Fill In The Blanks

This is from yesterday’s taping at the Gospel Music Channel’s Faith And Fame in Atlanta.

Fill in the blanks.
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  • Heidi Reed

    1. I’m too sexy for this set.
    2. What are the words again? I wasn’t gone that long, was I?
    3. Dude, someone farted.
    4. Hold in the fart. Hold in the fart. Maybe if I let it seep out without a sound nobody will know.

  • Tammy~S.L.O.B.

    1. Can I go home now?

    2. I wonder if we can get some ice cream when were done?

    3. Ha, they dont know who I am!

    4. Why am I here and what is it again that I do for a living?

  • Brenda

    1. you’ve got to be kidding me….
    2. I just can’t move , i’m done , i’m tired , i’m through, did i say i was done …
    3.ok—- now i really cant see like anything at all this light is just too much ohh and its hot too!!
    4.What do you mean its not going to be released on time ????????!!!!! i’m not hearing this

  • Brenda

    ok wait i just read twitter….. taping that long for two days … exhaustion (sp)? 1. through 4. pure exhaustion!!!!! wow God Bless

  • Ivy Six-Pack

    I hate to say it, but Heidi hit the nail on the head! Those were my exact thoughts before I looked at the comments – way to go Heidi!

  • Chris

    1.Uh, that’s right. I was talking to you.
    2.Ahhh, I wish I could just get my hands on that cheese burger.
    3.I’m actually in the Picture!
    4.I can’t believe they are talking a picture of me. I hate pictures.

  • Robbie Paisley

    1. Oh no they di’ent! Where is Robby, Nathan and Jim???

    2. Ahh… Why did’t I get to sit down too? Why am I looking at the ceiling? Why am I here? Why does my shirt have buttons on the left while Barry and Bart’s have them on the right? Why, why why???

    3. Look at all these Slobber’s trying to figure out who I am.. hehe slobber’s hehe funny word hehe

    4. Its way too early in the morning to smile. That’s it! I’ll have a sit down strike, I refuse to look happy until they agree to stop doing these things in the mornings. Hey, I do feel happy inside because my hair and shirt are almost the same color. *Does a little happy dance inside* They will never know. *evil grin*

  • TLC

    1. Heidi got it right!
    2. I wish I could see Cam.
    3. Hey guys, the camara is back here. Turn aroundyou silly millies!
    4. When is this going to be over?

  • MomS

    No, I’n not the captain from Star Treck
    So glad I learned to sleep with my eyes open
    If people could only see what I am seeing…
    If the dude says “one more time” I willjust have to hurt him

  • MomS

    oops that was Star Trek sorry Trekkies

  • George

    1. Behold, for my next trick I will rotate my right had 360 degrees without injury…
    2. (Gasp!) Is that Luigi, from Super Mario Brothers, preparing to climb a ladder behind us?
    3. I’m just back here testing the lights folks. This one seems particularly bright on my left.
    4. I wonder if my spikey hair can pop this thought bubble?

  • Houston

    1. So, you wanna make a deal? (deal or no deal)
    2. Why am I here again?? Oh yeah, I’m in that band…
    3. Who are these guys again?
    4. Maybe if I stare long enough I can move things with my mind….wait…wait….nope

  • Brenda E

    1. Barry- Heyyyy, I look good on the monitor…yeah… hey, wait! is my head too shiny?
    2. Mike- Oh man, I shouldn’t have supersized that order!
    3. Guy in the back. Hey look, maybe I’ll be on the next cover! Are Nathan, Robbie and Jim still locked in the coat closet?

    4. Bart- This is my Friendly Frequent Flier Face!

  • Caryn (MN)

    1. Let’s get this over with.
    2. I wish I was home with my family.
    3. Wow, cool, MercyMe, Maybe I’ll get their autographs for my wife.
    And 4…
    This acting “normal” stuff is painful, can’t wait to get home and create a CTGB. And where is Nate anyway?

  • Kaleb Trail

    1. Yeah Baby, look at me
    2. *Cricket* *Cricket*
    3. He He He He. I got in the picture
    4. So this is the start of my “serious lead singer” venue that I’m going to try out for awhile. I think I am better at it than Bono, although, Bono had the edge to kind of help keep him serious. Who do I have? I have nathan I guess. He kind of keeps me on my toes. It would be cool to be irish though. I would be a non-alcoholic irishman. If they guys found out I drank they would kill me. They would kick me out of the band, or make me sing cover tune grab bags as punishment. Man, I have to admit, those cover tune grab bags are awesome. I am dissapointed that I haven’t sang any Michael Bolton songs yet. I might add some in the bag. Elton John Songs would be cool, or some George Michael. I can’t let on, Got to remain cool. What would Bono Do. WWBD?
    It would be a cool irishman. I could def. pull off those blue glasses. Maybe I should try that for the next cover shoot. You need a cool nickname to pull something like that off. I could be “The Round”, or “Mono”. I will have to think about this more. Maybe I could be a symbol, like prince. I don’t know what kind of symbol would say “Bart”. I should be “Duke” or “Pawn”. Nah. Bart is ok.
    Hopefully we will eat some lunch after this……etc.

  • anonymous

    1. Wait for it……BAM…I call it the “Blue Steel” look.
    2. No way Hulk takes Iron Man in a fight….but what about Captain America????
    3. I missed the Dancing With The Stars results show for THIS??!!!
    4. Did he just call us Casting Crowns?

