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  • Caroline Jens

    HI!!! We’ll be coming to the October 23rd show in Waco! My husband is the soldier that was on NBC’s show America’s Got Talent and made it to the top 20. We’re working at making his christian music career a realty! It would be a huge blessing to let him sing I can only imagine with you! He gets requests at our church to sing it all the time. God has blessed him with this talent and we just need the doors to open! Please consider this request………. I can be contacted at 414-324-0290 or by email

    It would be the blessing of his life!

  • rachel

    Now I wish I played guitar 🙂

    Rock It.

  • Tammy~S.L.O.B.

    This is an awesome idea! I will forward this to my worship ministry leader at my church as I have no talent for what you are offering! I have also determined I have no life cause I keep commenting on your blog! Its hard to imagine I can even run my own business!

  • Cathy D

    Who has the most precious Southern voice ever? So cute…

    I’m like Rachel and now I wish I could play an instrument. (I’m not even good at Guitar Hero or Rock Band. No one even lets me try anymore!)

  • Stacey

    This sounds like a great idea, and just maybe i might look into this because is used to play piano years ago. So this will be something i can look forward to learning what i can from the mercyme workshop.

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