Field Trip

Today is field trip with Ben’s parents day out class. Aparently I’m the only dad in the class who doesn’t work on Tuesdays and as Abby has Cam at the doctor for a check-up, it’s me, Ben and a bunch of
mom’s and their kids at the pumpkin farm!!!

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    Funny….you look thrilled Mike!

  • Rhonda

    What an amazing Dad!! That’s Ben will remember… Dad came with me to the pumpkin farm!!!

  • Mom S

    You know you love it!! your fans want to see picts of you in the actual pumkin pile

  • jonathan

    This gave me a good laugh!

  • Lisa

    Ha! I bet all the moms loved it. At least it looks like you had decent weather. The day we went it rained:-(

  • Chris

    What a great dad! Don’t look too excited now.

  • Heidi Reed

    You could have not even commented on your title and picture at all and I would have totally understood — your face says it ALL. Very funny!!

  • Cheri

    My husband has an odd work schedule and has found himself in your shoes many times over the years. Trust me, every woman there was beyond jealous of your wife. And the next time they see her they’ll tell her how wonderful you are. And chances are, the two of you will just have had an argument and she won’t want to hear about how great you were with all the kids and what a witty conversationalist you happen to be. Not that I know from personal experience or anything. . . . . .

  • Rebecca T :P

    lol. poor guy… if you hate it so much, why’d you sign up?

  • Rebecca T :P

    lol. poor guy… if you hate it so much, why’d you sign up?

  • Rebecca T :P

    lol. poor guy… if you hate it so much, why’d you sign up?

  • Rebecca T :P

    lol. poor guy… if you hate it so much, why’d you sign up?

  • Robbie Paisley

    My son works nights so that he can participate in his daughter’s activities during the day. He has been in your situation on several occassions and lately he has been seeing a lot more dads make the time to participate as well.

    My husband never came to any of our son’s activities and he missed out on so much. I think its great to see dad’s getting involved in the activities.

  • Loanne

    I envy the time that you can spend with your kids.

    As a single mom of two, I don’t always have that option working full time. I am blessed though.

    You are blessed.

    Pumpkin hunting is the most fun!

  • Bari

    You have a very expressive face!

  • Susie C.

    Hey we had fun though!!!

  • bryan

    Being a stay at home dad, I get to do all of those fun field trips. I think a mother actually said to me once, don’t look so thrilled. In my five year doing the greatest gig a dad could have, I have notice that mom’s can be kind of clicky, so I must just not fit in! Keep up the great posts!!

  • Brenda E

    are you kidding? Ben’s the luckiest kid in the group that his Dad could be there that day!

    Just to make you feel better Mike, my husband and I both got to go one year and they pulled him and one other dad out of the group to do the Honeybee puppet demonstration pollenating the tree. He had to just go with it and have fun but I’m sure he would have rather ran out screaming!

  • Jen B

    It’s always more special to have dad there. Trust me. My kids are always happier if daddy goes.

  • Barb

    Ben is a lucky guy. That’s great.

    Barb (Brody’s Mom)

  • Lisa K

    Okay… I just have to laugh. That face.

    I love how everyone else has commented on how blessed you are that you were able to spend that time with Ben.

    But, I just have to say… welcome… to….my…world! Yep, as a mom of 5 kids, I have done the pumpkin patch, the zoo, the art museum, the botantical gardens, the petting zoos, the science projects, the geography projects and much much more. I admit that many times these field trips can be a bit of a beating for me. My kids always think it is just so cool that I would take time out of my day to spend it with them at a school function. That makes it all good.

    Remember, you are investing in that little man!

    repeat after me: This is all for Ben, This is all for Ben, This is all for Ben.

  • Brenda

    Try to contain your excitement Mike!!! aahh Field Trips…. AND volunteering in the classrooms…wears you completly out but everyone remembers them…..hope ya had fun — its worth it for the children 🙂

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