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Hey there you SLOBs! We need your help. We are actually wanting you to pick the next MercyMe radio single! We have narrowed it down to 4 songs, and we want you to make the call! Each song is here for your listening pleasure, and we then need you to go to the survey, to the right of this blog entry, and vote on which one sounds like a radio hit. And remember, to find joy in life, you must pick your favorite song…wait is that right?

“Goodbye Ordinary”
[audio:] “Alright”
[audio:] “My Heart Will Fly”
[audio:] “Finally Home”

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  • Toby

    Can’t you release a quadruple instead of a single? I like em all, but for the sake of this blog voted for Finally Home.

  • Wes

    They’re all great tunes. Tough call…

  • Robbie Paisley

    This is hard, I like them all. I guess I’ll have to use the “eeny meeny miney mo” system to decide which one to vote for.

  • Suzanne

    I cast my vote for “Finally Home.” I absolutely love that one.

  • boomama

    I had an immediate answer: “Alright.”

    Mainly because I love, love, love the “Count it pure joy” part. It makes me HAPPY.

  • Cornel

    I like ‘My Heart Will Fly’ – is touching, it makes my cry sometimes 🙂

  • Stephanie K.

    For the radio, Goodbye Ordinary. I love that song. 🙂

  • Spencer

    Finally Home. That song…a great song for the fall season. They’re all good, though.

  • Heidi Reed

    Well seeing as that I am SUCH a fan I actually really, really love them all. I think “Alright” is a catchy tune I can see myself singing to in the car. That, to me, is a radio hit.

    But seriously — I LOVE THEM ALL and “Finally Home” about made me cry. Gosh, guys — I just can’t wait to see Him. Just. Can’t. Wait.

    Great Job!!

  • Dale Best

    And this is coming from a guy who works in radio…

    There are qualities of each song that would sound good on the radio.

    “My Heart Will Fly” is big and grandiose … it’s the brand of MercyMe. But it feels too much like “God With Us” and “You Reign” …the first two singles.

    “Goodbye” … love the homage to the Beatles in the front. It would sound the best on CHR. Not sure if it would chart well at AC. And with how inconsistent CHR radio sounds these days, it’s a crapshoot.

    “Alright” is fun and quirky and would be a great song for the spring or summer. And you missed that boat already this year. If you release it for adds during October, there’s a chance it may not chart well until February with all the other music out there. So there’s your single for springtime.

    “Finally Home” is holistically the best song of the four … but deserves to be the gem people hear when they buy the whole album.

    My vote is for “Alright”…

    Or maybe release “Finally Home” to INSPO/AC … and “Goodbye” to CHR…

  • Jen B

    FINALLY HOME!!! I just love that song.But, it makes me cry everytime I listen to it. Maybe that’s not a good idea if I’m driving. Hmmm…… Oh well, I’ll take that chance. 🙂

  • Rob

    In the year of election, I’m doing a write in of Sanctified. Any other SLOBS agree???

  • Felicia

    Definitely “Goodbye Ordinary”!!! I was immediately hooked! 🙂

  • wes amick

    SANCTIFIED SANCTIFIED SANCTIFIED! But i am just a crew guy, what do I know. Its my favorite song on the record.

  • David

    I think “My Heart Will Fly” is the best radio material,and my favorite of the four, but “Goodbye Ordinary” is a close second. I think the length and creativety of it make it perfect for the album opener but I don’t think it’ll fly well on radio. “Alright” is kinda dull, and while a good song, “Finally Home” is not a song I think will go far on CCM radio, and definetly not mainstream.

  • Z

    I vote “All of the Above.”

    Thanks for More Charlie!

  • Z

    Okay, I chose “Alright.”

    Is this single, per se, on an album available in stores?

    BTW: I ordered “Hymned Again.”

  • Brenda E

    It’s between My Heart Will Fly and Finally Home….leaning more towards My Heart Will Fly. It’s got a healing quality to it so I think a lot of people need to hear that nowdays.

    Thanks for giving us the priviledge guys!

  • Jim Clark

    Totally… “Finally Home.” It’s got that touching quality that makes me think about my dad (who’s still alive). I think that it would be a great hit.

  • jessica

    All great songs in their own right. But, “Alright” just makes me happy to hear it and I would have to agree… it’s a nice break from your other most recent awesome more powerful songs.
    But, I’d have to go along w/ Rob, too and say “Sanctified” would be a great write-in vote.
    Can’t really lose. The whole album is a hit. Great job.

    *Oh, and great pic of a boombox/ ghetto blaster. 🙂 Made me flash back in time for just a moment. 🙂

  • Rebecca T :-)

    I would have to agree that i like them all, so i made my choice based on which one i wont get tired of and which one i won’t start hating after hearing it over and over again on the radio. (that happens a lot with MercyMe songs because they are amazing and everyone loves them so much) so i would have to go with ‘Goodbye ordinary’

    ps. it wouldn’t let me vote because APPARENTLY i ‘already voted’ …which i didn’t, so maybe you could add my vote in there under ‘goodbye ordinary’ since my computer is messed up. 🙁

  • Ben

    Got to go with “Finally Home”. Love that song.

