Cover Tune Grab Bag – “New Sensation”

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  • Sheryl

    Hey guys, you never cease to amaze! This is quickly becoming my favorite thing to look at on my computer and I look forward to each new song. Keep on having fun and making me feel a little more sane (although my friends would not agree). Can’t wait to see you this weekend in Findlay, Ohio.

  • Sara

    Hmm… not a big fan of INXS. But still hilarious as usual. One question, do you film these at one time and then post them randomly thru the month/week? Because I have noticed that you wear the same clothes…Star Wars….

  • Lisa

    Either you really, really like those outfits, your wives have refused to do your laundry anymore, or you have a ton of CTGBs and your doling them out to us in little bits.
    And Bart, I’m thinking out of all the pictures I’ve seen of you (and the ones I took at your show in Schaumburg, IL) you are always wearing a hat of some sort. Hmmm? Are you hiding something?

  • mmBart

    Yeah we went in and did 6 songs since Mike was with child #3. We were up till after midnight, and the longer we went, the funnier it got.

  • Sandi

    I’ve never heard of the group or the song…but how can you not love watching CTGB….I wouldn’t get tired of them if I saw them everyday!!!!

  • Toby

    Tell Barry he needs to get the “sensation” checked out. Once it spreads to his head, he’ll need to dip into your hat stock.

  • Cassandra, a SLOB

    Teehee… Cute as always. And thanks for the info about the clothes. I was not aware of anyone else’s being the same, but it did seem that Bart loves his Star Wars shirt. Now I understand. Hope all is well with Mike’s family.. *cyber hugs* for the entire family!

    Thanks for the great wake up song. I remember this song well when I was a teen. 😉

  • Z


    Checking your blog is one of the fun parts of my day. There are so often welcome surprises!


  • Cathy Dee

    Wow at those chair dancin’ moves! I’m impressed (and extremely amused).

  • Brenda

    Good Chair dance moves there Bart— Man where do you guys dig up these songs?? i remember that one well. … i like the break in the middle … too funny — i think you do a bunch of them at a time , then release one here and there… i certainly look forward to seeing them !!!! thanks for the laugh You guys just one of a kind!!!!!! GOD BLESS 🙂

  • alma

    wow! lol! you guys bless my day! the dancing, the singing! i beleive that truly the joy of the Lord is your strength! thank you!

  • Beverly

    I love CTGB!!! Whenever I’m feeling a little down all I have to do to make me smile is watch a CTGB. It is so obvious ya’ll are having so much fun. Bart, it looked like you where having a hard time staying in the chair. Loved the dancing! When the guys are trying to keep from cracking up laughing is probably one of my favorite parts! Seeing them smile makes me smile!

    Love it!!!!!! Thanks for having fun and sharing with us!

  • Jen B

    I see you didn’t want to risk a belly show, so you used a chair. Nice. I prefer stand up dancing instead of chair dancing though. 🙂
    I’m still waiting for the “Pirates who don’t do anything”.
    You guys are great!

  • Sandi

    I’m with ya Jen B…..that was my suggestion from the beginning…The Pirates who don’t do anything. I can only imagine what creative things can be done with that…plus they were sort of left off the Veggie Rocks cd…so I’d love to hear a MM version, woot! lol

  • Bob

    Next MercyMe album: The Covers….what do ya think.

  • joniandrick

    Usually first thing every morning, I start it off w/ a CTGB song. Sometimes I go to youtube to watch the older ones… My favorite is the “Hold Me Now” where Nathan mouths to the camera from behind you all – “I don’t know this song…” then…”OH, I know this part.” to which he then sings a bit. Funny. 🙂 And of course when Bart starts it by adding, “we can speed up this song…” Muy funny. Have a great week. Looking forward to the next 2 and then some when Mike is back! Take care.

  • Robbie Paisley

    I like INXS and you all did a great job on this song. I really like the part where you paused to get the lyrics where you could see them.

    By the way Bart, I like the hat it looks good on you and Nathan I like the bandana too.

  • candice

    Very well done! Next up “Maneater” by Hall and Oates! 🙂

  • Spoons

    My suggestion for CTGB is “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds. It will only be good if you end the video with the Judd Nelson punch in the air from The Breakfast Club.

  • JanetRN

    Dude you have got to start twittering when you put up a new one of these!

  • Katie phillips

    Hey Guys! Very funny video. I enjoyed meeting all of you tonight at the spirit night for Juvenile Diabetes. I hope there is a cure–soon! I just want to tell you guys that GOD has blessed you sooo much with your talents. You are able to talk to and sing for so many people with the message of JESUS. I can only imagine the impact-all the seeds- you have planted. I love you guys and your precious families and pray for you often because you guys are real. You give GOD all the glory!! Keep praising His name! Katie Phillips, Greenville,Tx.

