Cover Tune Grab Bag “Jesus Is Still Alright” (DC Talk Version)

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  • Sandi

    That was stinking awesome! You pulled that one off…and Nate…wow, that was awesome!!!!!!! I actually understood that part completely for the first time. I think the dancing was sweet! Rock on!!!!!!!!

    PS still waiting for you to come back to N. CA 😉

  • joelgutowsky

    simply amazing. bart…thank you for dancing. thank you.

  • Toby

    Ok, #1: Bart, do you remember Carlton on the Fresh Prince? That has to be where you learned to dance. Uhhh, nice interpretation!
    #2 I’m not sure what kind of fan I can be with busted ear drums. Sure you’re cute…in a lost puppy kinda way…but I really like to LISTEN to your music.
    Oh, nevermind…That was freakin great….There is volume control for a reason, I guess!

  • Mark the Simpleton

    THANK YOU for this. I have been waiting a looooong long time for a DcTaLk CTGB… I was deeply blessed.

  • Jessica

    Way to break it down, Nate! You go, Byoy!!! 🙂

    I LOVE it. It’s got to be my favorite one to date.

    Just what I needed to start out this week!


  • Jessica

    I guess it’d be Bwoy… not Byoy… whatever. You get my drift.


  • MMmike

    i am so sad I was not in this one. DC Talk forever.


  • Sandi

    yeah Mike, if you just didn’t have that little bundle of joy, you would be in this bundle of joy…ha!!! We’ve missed ya though…Can’t wait until you get back into the mix.

  • kristina

    Loved it, guys! Your dancing put it over the top, Bart and loved your rap solo, Nate! Hee hee!

    Oh, and your belly totally showed Bart, but I loved it and I’m glad you still showed it to us. 🙂

    LOL about the Carlton comment from Fresh Prince! I was totally think the same thing. I was hoping you’d do the water sprinkler dance, but maybe next time? 😉

    Thanks guys!! God bless! Have a great week! 🙂

  • Beverly

    LOL! To awesome! FUNNY TOO!!! Dude in the blue totally looks like Kevin from DC TALK! Bart love the dancing! You all made my day! KEEP IT UP!

  • kelli

    Ya know, singing on pitch is so highly overrated.

    MercyMe is still allright with me

  • Lisa

    That was totally great! Bart, your dancing put this one over the top as the best CTGB ever. And Nate, that rap solo was awesome! I really can’t wait to hear what Wally has to say about this one.

  • Kim The SLOB

    I LOVED IT!!! The only thing better than watching these CTGB’s is to watch you perform them on stage! You now have 17 days until the Knoxville show…. Can’t you throw something out there for us??

  • Heidi

    You go Nate! And the dancing/aerobics/???? – Nice. 🙂

  • Z

    Oh my gosh, you guys are so awesome!!!!

    I loved that one!

    (suggestion: Spirit in the Sky?)

  • Z

    Oh yeah, and Nathan’s rap was awesome too!

  • Family Jules

    No Belly. You’re clear.

    Thanks for the dctalk flashback.

  • Robby

    I was working with some yutes this weekend and asked the question, “Do you know who DCTalk is/was?” I got a lot of confused looks. Thanks for showing respect (and for showing your age). Nice dance moves and K-Max with a do-rag would have been interesting.

  • Robbie Paisley aka SLOB

    Loved It!!!

    You’re in the clear Bart, no belly shots and I loved the dancing.

    Nate, you can rap. Toby Mac needs to hear this.

    Barry, you have great voice too.

  • Sandi

    I was just thinking…didn’t Barry say he once played with DC Talk? I know one ya’ll said that in the Q&A…I thought it was Barry. Either way, I still am impresed with Nathan’s rap..I keep watching it. That was impressive.

  • Nancy

    Fabulous! Wonderful! Stupendos

  • Katharine

    That was the best! Great dancing, great rap…who could ask for anything more?

    Love every CTGB–we all watch you in the office and laugh our heads off!

    Thanks guys! We love ya!

    Keep up the good work!

    ps love the “spirit in the sk” suggestion!

  • Robin C.

    Hey…nice job on the rap Nate…I want to hear the Goofy Goober song!!!!

  • Stacey

    Totally awesome!! Loved it ! Cool dance moves Bart, and Nate your rapping was sweet. Keep the CTBG coming.