  • Cathy Davis

    Honestly, this CD has been one of my all time favorite CDs and any of the songs will do well when they are released. It’s hard to pick just one. Oh the pressure – what if I pick the wrong one? Wait, there won’t be a wrong one because they are all great!

  • Stacey

    I am with everyone else i can’t decide which one i like best. All the songs are great but, the one i do like is “Finally Home” it brings tears to my eyes. I will vote for one of the songs for sure.

  • Veretax

    First off, I’m hoping you have at least one more single that you can take from this album, it is by far one of the best since the first one I got “Almost There”.

    Anyhow, I don’t particularly like Alright. Its a quirky song, but I’m not sure its so good for listening to in the car. The other three all equally have merit, and if you could reserve it I’d hold back Goodbye ordinary till after Christmas. That in essence leaves Finally Home, and My Heart WIll Fly. Both are songs with good pacing a strong message and I can just see myself driving along the appalachians to my Family Reunion listening to either one of them. They Are both excellent songs. The question is which one do you write first. Honestly, I’d lean toward’s My Heart Will Fly… with Goodbye Ordinary or Finally Home being the next one to release. Thats my opinion of course.

  • kristina

    I voted. 🙂 Went with “Goodbye ordinary.” Love them all, but that one particularly makes me rock out with praise for the Lord. 😉 Thanks for having a little say in all of this guys! They’re ALL wonderful!

  • Dionna

    I was going to pick “Goodbye Ordinary” until I listened to “My Heart Will Fly” and tears immediately came to my eyes. I’m already adding that to my Itunes list. What a beautiful song that can speak for my heart.

  • Jessica

    Alright, Guys… after listening to the album today w/ this post in mind, I’ve decided that “The Time Has Come” has got to be the next radio single!!! I know it’s not one of the choices, but it’s got it all – it’s catchy, it’s inspiring, it’s upbeat but deep-meaning, it’s got the cool little change-up thing going on… and I can just hear it being played on the radio!
    Just a thought! 🙂

  • joelgutowsky

    i can only imagine. i think that song should be your new single.

    (sarcasm intended)

    but im gonna go with wes and rob and make a write-in request for “sanctified”.

    please its sooo good.

  • Robin C.

    Well’s a tough one for me, but I think it will have to be “Alright” for me. It’s the song I can see me and my son singing aloong with on the way to school each morning, so that’s the one for me. Plus I love the horn throughout the song. I also like the strings in Goodbye Ordinary (It actually would personally be MY favorite). Finally Home brings tears to my eyes for the pure emotion of it (and I love the guitar in it).

    Hey MMike, can one of ya’ll email me personally, I have something I would like to ask you guys. It has to do with my son’s school (St. John Neumann Catholic School)

  • Brenda

    To choose between those … ooooo tough call They are all awesome…. i think “Goodbye Ordinary” first , then “Alright” I LOVE ALL THE SONGS… i listen to them, washing my car , cleaning, driving in the car, doing dishes , to school , from school …parent pick up line —– everywhere.—- MercyMe is all i neeed to hear !!!! GOD BLESS!!
    my vote is for “Goodbye Ordinary”

    p.s. i wish this years elections were this easy

  • Sara


  • Alissa

    That is a very tough one!! They’re all great songs. Ahhhh…Finally Home, or Goodbye Ordinary…I love them all.

    God Bless You,

  • Andy S

    I really like Finally Home, especially after the story Bart told on the ITUNES originals. I think this song will resonate to those who have lost their father or mother!! But they are all good!!

  • Kaleb Trail

    I would just like to say that “My Heart Will Fly” gives me goosebumps and puts me in worship mode every time I hear it. After reading this blog I thought I would go back to the album on my ipod and go over the songs and see which one spoke to me the most. I listened to the songs, and they were all great, but by the end of “MY Heart Will Fly” I was in tears, and I felt the power of God in this song. I just know this song will take off and be of great sucess in the business standpoint. In the christian/ministry standpoint, it is a powerful song that delivers the truest hope we could ever have in life, and that is the reward in heaven. The 2:42 mark, is my favorite.
    This song could make for a powerful music video too. It could very easily tell a story.

    Thanks for the Inspiration,

  • Jamison

    I am going to go ahead and be slightly brutally honest about the one I like. I like Goodbye Ordinary. Just not the intro, but when the guitar and the song fully comes in.. I’m all bobbing my head and tapping my foot.

    I don’t comment much, so I just want to say the whole blog interfacing with the fans that you and Brody and Phil and the bunch are doing is really awesome. Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to make us feel apart of it all.

  • Tammy~S.L.O.B.

    I agree Sanctified should be it.. Why is that not up for a vote?
    Or are you saving the best for last?

