Lubbock, TX

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  • Becky B

    Did ya’ll get to watch the raiders beat the cowboys? Go Raiders!!!!!!!
    God bless ya & your families!

  • Heidi Reed

    You guys do not look like you’re having ANY fun at all. The pictures were funny at first, but now my heart goes out to you. Bet you’re tired. Bet you miss your families. Hope you stay safe guys.

  • Pete

    will you play dodgeball in Abilene today?

  • Kim

    Thank you for coming to Lubbock. It was a beautiful evening.

  • Lisa (Sunny Side)

    It looks like Bart is yelling at the team. You guys look whipped. Maybe you should take a break from football and play something less challenging…like scrabble or something.

  • Annette White

    My husband and I are extremely blessed by your music! We wanted you to know we’ll be lifting you guys up in prayer as you tour. We also wanted you to know Bart that we’ll be in prayer for your family and especially your son. Two years ago our oldest son was killed in a car accident on his way for the birth of his youngest brother. 10 days later our youngest son died too. I say all that to tell you that we learned it wasn’t for the glory of God that they died. We simply live in world that’s cursed. But God’s Glory is that He’s broken the curse of sin and death and someday we’ll all live in a world thats blessed! My husband and I minister to so many that believe God is the reason for their suffering. That’s a lie from the enemy of our souls. We teach there are five reasons bad things happen 1. The world is cursed, 2. Sin produces death, 3. The law of sowing & reaping, 4. Stupidity, 5. Demonic attack. Please prayfully consider this.

  • John Doe.

    Hey…Annette you obviously didn’t learn anything at that concert. You need to prayerfully consider what you are saying…that God isn’t in control of everything…I’m sorry for the loss of your sons. But they did die for the glory of God. You may not see it, but they did.

  • Ann

    Hey guys, The concert in Lubbock was so much more then I even imagined. I was very torn between the game and the concert and took a long walk Saturday to keep from talking myself out of the concert. I was blown away. My husband and son went with me and enjoyed themselves very much. My son will listen to “weird” music that you cannot understand the words too. We have thrown away many CD’s because we heard some of the words. Anyway, he was so excited and wanted a CD, found a CD (Undone) that he had not listened to in years and asked if Air1 plays Mercy Me. Of course was my reply. I have seen a different kid and just pray that this lasts. I know for me, listening to praises all day really helps my attitude and he is so stressed with school that this can only give him peace if he focuses on our Lord. Thank you for a wonderful worship experience. It was so much more then a concert. Thank you, Ann

  • Brenda E

    Annette, I’m so sorry about your loss. that must hurt so much. God bless you and give you healing until you see each other again. Let Him hold your family close and you hold Him close as He understands better than you can explain it.
    Praying for you.

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