Abilene, TX

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  • tony

    is that ryan new think

  • Trish

    Hey Tony!

    “English… do you speak it?”

  • Sandi

    haha, that’s really awesome! I just wish I was there…but I had to do power point at church tonight. But I was there in spirit!

  • Sandi

    oh btw…I asked Bart a few weeks ago about performing at Spirit West Coast and he said something to the fact that you guys love playing there but haven’t been asked back and to complain about it. haha, well I put my two cents worth in on the SWC website, but I kinda see on your schedule that you are performing at SWC Del Mar. Ummm, that’s awesome, but I’m near SWC Monterey!!!! lol. Any chance you’ll be there?????? 🙂

  • Pete

    I should have been there tonight, but I had to work and due to that I never got a ticket cause they sold out really fast….when my friend told me they sold out, I literally cried….saddest day of the year for me…seriously….i kid you not.

  • Kelly

    Hey guys,

    So I’ve watched about 8 of your shows this tour and tonight was especially amazing! The Holy Spirit was all over us tonight! 🙂 Thanks for an incredible night of worship! And thanks to the guys behind the scenes who work hard to bring the show to those of us who can’t get to the show.

    God bless you guys!

  • cathy davis

    Awesomeness! I enjoyed watching the concert the other night and chatting with other peeps! And, I got to hear more from Bebo Norman that I had ever heard (must go by CD).

    Thank you for doing MMtv!

  • Lori (aka dispatcher)

    Last night’s show was amazing! It is so cool that we can chat with other mm fans while watching the show. There was a great group in the chat last night. Bart and the gang were really in the spirit. And Brody…great job! Thanks for all that you do.
    See you guys in Davenport!

  • Vicki

    Last night was amazing. God used Marlon to bless my socks off and then I got to meet you guys too! It was a spirit filled evening and I thank you so much. I love it when the band engages the audience and the accapella hymns reached to the depths of my soul. Thank you for keeping those songs alive. It was my friend’s very first concert, but I guarantee it won’t be her last. hehe! I rocked to your Hymns cd all the way back to Snyder.

    ps….tell Marlon I’ve emailed him…..he might look in his spam folder. That’s where I found his email to me.

  • Ryan

    Hey Trish!

    This is a positive website. Please keep your comments uplifting.


  • TLC

    Thank you brothers & sisters in Christ for a great time in the chat group last night! It was awesome & the spirit was there. Brenda, you are in our prayers and I hope you can feel the LOVE! Gb all.

  • Lisa (Sunny Side)

    I wish my screen was that big! Maybe I could keep up with all the chatting that way:-)

  • Trish

    Hey Ryan!

    Thanks for the reminder! Apparently, I’m the one that doesn’t know how to communicate! GOD BLESS YOU!

  • Jimmy Hall

    Hey! You guys were GREAT in Abilene the other night!!!!! I go to church at Beltway and have lived around Abilene all my life. We don’t get all that many concerts anymore, so to see an awesome band like Mercy Me Was GREAT!!!!!! God bless you all—-Jimmy

  • Pete

    and the band is FRONT PAGE news on the Abilene Reporter News newspaper the next morning….awesome.

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