  • Sarah

    I love Finally Home. All of them are great songs but that one I liked the most!

  • Sandi

    Although I like all of them, I voted for “Finally Home” because I think it’s really powerful and has brought me to tears at times. It’s one of those songs that people can really relate to and that’s what Christians listening to music want…they want it to be “real”. My second choice would be “My Heart Will Fly”. This song sounds like something you’d hear on the radio. However, I’m with those who are saying “Sanctified”. Who doesn’t want to be encouraged…”Sanctified, I have been set free…”
    As a listener, the songs that really attract my attention are those that are “real” to my life and that I never get tired of hearing. There are many songs out there that I like, but after K-Love *cough* plays the same song every 5 min (ok, every 30 min), there are some songs that I just get tired of….not because of the message but just certain tones to a song can get old. So the songs I really want to hear on the radio, are ones that I won’t get tired of. “My Heart Will Fly” and “Sanctified” are two of those songs that I wouldn’t get tired of. They just have that “it” factor and the message is powerful.
    Also, I would love to hear “Time Has Come” on the radio (that is one awesome song!). It’s upbeat and it’s one of 3 songs (actually the #1 song) that I play over and over again on the cd (the other two are “Finally Home” and “My Heart will Fly”).
    I don’t know if that helps, but I wanted to share my heart. Can’t wait to hear what you decide!

  • Tina West

    I like them all but think that either ‘Finally Home’ or ‘My Heart Will Fly’ will probably be the next single. I think that Finally Home will be my new favourite song as that is how I am feelining in my spiritual walk right now.

  • Tammy~S.L.O.B.

    Ok, so I was at work today listening to you on my ipod and all the songs happen to be you of course! (go figure) Anyway, I have changed my mind! They are all so darn good any of them would be a great asset to the radio! Goodbye ordinary would be a great “mainstream” song! I dont care anymore which it is just get one!!


    Love em all but my vote would be for FINALLY HOME!!

  • Rebecca T :-)

    …srry i’m getting competitive. It’s homecoming week at my school, and you know how it is in HS between the different classes…
    maybe you could choose 2. (are you even allowed to choose two singles or does it have to be a ‘single’?)

  • jenn

    My vote is for Alright. I really like all the songs, but I love the count it pure joy when the world comes crashing part. I really need a t-shirt that says that!! Is there one yet? That would be a great t-shirt. 🙂

  • Emily

    I love all of these songs…so hard to make a choice. “Alright” is a very comforting song and I love that!!!

    By the way, “Sanctified” is incredible and that would actually be my next choice for a single…you guys are the best.

  • The Honey Family

    We’re with Wes….SANCTIFIED! Since you can’t do that, Ordinary will definitely do best on the radio (not Finally Home).

    And in the words of Charlene Darlin’….”Not My Heart Will Fly, that one makes me cry!”


    My vote was for Finally Home since that’s my favorite but My Heart Will Fly would also work well for mainstream. I think Ordinary and Alright (although I love everything you guys have done)are a far cry from what ‘mainstream’ remembers Mercy Me for which could be good but could also turn them off…but what do I know…that’s just my thinking.

  • Robby

    My Heart Will Fly is my selection. It questions why the Gospel had to happen the way it did…it’s a great question, that leads me to an even greater answer. I think great songs ask great questions.

    Not to mention I think this song is the most likely to be played on all genres of radio…it could be made into a CHR mix, and it’s for sure AC and Inspo. This means more people will hear the message!

  • TLC

    This is like asking someone “Tell me which one of your kids you like the best”. Ditto to Kaleb Trail and Robby.

  • Joanne

    I really enjoyed the “My Heart Will Fly”.
    though each song contains much meaning and depth. not to mention the beautiful music.
    I really like “Finally Home” but FLY~~~

  • Carlo (Italy)

    I love The entire CD, and it’s very difficult for me to choose only one. Anyway, my vote goes for “Goodbye Ordinary”, ’cause is very “Beatles” I think, (Is my favourite group of all the times….ouch!! after MM – naturally – eh,eh!!, and it’s so exciting to know part of CD has been producted in Abbey Road). So let’s go with this one

  • Buffy

    I love all your songs. But the one that I would have to vote for is “FINALLY HOME”.

    I believe that song hits hearts for a lot of people that have lost loved ones.

    Thank you for all your inspiring songs.

    GOD Bless you ,

  • Sheri

    Love them all but My Heart Will Fly is definitely my favorite. I lost my dear friend to suicide a couple of years ago and this song just really helps on a bad day.

    Thanks for your great songs Mercy Me. You have a wonderful ministry. I look forward to seeing your tour in Davenport, IA.

  • Tim

    My heart will fly


    You never mentioned when the survey will end…kinda curious. Also what’s happening with the SLOB t-shirt artwork contest?

  • Andrew L.

    Of the four, “Finally Home” is my favorite…but “Sanctified” is easily the best song left on the album.

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