Hagerstown, MD

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  • Trish


    i think that’s a “walker” not a “sitter”… jus sayin’


  • Joshua Galla

    Evening band mates of MercyMe…

    First off, I commend the group on an AWESOME show at LIFEhouse Bethel AOG tonight. Bethel is my home church; however, I volunteered with Compassion International for the evening of the concert.

    I love the fact your group is so involved with Compassion. Awesome organization. We were able to have 90 children sponsored during the evening. Good stuff!

    Kudos for your merchandise table. I’ve been to many concerts and your concert was the first one with reasonable merchandise available. Shirts for $10 and CDs for $5 was so GREAT!! I’m used to shirts being $20-$25 and CDs being $10-$15. So, hats off for offering such great deals to spread your gospel message.

    Thanks for listening to my 2 cents (and drawing four fire marshals to the event) *laff*


  • Loanne

    Bart’s taking the walker for a dry run…


  • Eric

    Wow Bart…. You just made my Day

  • The Honey Head Family

    It appears that Expand-a-band may be carrying the WWW belt this week??? We know your secret (bzzzzzzzzz). Lookin’ Good!

    Tubby Club Counselors

  • Gette

    MMBlog: Where every day is Wordless Wednesday.

  • Tammy~S.L.O.B.

    Do pictures like this ever make your wife “rethink things”,
    just wondering?? lololol

  • Dale Best

    Bart must’ve rocked a little too hard in Hagerstown.

  • Jen B

    A picture is worth a thousand words….but I can’t think of a single one right now. Totally speechless. 🙂

  • Bill Lurwick

    You….have some serious issues…not that I would have any myself….but you…and, and, and my momma uses a walker too, yeah that’s right! But she sure don’t got one with no armrests…

  • Lisa (Sunny Side)

    Fooball game was that rough, huh?

  • Joe

    The smile says it all.

  • Lisa K

    Sweet Ride, Bart.

    0 to 60 in like 2 hours???

    Oh yeah? My grandma could smoke you!

    I must ask…what’s with all the wordless pictures? Y’all run out of words?

  • Brenda E

    Well, we know you already voted so I’m relieved that you didn’t “borrow it” from some little old lady in line at the polls.

    Which leaves me with no other idea either.!?!?

    I’m hoping you’re doing the Tubby Club proud and using it for leg lift extentions though.

  • Kaleb Trail

    Hey guys. I finally got a chance to see you live and man did the spirit of God move in that place. I was sitting on your guys’ left at the front in front of Nate. I was wearing a courdoroy jacket with a black shirt. I doubt if you saw me.
    Anyways, despite having the fire marshalls come and myself trying to squeeze in a tiny tiny spot. Great show guys.
    After an evening like that it is very easy to draw the line between entertainment and ministry. When you guys closed with God with us, it was so intense and the prescense of God filled that room so much that I felt like I could hug complete strangers. lol.

    Did you guys go to crumpies??

  • Rebecca T :-)

    lol. I hope you didn’t get stuck sitting on that thing! that would have been funny!

    ps. How come NOBODY EVER tells me when you guys come to Maryland?!?!?

  • Eric Rogers

    Another excellent performance, my wife and I have seen you all perform 3 times now, the first with Steven Curtis Chapman at the Patriot Center (Nose Bleed section) Christmas, then again at Gateway -Williamsport MD. Keep up the great work!

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