Waco, TX

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  • Kelly

    Got to see the entire show online tonight and WOW! I was blown away from start to finish! So amazing! I wish I could catch you guys when you’re in Austin this weekend but I’ve got family coming in with a jam-packed weekend schedule.

    I talked to someone on the chat before the show about getting the Rock and Worship Road Show Tour to Tx. He told me to contact Third Coast and just wanted to let yall know that I sent them an email 🙂 So hopefully we can make it happen!

    Thanks for an amazing night of worship! Can’t wait to do it all over again!

    God bless you guys!

  • joniandrick

    Hays, KS tuned in. 🙂 Thanks.

  • Becky Blair

    Enjoyed the concert , all of you guys are so cool! I really liked the question & answer session, even though Bebo got most of the question, ha! God bless you all. Loved it!

  • Sandi

    how many other music groups will get on and talk with you before the show and after the show online and let you watch their concert online free!!!!!!! 125 people tonight and we get a live, new CTGB!!!!!!!!!! Bring your friends!!!!!!!

  • Sarah Brem

    The concert last night was wonderful. We, my husband and I, really have been so blessed by your music. It’s good to see the hearts behind it and to see lives that do glorify God. It’s so good to worship……Thanks for bringing attention to the ministry you all are a part of. It will be an honor to share in that as well. So many things you said last night were answers to my hearts questions. Thanks again for offering yourselves to glorify God. May God give you your hearts desire.

  • Heidi

    Got to see the concert, chat with some interesting people, hang with the band…all in the PJ’s. 🙂 That was a lot of fun. Thanks!

  • Evan

    That concert was awesome! 250 people tonight though!


  • Angela Gutierrez

    Your Concert @ Harvest Time was exactly why you were called to do what you do. The presence of the Lord weighed so heavily. You were so comical (Loved It!) and yet so grounded and spiritual in your calling of music and song. The little girl was right when she said the stories behind the music make an impact. We are all human & can relate in some way to all experiences and be encouraged by lyrics. May GOD protect you as you travel and spread the good news! OH.. and Bart, thanks for signing my little girl’s picture (Michelle) after the concert.

  • Lisa

    I blogged about tonights online event, even if I can’t make it. I’m pulling for you guys! Hopefully we can make 125.
    Did Bart say he would do a new CTGB if 125 showed up? A live one? Wow! That’d be awesomer than anything:-)

  • Brittany McRae

    Your concert at Harvest Time Revival Center was amazing! I loved every min. of the concert and the time before while setting up. The power of God fell during the concert I was truely blessed. Thank you for doing what you do. I will keep you in my prayers. I love you guys.
    brittany/light girl

  • Aimee Gonsalves

    Saw ya’ll at Harvest Time Church, you guys are truly amazing. This was my first MercyMe Concert, but will not be my last. The power of The Lord was there last night and I felt blessed to have the opportunity to worship with ya’ll. God bless ya’ll as you continue your journey and I will keep praying for you. Thanks for an awesome night!!

  • Marshall

    Saw you guys in Shreveport tonight and you guys rocked the house. I have never been to a christian concert before and it knocked my socks off! I will go to see ya’ll whenever you come close again, which I hope is soon. Love you guys and God Bless.

  • Jim Z

    You clean up nice, Bart.

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