  • Rebecca T :-)

    sorry guys, i don’t think you will ever be able to top the ‘Jesus is still alright’ song.
    you know, something tells me that part of the reason why some of these are not as funny to me is because i don’t know half of these songs. You guys need to do some more current songs or something.
    …okay, while I’m sitting here complaining to you, i probably need to be doing my homework… i’ve got girls choir tonight, and i need 2 get it done…but i don’t WANT to… you people are SOOO lucky you don’t have homework. I know, you got other responsibilities. But SERIOUSLY, your ‘responsibilities’ include singing and performing on stage. You can’t get much better than that… I think THAT constitutes ‘fun’.
    You guys have GOT to have the BEST job EVER. You SING for a living- singing is hard work, but it’s FUN hard work. It’s not like HOMEWORK :P.

  • Toby

    Ok guys…always remember: NEVER comment on a blog after drinking massive amounts of Mountain Dew!
    Know what I’m sayin? 🙂

  • Houston

    Brightened up my day.
    I think this was possibly the best…Definitely my favorite

    Keep it up guys! Thanks for goofing around and making us laugh!!

  • Alissa

    Yes!! This is great. I love CTGB’s! You guys make me laugh, really hard!! 🙂 Thank you for all the laughs!
    It’s the best when you guys try so hard not to laugh. I don’t know how you guys do it, without laughing. 🙂 I love it! Do you purposely wear the same outfits every time? 😉 Nice.
    I think “Take On Me”…was EXCELLENT!
    Please, keep them coming! 🙂
    God Bless You Guys!!!

  • DAVID E.

    Hey guys. You should do Billie Jean.

  • Tony C

    I LOVE CTGBs!! I check the site for new ones every week! I must agree with joniandrick that “Hold Me Now” is still the best. But if you guys are taking sugestions, I’d love to see you do “Safety Dance”!
    You guys are awesome!

  • Lisa

    Hey, I like the new header! That’s a great picture.

  • Z

    Hello Mercy Me,

    I think the logo I designed for you was much better!

    Well, your new logo certainly looks nice but I would not have tucked the “S” of “Spectular League” behind Barry’s head.

    Maybe you could just resize the logo a little bit.

    Okay, I’m getting picky, but did you see the logo I sent you?

    Jim Bures

  • Kaleb Trail

    I’m so pumped that you guys are headed to Hagerstown, MD Novemeber 2nd. Can’t wait to see you. I missed you the last time you were in the area.
    Are you doing a full band set? I heard you guys were doing an acoustic set. Personally, I’d like to have the full experience.

    Mike and Barry
    Hopefully I could get to see your guys’ rigs up close.
    Will you be using the TC Nova Electronics Modulater?

    I would really love to hear “where the streets have no name” cover
    Could you guys please do that one? I know you probably already have a set that includes “all that is within me” but I love your guys’ version (maybe even more than U2)



  • Kim the SLOB

    Just saw you guys last night in Knoxville. What an awesome show!! Since it was a general admissioin show, we got there at 2:00….. Only a 4 hour wait until show time. But it was so worth it since we had front row seats!!! My girls even made their own SLOB t-shirts & wore them proudly!! One question for you…… We could hear you during the sound check & it sounded great. But during the show it was really hard to hear the words you were singing (I’m glad I know them all by heart!). Did something happen to the sound between sound check & the show? It was still phenomenal concert. When you can fell the spirit moving like that… it’s something I’ll never forget. Thanks for all you do…. It means so much to my family!!! We love you guys!!!!

  • Sandi

    I said when I first listened to this that I had never heard of the song…I was mistaken…I have. I just had to refresh my memory with the original, haha.
    btw…I like the new header, the only problem that I see is that N. CA isn’t on your schedule! 🙁

  • The Sproul Family


    That sure is a new sensation! I could hear it crakle all the way from the beezeway to the kitchen and down the hall. Kym asks from the kitchen “IS THAT Bart?”. She is full of giggles! INXS is there any more Doooobie Brothers in that karaoke machine? I was wondering could you incorporate some sort of a warning meter for us to turn down the speakers 10-20 decibles. I seriously love the ctgb series it is a go end to a stressful week
    Kym hopes to “SEE” you again soon.

    Thanks Joe

  • Hannah

    Haha I just ran across these videos on youtube and they are pretty much amazing! You guys should do “Old Time Rock and Roll” next! :p

  • sophi

    they should try some billy joel

  • Caryn (MN)


    Always a joy watching your CTGB hits! I listened to Undone all the way home from Duluth tonight and thought I better check the site- It’s been a while. I know all the CTGB songs-right outta my generation! Eye of the Tiger with Nate in the Tigger costume is still my favorite. You could even go back a few more years-How about Little Willie Willie (70’s?)
    Hey Toby, I loved the hat comment, keep drinking the Dew. (But, Barry you look fine w/o a hat)
    Thanks for a guaranteed laugh. In Christ- Caryn

  • Caryn (MN)

    Nate, you really can hit those high notes!

  • Dave

    talk about yer phone being attached to yer hand, I think Bart’s Star Wars shirt at attached to his body….must be a very comfy shirt…or his wife doesn’t know he’s wearing it. Either way, rock on for Jesus!

  • Slobberking

    Dudes….you rock! When do we get t-shirts????

  • Buggy G

    You guys appeal to all ages! The five-month-old boy I’m watching was waving his arms and bopping his head to the music. 🙂

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