Favorite Time Of The Year

We have officially entered my favorite time of the year. Fall! Why you ask? Well I just so happen to have my top ten reasons why Fall rules. Enjoy.

10. High school football
9. We are that much closer to Christmas
8. I can finally wear a sweatshirt and not pass out from the heat, well at night anyways.
7. College football
6. We can finally use the fireplace!
5. I can go to Starbucks and ask for a hot chocolate without being called a sissy boy. Wait…no that still happens.
4. Pro football
3. The cooler air makes the mosquitoes slower, so I don’t have to run, flinging my arms and screaming like a little girl as much.
2. Less sweating for Bart…this should be on everyone’s top ten!
1. Fantasy football

There you have it folks. By all means, let us know about your top ten! And don’t forget “Less sweating for Bart!”

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  • Sandi


    1) Less sweating for Bart! 😉
    2) Temps less then 100 deg
    3) Less smog
    4) holidays
    5) Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate, wahoo
    6) Rain…er um, what CA calls rain anyway
    7) Corn maze
    8) Baseball post season (the only that sucks is that the A’s aren’t in the post season)
    9) long sleave shirts (not yet, but coming real soon)
    10) closer to Christmas, lol

  • Christopher

    Firstly, the running around screaming like a girl, please provide video. Secondly, the less sweating for Bart. I don’t know how you didn’t pass out in Ohio with those 2 artificial suns on you the whole show but you didn’t seem to sweat that much. Must be some kind of stage performer trick. But, I agree hooray for Fall. I am totally rockin’ the sweater vest look today.

  • rachel

    Fall is my favorite.
    1 chilly day’s and nights.
    2 no more pesky bugs
    3 MercyMe comes to ILL. 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!!!

  • Heidi Reed

    I live in Florida. I live in perpetual summer. I love summer in any month — esp January.



    10. I don’t feel so bad making the kids go to bed when it is still daylight.
    9. Cooler weather.
    8. Halloween
    7. That much closer to Christmas
    6. The fall colors
    5. Using the fireplace
    4. Going camping…..it’s no fun sitting in front of a campfire durning the summer.
    3. Football of any type.
    2. The world series.
    1. Less sweating for Bart……..and it’s my birthday.

  • Tammy~S.L.O.B.

    1. Kids off at college (house stays clean)
    2. Vikings football (although, not so exciting yet)
    3. wearing jeans, as me in shorts should not be put upon anyone
    4. Less sweating for Bart
    5. Less sweating for Tammy while she cleans toilets!
    6. Mercyme meet and great tickets
    7. Vikings Football
    8. The color of leaves
    9. That much closer to winter vacation in Florida
    10. Watching A.P. the vikings only player,

  • Toby

    1. Less Bart sweat
    2. Kids in School
    3. Steelers!!!
    4. Cubs in playoffs
    5. Steelers!!!
    6. Cubs in playoffs
    7. Steelers!!!
    8. Cubs in playoffs
    9. Hey, there’s not much goin on here
    10. Snow capped mountains in Germany!!! Awesome!

  • Scott Fillmer

    I’ll just take yours, sounds just about perfect… I LOVEEEEE fall weather, but still waiting for it to arrive down here in the south. I can post some photos of fall leaves but they wouldn’t be seen down here for a while yet 🙂

  • Jessica

    Aside from all the ‘football’ answers, I am right there with ya, Buddy! I am lovin’ me some Fall!!! And so ready for it.

  • Jen B

    Fall is the best time of the year.
    3. I get to start teaching my kids. It’s amazing to watch them learn.
    2. Caramel apples from our local cidar mill.
    1. I don’t have to shave my legs everyday!!!
    I know, I know TMI…:)

  • Robbie Paisley

    1. Less sweating for Bart
    2. NFL Football (going to Denver next weekend to see the Broncos, Yay!)
    3. Fantasy Football (current stats 2-2-0 gotta do something about this)
    4. Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate (I love this!)
    5. Closer to Christmas (love everything about this holiday)
    6. Holiday tv shows
    7. Holiday decorating
    8. Fall colors
    9. Yankee Candle’s holiday scents
    10. Using the fireplace (making smores)

  • TLC

    10. Less sweating for Bart and everyone!
    9. Less mowing.

  • TLC

    8. New tv shows.
    7. State fairs.
    6. Stew cookoffs.
    5. Dallas Cowboys!!!!
    4. High school football/homecoming.
    3. Turkey day/ pecan pie.
    2. My birthday AND Christmas is closer!
    1. I can wear my winter clothes.