  • Brenda

    WOW guys !!!! I’m a newby to DC talk…. sounds pretty good give Toby Mac a run for his money ha …but i love MercyMe a tad bit more… Bart awesome dancing !!!!! Nate good solo Barry very nice !!! This was definitly one of your best even though Mike wasn’t there 🙁 it was good!!!! PS. Bart , 4 days of Disney in this Florida Heat WOW!!! (your Brave) & yes legs and feet start to hurt after 3 days and of course a headache from the heat , but other than that It’s all good!!! 🙂 Hope you had fun!!!! God Bless!

  • Debbie

    What happened?? I went to watch it and I could not ….
    Now I am so sad …. said video is no longer available

  • Hillary

    That stinkin’ ROCKED! Thanks for the sweet flashback.

  • Trish

    I now have a new favorite CTGB! That simply rocked my world!

    God Bless MercyMe!

    (btw, I am still praying that ONE day we can have ALL the members of MercyMe doing a CTGB… now, THAT would be spectacular!)


  • Michelle

    Your Cover Tune Grab Bag’s crack me up! Keep them coming! I love your music!!!

  • Katherine

    Yep, Trish-I would love to see them all crammed in that room vying for space in the camera range!! 😉

    Awesome job, guys!! Long live DC Talk!! That rap is one of my favorite parts of the song-I used to rewind it over and over so I could get it just right-you did great, Nate!!

    Loved Bart’s comment at the end: “If my belly is showing, we can’t use it” LOL You’re clear! And yes…definitely some Carlton influence in there!!

    Keep them coming-they make my day! 🙂

  • Tammy~S.L.O.B.

    Words cant even begin to discribe how funny that one was!!
    How do you guys not laugh the whole time you are doing them?

  • Cassandra, a SLOB

    I agree with everyone’s post, great job, funny as always! Thanks for a great wake up song!! =D

    Blessings upon you all… keep the fire going… even if it is slightly colorful like you all. ;-}

    Still checking the tour dates… no Des Moines or Waukee yet! ;-P

  • Luanne

    Words can not describe–so I won’t even attempt it!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Sheryl

    You know ater watching several of these CTGBs, I just now figured out after this last one that the room you all are taping these in has to be padded in some type of institution – hee! hee!. This was so great. My sister and I will be seeing you in Findlay, Ohio in a few weeks and this gets us through. Although your concerts are always very worshipful, it helps to know that God gave you guys a sense of humor too and He lets us see that behind the scenes. Keep up the great work in all that you do -Sheryl

  • Shelley

    Way,way,way too funny. My face hurts from laughing!! Loved the dance Carlton Jr. The rap was was was-there are no words. 🙂
    My fav CTGB since Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. When I’m feeling yucky I just watch a CTBG and I realize God really does have a sense of humor and he gave someone else’s portion to you guys!
    Maybe you should stay in Florida- the heat brings out the motown in ya’ll. Thanks for all that you guys give. Really appreciate it.

  • The Honey Family

    Bart, you need to consider hosting your own aerobics series! Eat your heart out Denise Austin!

    Ruth says she wants you to dance more on stage……with your eyes open so you don’t fall off.

    I was also wondering if I missed your “Ask Bart” blog? And what about Jim?

  • Donna

    bart you are a dancemaster!!

  • Z

    You guys are an inspiration to create. I am amazed with how much you can entertain within the confines of a little youtube box and a stretch of time.

    God bless you, dudes!

  • Lisa V

    Bart has got the moves!!!! You guys are awesome!!!

  • Debbie

    I got to watch!!! FUNNY

  • David Hakes

    That was one of your finest cover tunes! Loved it! By the way, I often find myself singing the cover tune theme song during the day. Sometimes I can’t get it out of my head.

  • Rhonda

    yeah……almost fell off my chair laughing! I look on the here just to catch the CTGB! The “dancing”…. omg! I don’t know if I could take much more!!! Nathan and Barry…what can I say…way to go…rap man!!!

  • Bill Swingle

    White boys rapping?
    Really? Seriously?

    Well, though I hate it, it did show your talent and versaltility. It’s obvious you’re seasoned performers. When will you make it out to Reno, NV?

    Plus, it was good to see Nate being serious.

    The dancing was pretty good.

    Rap with GOOD THEOLOGY, hard to imagine.

    Bill Swingle

  • PWOC

    How very very depressing. My computer won’t load this CTGB. 🙁
    Maybe tomorrow. At least now I something fun o look forward to! 🙂

  • PWOC

    Wow I can’t type…..At least now I have something fun to look forward to.

