“Finally Home”

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  • Lisa (Sunny Side)

    That’s such a great song. You have a beautiful voice, Bart. I think that’s the first time I’ve heard that song not performed live. Not that it’s not good live, but sometimes the computer lags and it just ruins it.
    I won’t be able to chat live tonight. Have an awesome show!

  • Robbie Paisley

    I love this song so much!

    I think of my dad every time I hear it and I miss him so much.

  • ann

    Wow. Beautiful song!!!! Makes me think of my aunt and cousin who made it home before I did. Cant waite to see them again.

  • Trish

    God has definitely blessed MercyMe with the gift of music.

    Psalm 87:7

    As they make music they will sing,
    “All my fountains are in you.”

    May God rain down His many blessings on MercyMe!


    Leaves me speechless everytime I hear it…beautiful!

  • Beverly

    I love this song! I think I replayed the song several times and this song is definitely my favorite on iTunes lately. Thanks for being God’s servants.

  • buzz

    that was so awesome!! thanx for putting that together for us.

  • Shelly H

    Love that Song.
    Bart your Dad would love it too.
    I can tell that you are thinking about him.
    Have a Great Holiday and I will pray that your wife has a Safe Birth when time comes for Sophie Kate to Bless your Family.
    God Bless!!!!

  • Wendell

    Love this song! I really find the guitar part interesting. And of course, the vocals are awesome.

  • Robert

    As a grown man of 42, I fall apart every time I hear this song. I lost my father 19 and a half years ago when I was 22. He was only 56. He did not get a chance to meet his granddaughter. I miss him every day. But “when I finally make it home” to where I know he is, it will be a wonderful reunion. Thanks so much for this song.

  • Jill

    This year I heard your song I Can Only Imagine on the radio and never thought it would mean so much to me until I almost lost my life to a brain tumor. Beautiful song..

  • Sheryl

    People who know me tell me that I will never be speechless or unable to find something to talk about on this earth, but as you say in this song and you mention in I Can Only Imagine, I know when I get to heaven and gaze upon His face, I will be speechless – it is a good thing that we will have tons of time to meet everyone later. You guys have such a pure sound. Thanks for letting me hear it at what always seems like just the right time.

  • Jill

    This is the first time I’ve ever heard this song, and I was blessed by it today. My earthly father died unexpectedly 11 years ago when he was 52. I can’t wait to make it home either – to see my Heavenly Father face to face, and my earthly father too. In my human-ness I often think I’m most looking forward to reuniting with my earthly father. But when I stop and really think about it I realize that that longing and hurt and mourning will all be gone in heaven, replaced by the glory and the awesome power of being with my Heavenly One.

    Thanks for blessing me today.

  • Bill

    WOWWWWWWWWW!!! I stumbled across this song on the radio today, and I was blown away.

    What a beautiful song. (Can I say “WOWWWWWW” again?)

  • Sheryl Honeycutt

    I just lost my best friend who was 45 a week ago to brain cancer. We had her celebration service yesterday and it was such a time of worship. This song makes me long for the time when I will meet with her again. There are very few people in your life that can have such an impact on you and leave such an impression on your heart, but she was one of them. I am a much better person for knowing her. It is also such a blessing knowing that she lived her life for Christ and died knowing that she would be with Him. I know that when I make it there, He will be waiting for me and Karen will not be far behind. Thank you for singing about so many things that leave an impression on my heart also.

  • Karen

    As I was driving to work today, I was praying and thanking God for allowing our family to have made it through our 4th year without my father. He was the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual leader of our home and we are certain of his place in heaven. Usually I talk with my sister on the way to work about our mom and how she is doing now without Daddy, but this morning decided to listen to KLOVE on the way to work. I had never heard this song and was truly touched by the words that so eloquently speak my heart’s desire. Daddy and I talked about meeting by the river to talk and how young he would look. How his pain would be gone and he would walk with me to meet our Saviour. I am happy in my life, but can’t wait to experience this with him. My father’s example of Godly love has made it easier for me to understand the love God has for all of us. I miss him terribly and your song definitely put into words what I cannot express. Thank you.

  • Jill

    Wow… ok, first time I’ve heard this song. Yes, I do live under a rock, in a cave, inside a time warp…
    But how beautiful….
    Oh my….
    I was crying…
    I had no idea… I mean I know Bart can sing, but… wow…
    And with my husband’s father just passed away in November… this brought such peace.
    So very needed.
    =’ |

    Can’t wait to see ’em all there.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    This is so soul reaching.
    Sing on my friends. You’ve got our hearts by the strings.

  • Valerie

    By far my absolute favorite song right now.
    It is beautiful. I get choked up ever time I hear it.

  • Alan's girl (Susan)

    Thanks for such a beautifully written & performed song- it sings to my heart every time I hear it.
    My Mother died 2 years ago- not to worry, I know where she is & I know how to get there. And my Dad is 94 – at times, he has already left, & I miss him. It’s hard to see the progression from my childhood buddy (we did almost everything together) to what he is today, but someday, he will be perfect again.
    Thanks again for the great song.
    Susan D. Morgan

  • Mike

    You guys are so connected with your music. Thanks for all that you do. Finally-Home is one of the prettiest songs(Christian or secular) I’ve EVER heard and I’ve been listening to and playing music for 40+ years. Thanks for the inspiration…..


  • Susan

    ABSOLUTELY BEATIFUL!!!!!!! I have listened to it at least 6 times in a row – breath-taking every time! Thank you!

  • Gloria

    I absolutely love this song. It’s message is so inspiring and powerful. Thanks so much for your ministry.

  • tracy

    i love this song words can’t describe love one feels

  • Marci Taylor

    My Pa Paw passed away on 5/05/09 & I chose this song to be played at his memorial service. When I look at my own Dad & see his grief for his father I can only weep. But, I do take comfort in the thought that Pa Paw finally made it home! I know he wrapped his arms around his “Daddy’s” neck first thing!

    God Bless

  • Katie

    mercy me..i am fifteen years old six months ago my dad died. He went away from the Lord and suddenly died one night in his sleep. after the funeral we went to his mothers hous-my grandma to tell you our entire story would take volumes of books. Our hearts were burdened as we left her house thinking it will probably be the last time i see her b4 she passes away. The day had been aweful for me my two sisters (ages 13 and 10) going to your fathers funeral and burial in a small town in upstate new york. As we said goodby to my grandmom and got in the car. Tears were all streaming down our faces. In the cold dark air of the night we had turned the radio on driving home from my grandmas. This song had come on and it could not have been more perfect. We knew that the Lord was with us. Thank u mercy me thank u soo much. I would love if you would contact me. It would mean the World..thank you <3

  • Angie Jones

    Dear Mercy Me,

    My father passed away just a few years ago of pancreatic cancer. This song brings tears to my eyes. I have listened to it a hundred times or more and still am touched by it. It’s like you guys wrote it just for me! You guys are an awesome group!!!! I thank God for each and every one of you and your beautiful families.

    Angie Jones
    Greeneville, TN

  • mike

    Same here Angie, my father died Feb 13 2005 of the same thing. This song brings a tear to my eye every time and I think about my father. blessings to you and your family.


  • Dana

    My little brother passed away suddenly on 03/26/10 due to illness, he was 28. Our dad went to heaven in June of 2008 and before his passing, my brother stayed at home and cared for him. I know how much he missed my dad and I know that he longed to meet Jesus and see heaven. This song was played at his memorial and I wanted to thank you for writing it. I now call it Matt’s song.

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