Shreveport, LA

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  • Jen_churchpunk33

    live ctgb 🙂 this is a really cool pic!

  • LisaV

    The live concert on MMtv was awesome tonight!!! I really enjoyed the live chat and the live interaction with Bart after the concert. This has to be the best band wesbite ever!!!!
    Love you guys!!!
    God Bless all you SLOBers also.

  • LisaV

    Where is Nate????

  • Buffy Dyess

    We were at the Shreveport concert tonight – our 4th Mercy Me concert, and THE BEST! We thought the Christmas tour with Steven Curtis Chapman (Sacramento, CA) was the best, but tonight was great! We were so blessed to be in the presence of the Holy Spirit tonight, and our prayer is that your group will continue the ministries! THANK YOU!

  • Sandi

    ugh, I wanted to watch so bad tonight and see the LIVE CTGB, but I had a meeting with my own tubby club and couldn’t get out of it. you didn’t by any chance record it? *sigh* I’ll be tuned in every night that you broadcast live as long as I am not obligated to be elsewhere

  • Lisa

    I missed it! I was at an After Edmund/Addison Road/Building 429 concert. It was so good, and so worth it, but I missed MM. I did talk up the live broadcasts to all the people I was sitting around.

  • Corinne

    Loved the show last night. It was great. Two Hours! Wow! Thank you for the CTGB, even though we didn’t deserve it. I hope you did record it and will post it so all can see.

  • Beth M.

    Great night last night! Watched it online. Loved the CTGB, thanks for being so merciful to us! It was worth it! Oh, wasn’t that cheating on your part for giving us the wrong info., Bart? Ha Ha! Will be checking you out tonight! You guys are the best!!!

  • TLC-Tammy Loves Christ

    My daughter bought Meet & Greet tickets for Shreveport for a surprise birthday present for me. The auction is very misleading, we thought there would be just a few people at the M&G. We were at the front of the line and I felt so rushed that I didn’t feel like I could take the time to have any conversation since there were so many people that had to go through the line in 15 minutes. I was also just bummed out about the way the whole thing went down. I did get to say hello no matter how brief and the $200 did go to a great cause.
    Also, my daughter and I had some quality time together driving 3 hrs from Mt. Vernon. Focus on the positive. Thank you Lord for everything.

  • KB

    I’m sorry I couldn’t stick around for the whole concert. 11:30 EST was a little too late for me. 🙁 But what I was able to participate in was great. Thanks for all you do!!

  • Elizabeth(bebofan91)

    Couldn’t see the CTGB last night… was to late….: ( What I did see was AWESOME. (my favorite part was when you yelled out my name : )

  • Houston (CastedCrown)

    Hey Guys, yall were awesome at the concert. Your performance was one of the best I’ve seen. Barry, It was great talking with you after we loaded the bus. Hope you guys have a great rest of the tour and hopefully we’ll meet again!

  • Robbie Paisley

    That is a really great pic and Nathan should have been in it too. Robby, I love the profile.

  • Patricia

    The concert in Shreveport was my first Mercy Me concert. It was awesome. What a great way to worship God. If you ever make it back to Shreveport I will be there. Thank you!!!

  • PWOC

    Hey guys! Great ministry in Shreveport! What is the name of the “box” Robby is sitting on/playing?

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