Hey everybody, we just wanted to let you know that Bart Millard’s “Hymned Again” is finally here! We believe that hymns are a huge part of who we are as the body of Christ, and with churches not singing them as much as they used to, we don’t want them to fade into nothing. So we are excited to support Bart’s hymns projects.

Not only are you buying a great record, but you are truly making a difference in the lives of others. With every purchase of “Hymned Again” on itunes, a portion of the proceeds will go to “Imagine A Cure.” An organization Bart started to find a cure for juvenile diabetes. Because all of us in the band are like brothers, when Bart’s son, Samuel, was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, it impacted each of us greatly. WE WANT TO FIND A CURE FOR SAM! So please, please consider buying Bart Millard’s “Hymned Again” on iTunes or at your local christian bookstore. You won’t be disappointed.

God Bless,

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  • Buggy G

    So excited, I don’t want to sleep! Hmmm, only a few more hours until stores open…. Can’t wait to get HYMNED AGAIN! 🙂

  • islandchick

    Received my pre-order of Hymned Again in the mail on Monday. It finally kicked Third Day’s Revelation out of my CD player! Bart this is an amazing disc, I’m sending it to my Gram and getting it for myself on iTunes (she’s not up on getting music from the computer yet). Thanks for blessing us again with some more good old hymns 🙂

  • Kenny Frazee

    I already can’t wait for Hynned Again Again!! Love It!!!! See you on the road!!

  • Gette


    Plugging you on today’s blog:

  • Gette

    For islandchick: you need a multiple CD shuffler! That’s why ipods rock-current playlist has Revelation, Bart, and Decemberadio in heavy rotation…;)

  • Sara

    Sounds like it will be an AWESOME cd, I will have to go get myself one…

  • Becky Blair

    I am excited because I get to go to “Meet & greet Bart” @ KCBI in Arlington, Tx!!!!!!

  • MomS

    I did my very first itune download this morning at 7 a.m. So excited for you!! Stay well on the tour…

  • Laura Griffin

    I heard you “live” this morning very early on John & Sherry at KLOVE. I heard the very cool, acoustical song with strains of “home” “coming home” “almost home”, but I can not find it on your new album. It was so great, help!

  • Joel Stapleton

    I believe that was one Dan Needham…Nashville session drumming extraordinaire. He’s one of my favs…Nice.

  • Pete

    my brother is picking the cd up for me today when he goes out cause i’m work…i’m stoked….can’t wait to hear it all….i can’t stop listening to the clips on the website.

  • Liza's Eyeview

    SOLID! I’m sure going to buy this!

  • islandchick

    Hey Gette, have no fear, my ipod has all my faves! Unfortunately my life only allows me to rock the ipod @ the gym, Decemberadio has been getting me thru lots of runs lately. I knew MercyMe fans had great taste in music 😉

  • Trish


    Mad props to you and the band, that was SMOKIN’ HOT! I can’t wait to hear the album! Congratulations on being #6! PRAISE GOD!

  • Kim The SLOB

    I had to download the cd BEFORE I went to work…. at 6:30 AM!! It was so worth it!!! What great music to start my day!

  • Robbie Paisley

    One word, Awesome!!!

  • Jamie

    I just purchased Hymned again off of itunes, had to wait for my hubby to download it for me. It is wonderful. I really love hymns, and I love the way you updated them. Now I can dance around the kitchen while I am cooking, praising God through your hymns. Nice! Thanks!!

  • Troy

    Bought “Hymned Again” from iTunes on Tuesday and absolutely love it! Quick question: was it a specific group that played horns on “Victory” or just a set of studio players? Either way, that song rocked. My buddy and I can’t wait to get the sheet music and play it at our church.

  • Cathy Dee


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