only to find out that the Christian Band award wasn’t televised and I had watched 95% of the darn show for NOTHING! *I’m not bitter….*)

  • Evan

    Awesome show last night.. It was totally worth the wait to see the Churro Song!


  • Rebecca T :-)

    Our loss is your gain, Bart. oh, btw, next time, please don’t twitter when it’s 2:30 AM on the East Coast. You woke me up when you joyfuly twittered the finish of your tour. 😉

  • Shellie Kubicki

    What an awesome ride this has been and I’m just sitting at the computer. My husband thinks I’ve lost my 51 year old mind! Even telling him it was the last night : ( He just rolled his eyes). You all came out every night with the energy of a first show. Keep doing what God has called you to do. Met some awesome people who have now become family.

  • Tammy G

    Fantastic show last night! It’s all we’ve talked about today. Thanks so much for all the interaction, it felt like we were sitting around just jamming and talking about God’s light!

  • Rev TJ Conwell

    Thanks for a fantastic show last night in Montgomery. It has been quite a while since I have been able to see ya’ll and it was a blessing to feel the Spirit move. Also, thanks for answering the questions so honestly, especially (mine) about how you guys get “fed” spiritually when you are on the road. Be blessed!

  • K Marler

    Last night’s show was great. My wife and I, along with her aunt and uncle and my brother an sister-in-law, had a really good time. I love the energy and enthusiasm that y’all have for performing and leading worship. Thanks for a great evening. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.

  • The HoneyHead Family

    Ahhh,,,, the bittersweet things of life. Honestly, I feel more at peace knowing that all the dads are back home. Our prayers at this time have been answered. Watch out because we’re praying in big things for 2009!

    May your time with family be rich and your honey supply never run dry! (if it does, you know who to call!)

    Lbee, Tbee, 6 worker bees and Eli the lone drone!
    AKA “TheHoneyHeads”

  • Mrs Robbie Paisley

    I feel sad and happy all at the same time. Sad because the tour is over for the year I’m gonna miss watching online and chatting with new found friends. And happy that you guys are at home with your families just in time to enjoy the holidays too.

    Not only have we been blessed to enjoy the MM concerts but we have also made some great online friendships. The good thing about the friendships is that we all have two things in common; one we all love the Lord and two, we all love MM.

    Thank you all for sharing your concerts online, for taking the time to talk/chat with us and for making us feel like we are a part of the MM family.

    Enjoy you time with family and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    P.S. Mike you mom is awesome!

  • mymayhem

    Jim, Mike, Bart, Nathen and Barry,
    Thank you all so very much for the wonderful live concerts I saw this year and putting up MMTV for us to enjoy when we could not be there. No matter how many times I saw you, it was always awesome! The CTGB were hilarious, they always made me laugh till I cried or hurt my ears! lol You guys are a wonderful testimony to Christ. Enjoy your time off with your families! Thank you for giving us all that you do.
    Blessing’s ~ Tammy

  • Keith

    I tried to watch the live show and all I recieved a blank screen and audio pf the camera guys talking . I know it was the camera guys ’cause theytalking about different angles etc. I live in Surrey ,B.C. Canada so maybe thats why .Please reply? Ilove MercyMe you guys rock !!!! I was really dissapointed. But maybe next time. Look to the Father, always,always!

  • praisinghim09

    You guys are awesome! I’ve been so blessed by your ministry especially in these past few weeks! I’ve enjoyed watching your shows and fellowshipping with the other chatters! I’m sad that you guys aren’t performing anymore this year, but I’m glad that you all get to spend some time with your families!

    Thanks so much for all that you do! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  • Lisa (SunnySide)

    What can I say, guys? Thanks so much for the awesome tour, and sharing it (and yourselves) with us in a way that made us feel part of it. I’m especially grateful for the opportunity to meet you in person and hang out. You guys are awesome! You really do keep God at the center, and the joy of that just exudes from your lives. Thanks for letting that joy overflow into my life personally, and I know it affected the lives of others. Having the chance to chat with your wives and parents in the chat was great as well. Because of your willingness to share and give, I have made new friends across the country. I’m thinking a MMOB meet-up is in order!!
    Special thanks to Brody for putting up with our quirks (churros anyone?) and our complaints. You did an amazing job of keeping us in line (haha) and plugging that dang cord in.
    Enjoy your families and the coming holidays! Peace and blessings!

    ~Sunny Side

  • Keith S

    Great show in Montgomery,we really enjoyed it. We also were at the concert at Harvest in Anniston ALA. The crowd was kind of thin but the Spirit of God was there and powerful.Keep up Gods work and don’t change anything.

  • mymayhem

    I forgot to say thank you to Robby!!!! How could I forget him?? So very sorry Robby, u r by far the best drummer out there!!

    BTW: yr Christmas special on GMC was wonderful!!

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