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  • Toby

    Oh no, I’m thinkin’ Floatin Roadies (ya know, cuz fat people don’t sink) and The Band of Bouncies (get it? FAT=Bounce?)

  • Be

    LOL Our church’s weight loss ministry is call “Tub Scouts” LOL Praying for good healthy eating for y’all!

  • Melinda

    Bart, you know, I saw a video of “I can only Imagine” last night, and honestly, you look a lot better now than then. And what I was trying to say last night after the show in chat, your body will give off hunger signals when it’s really dehydrated. It’s important to try to drink enough water, especially after a show. The benefit is that water also helps with metabolism (fat burning). 😀


  • Lisa

    Come on, Joel, smile! Bart, that was so worth the editing wait. Did you guys ever make it back to chat after the show? I was ridiculousy tired so I had to go to bed. The show was great though. I’ll miss tonight’s because I’m going to see Building 429 and Addison Road.
    Have a great show tonight in Shreveport. I blogged about the awesomer-ness of Mercy Me here:

    ~Sunny Side

  • LisaV

    So how did the weigh in go guys?? (Bloated Roadies or Expand-a-Band)

  • Rebecca T :-)

    Nice. Though i think if i tried to go on a diet, I would freeze to death from being to skinny. (since I’m already pretty small- i guess it comes from being half ‘Japanese’ [who are all short] and half ‘small’)

  • islandchick

    This is hilarious. BTW Bart, you really need to check out Mark Hall from Casting Crowns’ blog. He posted the following challenge to you!!!

    ‘So this is what it has come to my friends. I challenge Bart Millard to a weightloss battle to the death… The death of chubbiness, that is. 🙂

    Those of you in blog world, I encourage you to pass the news of this challenge on. Get word to him! If Bart accepts this challenge, we will weigh in and begin. Then at GMA week (dove awards week) we will see who has lost the most weight.’

    He wanted us bloggers/slobs to pass it on. I’d love for you to accept kick his hiney. 😉

  • Brenda E

    That makes me a…a… a Tubby SLOB! That’ll get some looks on a new t-shirt now won’t it?

    Wishing you all the best on this. If the hunger hits late at night… go for Protein. Turkey etc… at least that’s what the guy on Biggest Loser says.

    Crush the Crew!

  • The Honey Family

    As for a bigger and better prize, how about HONEY CANDY for the winner?

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