  • Tanya


    I think ya’ll need to bring back some stuff from…wait for it…


    Yep that’s right…not many people know about that little gem…but we do. So it would be awesome for you to bust out in some of those oldies, but goodies!

  • candice

    All I have to say is wow…:) Now lets hear you sing some David Crowder Band!

  • Dionna

    Okay. Not that many things get me laughing out loud. Smile yes. Snicker yes. Laugh – no. You guys had me laughing out loud. You’re crazy! And I loved it. 🙂 Thanks for putting some sunshine in my day.

  • Bill Swingle

    Oh darn it. Now I have the CTGB song stuck in my head too.

    Bill Swingle

  • Smilemaker

    Bart . . . loved the dancing. The dance moves reminded me of my husband’s dancing. He too is so very entertaining!!!

    We booked the Music Boat Cruise last month and can’t wait to hang out with y’all in the Bahamas!!!

  • Rebecca T :-)

    this has been BY FAR the best CTGB ever, ever, EVER!!!!
    I died 2 times while watching it:
    ~The first time I died from the pain of listening to you botch the harmony part- when you guys went to the ‘do-do-do’s the second time, and ALL THREE of you TOTALLY missed your pitch my a MILE (or ten).
    ~The second time i died laughing when Bart made that comment right before he turned off the camera.

    …okay, fine, i was laughing the whole time, but, you no wut i mean…

    ps. i watched this right b4 girls choir rehearsal, and when i got there, i seriously could not hear the right pitch to save my life (yes, i no i was tired, but I’m still blaming it on your tone-deaf sounding harmonies 😀 lol)

  • Matt Lloyd

    Love it!!
    Dc talk will never get old, their music is timeless.

  • Cathy Dee

    A friend of mine (boomama) had this video on her blog and I can’t stop watching it. Partially because I had just watched a youtube video about dancing and then here comes Bart with his dancing…most similar to the dance they were teaching in the video. (So, I totally realize that this post only makes sense to me, but this is, unfortunately, how I live my life…saying things that really only I understand.)

    Well, anyway, the whole point to my comment was to thank you for the ray of sunshine this video brings me. 😉

  • MomS

    Yeah, Pleased to Meet You maybe a little Strolling w/Jesus…either that or “Its a Small World” afterall…what ever you guys do is awesome…

  • Bob


    Your belly was not showing….great vid guys

  • Brian

    You guys rock!!! I love this video!!! Definitely the ray of sunshine on my cloudy day!!!

  • Cathy Davis

    I’ve been chuckling about this video all day. I gotta share it with my girls (they share videos with me and htis one is much better than theirs). Where did you learn to dance like that??

  • Cathy Davis

    Ok, just one question, could y’all see each while you were making this video? No way could any one keep a straight face with all that going on!

  • myrna

    i think i peed my pants

  • myrna

    from laughing of course!

  • Gette

    These things are the highlight of my day!

  • Heidi Reed

    Love the dancing. You guys are funny!

  • Jordan

    Oh my gosh, that actually made me laugh out loud, especially because I’m already a diehard dc Talk fan…you guys were ridiculously hilarious!!

  • Cathy Dee

    I just keep coming back…I just can’t stay away!

    (Bart you have the whitest teeth I’ve ever seen.)

  • Brian

    If laughter is a blessing than boy was I blessed watching this! You guys are part of my weekly music listening and these cover tune grab bags are now part of my regular internet searching! With an economy in crisis and many other things on our minds, having a truly funny distraction like this … well simply stated “Thanks!”

    I only wish I had the talent to do this silly stuff to share the fun! Thankful our Lord have given us you guys!

  • Hallie

    oh WOW thats all i can say….

  • Buggy G

    Move over, Toby Mac!!!!! Fo shizzle.

  • Chadillac

    i would like to see Bart vs. “the Star Wars kid” in a danceoff. keep me posted! that was suh-weeeeet!!!!!!!!

  • Laurie

    Thank you for adding a side splitting laugh to me day! That was the best CTBG. Hilarious!

  • mike

    Very cool. Just go for the whole “Free At Last” album…

  • Matt Clark

    You lost me at do-doo.

  • Pepper

    Oh MY Gosh!!!! Me and the kids had tears in our eyes. Too funny!!! Keep up the good work.

  • Gabby

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! You guys can definitely sing kareoke!!! You guys rock!!! Can you do Sea of Faces by Kutless?

    Keep up the awesome work!!

  • Rudy Valdez, Santa Fe, NM

    That was awesome!!!!! Best cover I have heard!!!

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