Davenport, IA

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  • Mom S

    You guys need to get back down south you are scaring me

  • Judy

    Couldn’t watch your performance last night. Kept freezing on me. Tried to get to your concert in Mississippi a couple of months ago-van broke down. Next try,,your concert on TV next week. Hope the tv doesn’t quit! (lol). I’m determined! You all truly have a gift from God. You touch so many lives with your music.
    Keep your spirits up and may God Bless each and everyone of you and your families daily!


  • The HoneyHead Family

    This pic reminds me of Joel running, jumping and kicking behind the only single guy on tour (Dustin) while he was on the phone and a video feed with his woman!

    You guys have too much fun! We feel like burning all the bee boxes and going on tour! We promise to cook good food and Mom S has volunteered to do the dishes!

    The online show/chat can be really intense as Bart mentioned last night. However, it is a great way for those who love you to be “connected.” Thanks so much!

    We seriously considered New Albany as it’s only 5 1/2 hour drive…but we have company coming that day. Think they would mind if we didn’t show up until Friday?

    Seriously praying for you and your families.


  • Sandi

    Honeyhead Family…how did you get your pic up in the corner?

  • Lisa (Sunny Side)

    Joel, why the angry eyebrows? Bart looks happy though.
    I know what it was! You were mad that the internet kept skipping and tripping during last night’s show.

    I ditto Sandi’s question. Honeyheads, how did you get your pic up there?

  • Caroline

    Thanks for coming to the Quad Cities yesterday….what a great show. However, I was embarrased that everyone sat through most of the show. What a bunch of dead-beats. I wanted to stand through the whole show. thanks again, and hey thanks for the autographs Nathan & Robby. I couldn’t wait any longer for the rest too cold.

  • mymayhem

    Well, I had told my kids that after the trip to Iowa I was no longer going to follow you around the country stalking you…
    You ruined it for me!! Last nights concert was THE BEST you have ever done!!! You were all amazing! I took my Sister with (she just accepted Christ 8 months ago) and when you spoke before bring the rain you had her bawling. It was so sweet!!! Thank you so very much for all you do! Thank you for such an amazing concert last night. ( I did end up with really good seats, not the cheap seats as I had whined about! ~ lol)
    BTW: Nate I got your CD and it is wonderful!! Now I know why you wanted to do one with your band! Thank you all and may God continue to bless each and every one of you! ~Tammy/slob

  • mymayhem

    Oh yeah, it was fun telling people about your ctgb and encouraging them to check them all out on your blog!!

  • Robbie Paisley

    I agree with Mom S you need to get back to the south. The Memphis/Southaven area to be more specific.

  • Judy

    I agree with the Memphis/Southaven area! I’m there! Nothing like the south!

  • P.J.

    Thank you for coming to the Quad Cities. We really enjoyed your show. It was our second show… repeat fans!

    I agree with Caroline. We really wanted to throw our hands up in the air and praise God. But didn’t get a feeling from the fans BEHIND us that it was cool. No problem, we still had fun.

  • Sheri

    Thank you so much for coming the Quad Cities. I had the opportunity to see you on the K-Love cruise but enjoyed the long concert so much more. I hope you will come back and see us again. Thank you for your ministry.

  • Rudy

    The concert was awesome Saturday night. Please keep in mind that everyone there is going through something different. Caroline, you may have felt like standing up and dancing, but I lost my son in an accident only 2 months ago, and can still barely breathe. I was just taking in the music, and the feeling of God’s presence, and holding on to every word that was said that night. MM, thank you for coming to the Quad Cities, and remember some of your songs help people get through life. “Imagine” brings hope to so many.

  • Rudy

    One more thing…please come again. Next time we will bring a ton of friends. You are awesome!!!!!

  • mymayhem

    PJ ~ I noticed it was mostly our section “d” that were doing it and also standing, much to the dismay of the people behind us, I am sure!! But really it was a concert and is was awesome how anyone could not stand and rock out I will never know?? Next time you go to a MM concert only focus on the words and leave everyone else behind! (thats what I do) lol

  • The HoneyHead Family

    SunnySide & Sandi,

    To get your pic on the comments, just go to gravatar.com, it’s pretty easy!

  • Sandi-MMslob

    Thank you HoneyHeads!

  • Michelle Brussel-Kale

    You guys made my 30th Birthday in Bloomington, Illinois on January 24th! And now you made my sister’s Birthday on November 15th! Awesome!
    I loved how you guys did mostly accoustic this time around!
    I loved that you played “In the Blink of an Eye” and another from a previous albums! I sure wished that you could have played more of those. (Like “Something About You”. 🙂
    I also enjoyed the questions from the audience members. That was different and fun!
    I wished I could have seen you all up close like last time…I missed the signing table!!!!
    And Bart, what was with the number of combined children and Columbine remark about? That kinda caught me off guard.
    Well anywho, I am blessed to have seen you guys twice this year! Thanks for coming close to where I live again!
    God bless all of you, your families, and travels!
    Abundant blessings,

  • The HoneyHead Family

    Bart, just wanted you to know that you have twice as many Twitter followers as Mark Hall.

  • Lori (aka dispatcher)

    Wow! what a great concert! IT was absolutley worth the 4 hour drive. I have seen MM 4 times and this was by far the best one yet. Of, course it helped that I had front row seats and backstage passes to meet the guys. I still am amazed at how friendly and down to earth they are. I brought my father to his first MM concert and he had a great time also. Thanks to Joel and everyone in MM. I can’t wait for the next tour!!!
    By the way, the pics turned out great!!!!

  • BIgJoel's Wife

    Ooooo! I’m so sending this picture to HannahKate’s little “boyfriend” with the caption, “I will punch you in the throat!”
    Love you, Baby 🙂

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