  • Patty

    1. I look good!!
    2. I wonder if SpongeBob is on.
    3. Maybe they won’t notice me and I can pretend I’m with the band.
    4. What was I supposed to say? Where are we?

  • Becky Blair

    1>Mama told me not to come!
    2. She said that ain’t the way to have fun!
    3. Mama told me, mama told me…
    4. Now what did Mama say? Oh yeah, take out the trash!

  • Kaleb Trail

    LOL. #16 (Anonymous) has the best bart one. “DId he just call us casting crowns?” lol. Thats great

  • Kim the SLOB

    1. Look into my eyes…. Now concentrate! I am NOT Mr. Clean! I am Barry! The MercyMe Barry!!
    2. Man, I wish I had a big, juicy cheeseburger & fries right about now!
    3. I don’t know why they wouldn’t let ME in the band…… I can sing…. It’s a Cover Tune Grab Bag…. It’s Cover Tune Grab Bag… It’s a Cover Tune…. It’s a Cover Tune…. It’s a Cover Tune Graaabb Baggggggg…
    4. Please…. PLEASE let us be done! I need to sleep!

  • Kim

    1. “Uh oh… my fly is open… don’t move, don’t move, don’t move… Do you think the camera will pick that up?… don’t move, don’t move, don’t move…”

    2. “I’m thinking… Arby’s!”

    3. “Aww, shoot! I thought this was the set of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?!?’ ”

    4. “The next words out of your mouth had better be, ‘That’s a rap!’ “

  • Joshua

    1. Bart’s hair looks great…
    2. How does Bart get his hair to look like that?
    3. Bart’s hair is amazing.
    4. My foot itches.

  • Jessica

    1. Barry: “I’m too sexy for my hair… Too sexy for my hair… Too sexy for my hair… Oh, why should I care…”

    2. Mike: “Huh?”

    3. Back-drop guy: “Boy are they gonna be surprised when they find me in the background of their picture.”

    4. Bart: “I wonder which city we’re in? They’re really all starting to run together again… I hate when that happens.”


  • Patti

    1. “Deal or no deal?”
    2. “Sometimes I hear voices and wonder where have all the flowers gone. Gee that’s pretty deep.”
    3. “I thought this was a GEICO comercial. Whoops, wrong gig.
    4. “What is it we are supposed to be doing here? Oh yeah, No Deal! Are you sure that the guy behind me isn’t the Tidy Bowl man?!”


    1. If I were singing lead vocals I know Iwould sound better than Bart…..without the gold mic.

    2. What did come first….the chicken or the egg……..

    3. Man….I wish I could sit around all day, daydreaming and get paid.

    4. You know……. North Carolina BBQ does taste better than Kansas City BBQ.

  • ann

    1. Does this shirt not look smokin hot on me or what????

    2. Uh, what’s my name again?

    3. I look like plastic being back here this far.

    4. If they take one more picture, I’m gonna……..

  • Sheryl

    1 – This would be my GQ pose!
    2 – Maybe they won’t ask me anything if I pretend to look away.
    3 – Those guys actually get paid to do that?
    4 – You talkin’ to me?

  • Stacey

    1. Hey i am looking good!
    2. Is that a baby crying?, Oh wait am i sleeping?, What are we doing here again?.
    3.Who is Mercy Me?
    4. Please just let me out of here now! So i can go home and make more Charile videos blogs.

  • Kaleb Trail

    Barry – “Rico…..Suave”
    Mike – “So pi = 3.141592653589793238463.1415926535897
    Guy in Background – “I swear, I came up with cover tune grab bag first”
    Bart – “Did he just call me Mac Powell”

  • Elizabeth

    1. “Hey beautiful. I’m avaliable. Meet you for dinner? 5-ish?”

    2. ” Why did they choose that color? I’m thinking orange-no wait! Periwinkle. Yeahhhh…..periwinkle.”

    3. ” Let me just reposition this….perfect….why doesn’t this have a mirror? It’s already been 5 minutes since I looked at myself.”

    4. ” Boy….why did I eat that? I feel SOO bloated…

  • Tiffany

    1. Yeah I look good
    2. Did I leave the iron on?
    3. He took the picture?! Aren’t they supposed to wait for us to get out of the shot first?
    4. You want us to say chi not cheese?

  • Rebecca T :-P

    note: both 1 and 2 are sleeping with their eyes open and are talking in their sleep

    1) far, far away, beyond the distant door that leads outside…
    2) I see…light…
    3) This is boring. I think i’ll add a little exitement with this water gun. muahahahahaha!
    4) [What Heidi said…i was actualy thinking the same thing before i read her’s….lol bart- you really DO look constipated!]

  • Joe

    1. I think my arm is twisted the wrong way.
    2. So, I think I have it figured. If I just stand here, then Barry’ll move and I will have his seet and, transversely be one seet closer to victory!
    3. So, if I just wait back here, eventually Mike’ll move and I can take his spot, transversely putting myself in the band.
    4. I wonder if Mike’s plotting against me?

  • Danny

    1. I wonder if anybody heard that?
    2. Whww whaaats happening… why do I feel faint? I need oxygen….
    3. Glad I’m back here….
    4. I’m gonna kill that cook… I told him NO MORE BEANS!

  • candice

    1. Its time to go home.
    2. I want a steak…or maybe an enchilada..but we cannot have Bart near Mexican Food.
    3. These guys sure have all the luck.
    4. I want Mexican Food! Maybe a big juicy burrito.

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