  • Rachel

    Funny, I just blogged about this (minus an actual top 10 list). So here is the official top ten:

    10. Hoodies, jeans and flip flops = my official fall ensemble.
    9. Actual clothing on sale (not as much skimpy junk they put out during summer…)
    8. The smell of fall in the air.
    7. Fall colors.
    6. Pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks.
    5. Fall TV.
    4. Perfect season for camping/retreats/bonfires.
    3. Evening walks.
    2. Clear skies.
    1. Seeing the rhythm of nature and remembering how big and creative our God is. (and less sweating for Bart…of course…)

  • TLC

    correction- My birthday and Christmas are closer!

  • AK

    10. Football–period.
    9. Baseball playoffs.
    8. Cooler weather
    7. Sweaters
    6. Less mowing.
    5. Trees changing colors
    4. Corduroy
    3. The smell of new books for school.
    2. Frito Chili Pies, cinnamon rolls, and hot chocolate at the hometown high school football games.
    1. Air conditioners become a convenience rather than a requirement.

  • buzz

    fall IS sooo wonderful!! i have to agree 🙂 and…this is my first year in fantasy football, dont feel bad robbie, my record is 1-3, and my prob is definately OVERthinking it all, LOL

  • Brenda

    hhhmmmm i’m in Florida too like Heidi– and we get cold weather maybe 1 week of the year—so… when it does get cold , like cold enough to wear a jacket like all day …um gosh well, its a refeashing break from 90 degrees at 9am the leaves are still green though—-ive been in Florida too long– i dont think i have a top 10 but for me * less sweating and the *holidays are close….. 🙂

  • Brenda

    ps. Bart where was that picture taken of those leaves? that is beautiful!!

  • Cassandra, a S.L.O.B.

    1. less sweating for Bart
    2. clean, crisp air
    3. beautiful fall colors
    4. closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas
    5. cool enough to wear long sleeves… Oh, did you know that you can only take off so much clothing before being arrested?! Layering is better!
    6. Steelers!! (I agree w/ Toby)
    7. hot cocoa w/ peppermint
    8. eating soup and chili
    9. no bugs
    10. snuggling next to someone you love to keep warm.

  • joniandrick

    My Top 10 Reasons I love Fall!
    10. The kids go back to school
    9. New season of Grey’s Anatomy
    8. The leaves change color
    7. The spiders & mosquitoes die
    6. Sweatshirt weather
    5. Less sweating for Bart (and me!)
    4. Chili time
    3. Pro Football starts
    2. College Football starts

  • Sheryl

    10. Definitely the colors (this is a shout out to our reat God)
    9. Less sweating for Bart and all the women who are in a different season altogether
    8. Walking outside for exercise
    7. Cuddling under blankets
    6. Pumpkin spiced coffee creamer
    5. The sounds of football games
    4. Less grass mowing
    3. Yankee Harvest candles
    2. Soup recipes get dusted off
    1. The glorious thought of spending more time inside with my family

  • Rebecca T :-P

    1. MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! (come on guys, that’s like, the MOST IMPORTANT THING about October!)
    2. Pretty Leaves (although when they fall they cause more acidents than snow and ice does in the winter)
    3. I would say High School Football, but my school football team stinks, but i still love my school (our music department ROCKS)
    5. My favorate type of weather
    6. All the bugs die or hide away where they won’t bug me (get it? bugs? bug me? hahahahahahaha-hahaha…haha…ha…ha…)
    7. Thanksgiving
    8. pumpkin pie, and other pumpkin-derived foods
    9. several other family member’s birthdays
    10. Less sweating for Bart (bored tone of voice)

  • Jersey Kat

    Same here with the Football!

  • Buggy G


    ‘Nuff said!

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